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    Nope.... blue and white..
  2. those "sad" records you play late at night

    The Soul Children " Can't let you go" Randy Brown "I'd rather hurt myself" Debbie Taylor " I don't wanna leave you"
  3. UK items, Jackie Edwards etc

    UK items, all VG+ at least. Payment, PayPal friends or collection from Sheffield. UK shipping only at cost price, insurance included. Money back if not satisfied. Pictures / scans on request Jackie Edwards / I feel so bad / Island / red and white SOL...
  4. Awake 502

  5. Hinckley leisure centre

    Gene Chandler.... Can't remember where I took this though, but the wall and the railings in the background look similar to the Major Lance pic I took above...
  6. Hinckley leisure centre

    Another pic of Major Lance
  7. Real or not ? Don Gardner on the bay

    So will we be seeing William Cummings up for auction soon as well ? https://tramprecords.bandcamp.com/track/william-cummings-your-soul-searchin-love-2
  8. Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings regret to announce that plans to tour and release their upcoming album in 2013 have been postponed. Give The People What They Want will NOT be released on Aug 6, 2013 as previously scheduled. Sharon Jones has been diagnosed ...
  9. Gregg Taylor-Rotherham-Passed away

    Crikey that's come as a shock. I was at school with Gregg in the 70's I remember fondly listening to records at his house after trips to Sound Of Music etc in Rotherham.. R.I.P.
  10. Another $2 room that's never seen a broom, A neon sign reflecting on my ceiling In all my days I can't recall ever having such a lonely feeling But I can't stop now got to find her somehow.... Got a crumpled dollar bill to buy myself a meal I ha...
  11. Record Store Day 2015

  12. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    There is a simple solution to stop this. Everyone buys a few and then reports them to Ebay as counterfeits, you get to keep the items and you get your money back too, and the seller gets loads of negative feedback.... Counterfeit items If a buyer susp...
  13. Title: cavaliers - dance little girl - rca victor Artist: cavaliers Track: dance little girl Label: rca victor 47-9054 usa Record information:
  14. Reissues With Exact Label Scans

    Bottom line is Ebay don't give a toss. They very rarely do anything if you report fake or bootleg items, I am sure most on here could go on Ebay and find 1000 illegal items within a few minutes....
  15. High Frequency - Summertime (Nia)

    But did Arthur play it at Wigan ? I certainly remeber him playing Pretenders, Greater Experience etc there...
  16. Best Uk Tamla Tmg B Side?

  17. Eddie Parker Awake How Many Copies

    Spot on..... not everyone wants the world to know what they have in their collection...
  18. Detroit Sounds Of Friction

    I remember being down at Soul Bowl and saw the record on a pile as it was on the weekly list for the next day. John wouldn't sell it me that day, so made sure I was first on the phone the following day.. £12.00.... Played it at Cleethorpes etc but never r...
  19. Foundations - Stoney Ground

    I have a New Zealand issue......
  20. Still got mine, any idea on value ?
  21. Have been reminiscing with an old friend about some of the live acts we have seen over the years, Major Lance, Trammps, Chuck Jackson, Jnr Walker, Eddie Parker, Ric Tic Revue etc but one name always came to the fore, ladies and gentlemen I nominate the soul m...
  22. Modern Scene Echoes Scans

    JJ Johnson was rare until I found him working in a supermarket in Florida
  23. Radio 2 Question

  24. John Manship Auction Results 2 - 7 - 2014

    Spot on.... I have had my Sammy Lee since the 70's but not really active anymore so it stays filed away.... not for sale....

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