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  1. Neil P coming out of hibernation to post my playlist for the night: The Ideals - The Mighty Lover - Boo-ga-loo Miss D.D. Phillips - Hey Little Girl - Evolution demo Brice Coefield - Ain’t That Right - Omen demo Lena Junoff - Yesterday Has Gone - UK Olga demo Kenny Carlton - Lost And Found - Blue Rock Dee Dee Warwick - Worth Every Tear I Cry - UK Mercury Connie Stevens - Tick-Tock - Bell demo Larry Santos - You Got Me Where You Want Me (long version) - Evolution LP Jay and the Techniques - Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie - Smash (rarer yellow label)
  2. It's uncredited (just "Instrumental" on the label), but is the B-side of a pop record by a group called The Stitch In Tyme. Canadian release on the Yorkville label. Scan attached - remember having it on a tape covered up as Billy Jackson Orchestra "If It Takes Forever"
  3. Yeah I sort of remember listening to Solid Soul back in the day - tho' I must admit, my favourite pirate of the time was a comedy station called Radio Veronica (probably best known for the Bradford Ph@rting Contest sketch) - northern content, they often played Andre Brasseur "The Kid"
  4. soulAdequateNP

    Skeg 2013

    Pictures from Butlins Skegness weekender 2013

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