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  1. High Lane Conservative Club

    Does anybody know if this venue is still going? If it is can you please let me know the next dates, thanks. Tony
  2. Alfie Davison - Mercury 12"

    Hi Girth A copy sold on Manships auction on June for £264 Tony Darkin
  3. Madships Magnetics Demo Etc,etc

    Gasher I've been putting the closing prices on an excel file since last September, I am only missing a couple of weeks, put your e-mail address on here and I will send it to you Tony Darkin Gasher I've been putting the closing pr...
  4. Toni & The Showmen On Manship

    Toni & The Showmen £531 Betty Lou £816 Tony Darkin
  5. Pioneers On Manships Auction

    Derek It went for £150 Tony Darkin
  6. Does Anyone Kow How Much Carl Douglas - Serving A

    Jordi Dolly Gilmore went for £309 on Manship's auction last night. Tony Darkin
  7. Top 500 Valuation

    When the first book came out, I listed all the artists, titles, labels and prices that Kev quoted for the records (Issues) on an Excel file, I don't why I did it, I guess it was the anorak in me. Anyway I never bothered to add it up, until now and the grand t...
  8. Wednesday's Auction

    Can anybody let me have the closing prices from Mamship's auction on Wednesday just gone, I think it was the 15th. Cheers Tony Darkin
  9. Thanks

    Thanks to everybody that answered my request for this weeks Manship's auction prices. Regards Tony Darkin
  10. This Week's Manship's Auction

    Hi guys Has anybody got the closing prices from the auction that closed at 6.0pm tonight (13 October 2004) Cheers Tony Darkin