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  1. Last Night was absolutely fantastic. Jacko, Jimmy, Steve and Mike with guests Kev and Dean played a stormer of a night. These guys always play to their Audience and regularly produce music of any venre. But the music last  night left me feeling the kind of happiness you experienced when you first got into the scene. I am still smiling about it today. Any one who knows me knows that  I dance to most things as long as I am not bored with it, last night I could not sit down so I took a total of 18,859 steps! I ached in every joint and muscle. Every time I thought they can't keep this up the music just got BETTER and BETTER.Well done Lads. I can't wait for the next one.

  2. The Guys from Hyde snooker club and the Fusion rooms Denton did a cracking job of rising to the challenge of what discerning soul fans could do this weekend. Prestatyn having left a hole in the social events calendar for rare and underplayed fans.....


    Sid Jones and Stevie B with Djs Jo Law, Michael McShane and Chris Churn delivered an awesome night of underplayed soul. My feet were telling the tale last night. I don't remeber sitting down much as I was enjoying the music so much.


    I really can't thank everybody enough for the event... You have made my weekend!


    I am really looking forward to the next Fusion lounge in Denton in two weeks time   Keep the faith Guys there is good music being played out there if you are prepased to look for it!


    Photos are in the gallery now.


  3. Another great night of music at Hyde snooker club, Phil and Dave were the guest DJs and they certainly kept up the spirit of Hyde, something fresh and good to dance or listen to.

    I can't wait for next month.

    If you are looking for somthing different then you have to give this venue a try!


  4. Hey you Guys

    You do not know what you are missing until you have been to Hyde snooker Club!

    It is a small venue but for any one who knows me and how much room I take to dance, I could manage a reasonable stretch on that floor.

    I have NEVER been anywhere as friendly.

    But BEST of all is the MUSIC!!!!!

    I am completely Wowed everytime I go!

    Sid and Stevie try so hard to find and play something unheard and the result is AWESOME.

    I make it a mission to get to their friday sessions but I hear the Sunday's are just as good.

    So If you are sick of the same old music that is being trotted out out in every other club in town then you should definitely try this venue.

    See you there next month.

    Skippy Sue

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