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  1. Velours - I'm Gonna Change

    After a clean copy of The Velours - I'm Gonna Change on MGM - Issue or Demo


    Well it was a top weekend for sure, Dave & Bev give yourselves a big pat on the back, great setting, fabulous company and top class music throughout the weekend. As you can guess I really enjoyed myself, even if I had to put up with Chris L and Denny for most of the weekend, in truth it was a pleasure to catch up with both of them as well as all the other regulars. Great to see Russ from Gibraltar can't believe it was 9 years ago we last saw each other,thanks for the lift Russ, I'll catch up with Thursday evening for a pint in Gibraltar before I fly back to the UK on Friday. For the first timers I'm sure they all enjoyed themselves, and will be planning to attend again next year. One first timer I spent a fair amount of time over the weekend was Keith (Denny's mate) over from South Africa, who fitted in as if he was a regular, and no doubt will be making a return visit. John and Carys have put up some great photo's of the weekend on facebook which I'm sure you can access via the Hitsville site, so check them out. Lastly nice to see the young Spanish teenagers there, had great chat with Vanessa and Danny, and their love for the music.
  3. Northern Soul Where It Started

    Digging again Chris great stuff.
  4. Colin Curtis Guests @ Broughton Anniversary

    Going to be a special night really looking forward to this event, quality guest joining two of North Wales finest DJ's cheap bar large,dance floor what more does one want from a night, get yourselves here.
  5. Final Decisions - I Don't Feel No Pain

    Don't be one of those a few months down the line wishing you had bought one when they have all gone.
  6. Brit Hotels have not long taken over the Pontins organisation and I guess it's taken a few weeks to go through the events and costings, then the decision process with budgets for each event, so it's no wonder that it's only coming out at sure a late date. ...
  7. Rumours galore again, lets get one thing straight no dealer has been cancelled unless they don't want to pay for the accom and pitch, I've been dealing there since the beginning and never had anything free always paid, so there's the truth no organisation is...
  8. God here we go again, the bubble of soul-source Why do you think Motown re-issue tracks over and over again, or Elvis or the Beatles, Abba the list goes on and on, it's because they sell, not everyone is a collector they buy them, hammer them for a pe...
  9. The Grapevine 2000 label was full of quality and I have most of them, but it's the usual case of not buying UK releases when they come out, then paying for them when they become collectable years down the line. Take heed and don't miss the current batch ...
  10. Packets - Anyone Else Waiting

    Sorry have to defend Postman Pat, Yes I'm waiting on a couple of items but give them a break with the snow and christmas period there was always going to be a back log. Prior to the snow I was sending out items second class to all part of UK and most were arr...
  11. Hopefully the weathers going to be ok for the niter, it's throwing snow down here at moment, a few days yet so hopefully a change around the corner, otherwise it's get the ski's out, now that's an invitation I don't fancy.
  12. 2010-11-27: New Century Soul Manchester Allnighter

    Just setting off hope the snow keeps off. Catch you all there.
  13. Unissued/unreleased. What

    Lots of Artists did private press generally they sold them at their live gigs or the boot of their car, self financed. Happened a lot in the UK with the local social club acts, use to get them of the acts when I DJ'd in holiday camps along the north wales coast.
  14. There's A Ghost In My House

    First plays were off the Big Hits (Tamla Motown) LP prior to Wigan.
  15. Record Collector (October 2004)

    How many more rumours we going to hear about this bloody record.