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  1. hi Adam did ya manage to sell the sacred four
  2. Any one got a copy of big mamma thornton please message me Thanks .
  4. James Brown (this is a mans world but it wouldn't be nothing,nothing without a woman or a girl in it )K T F
  5. About the hesitations thats where love is does anybody know when did the hesitations first get played on the sceene and who started playing it ,its a brilliant record ,can you only get it on the soul superman lp or did somebody boot leg it ?
  6. Trying to replace this one if anybod can help, cheers
  7. Had a great night down at Empty Bottles - Class Dj's, brilliant music, great folk, belting (hot) atmosphere!! Cheers lads!! Keep on keepin' on - Trust n Suze - Check out Kirsty's pics from the night Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/user/wangwanjo
  8. Thanks matey got me record in swift time regards Ian im happy

  9. am sure frankie lucas won at dunelm house he beat tony rocco from clithero in the final
  10. just was wondering if your selling the youngblodd smith track ,dont know what hold means regards Ian
  11. i m loooking for a copy of jj barnes aint it the truth if any body can help
  12. wangwanjo

    Soul Mad

    Thanks for your support paul your a diamond see ya soon keep the faith brother

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