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    Well what can I say that's not already been said.. Wolfies last night was more like a party with fabulous friends in attendance..AND WHAT A FAB TURN OUT GUYS👌👌👌✊✊ Great people..a who's who of DJs and collectors all gathered together to support...which it says it all...travellers from Essex I think and East Anglia.. I would definitely say Wolfies is now on the Rare Soul map as THE place to go.. Personally it was a dream for me to be sandwiched between Two of my Soul Scene heroes... Ken Onions and Mick Heffernan and I thank Natalie Nichollsand Daz McQueen for inviting me to play a few records...loved every minute.... I do hope the club goes from strength to strength...both have worked so hard.. Fantastic evening guys...Massive Well done.. My best.. Nige x
  2. Brunswick DEMO ONLY Needed !!

    Yellow Demo..Only Needed!! Jackie Wilson ..Helpless .US Brunswick DEMO . DO NOT NEED THE ISSUE OR UK RELEASE PM to deal Thanks for ya time...Nige B x
  3. The Keele All -Nighter

    Apologies to Chris Burton and Pete Davies for having to pull out... Massive thanks for your understanding on this private matter... Wishing you all a fantastic All Nighter... Nige B x
  4. Kicking It Back To You - Eagle

    UK Pye..Demo here excellent condition.. Open to a offer..N x
  5. Symbol Want Poets

    POETS ..I'VE GOT TWO HEARTS..SYMBOL Clean copy needed Issue or Demo... PAYPAL GIFT OR BANK TRANSFER Waiting... PM to deal... Thanks for ya time.. Nige B
  6. Symbol Want Poets

    PMd yas Shute lad,,, N x
  7. King Want

    CHARLES SPURLING..LET ME BE .A STEPPING SOUL ..KING.. Issue or Demo or Both... PayPal Gift..Cash waiting for fair deal.. PM TO DEAL thanks for yas time..Nige x

    Many thanks for the kind words guys....it with great pleasure I return to the club I have a strong affection for.. Looking for to seeing old friends and new ones.. Here's to a great night Nige B x
  9. Midtown Want

    Looking to purchase a nice copy of,, SPENCER,, SEARCHING FOR LOVE,, Midtown Issue or Demo,,, Paypal Gift ,, Cash waiting for nice copy PM to deal ,,, Thanks for ya tim...
  10. Gloria Shannon- SORTED thanks

    PMD yas sir,,, N x
  11. NOW sorted....SYMBOL WANT

    SOUNDBREAKERS..THE JERK IS CATCHING ON. .SYMBOL Nice copy please..PM to deal ..PayPal Gift etc waiting for a fair price.. Thanks for yas time ..Nige B x
  12. big lee dowell

    Looks like you sold em to quick Keith,,, bet youve held a few back ,,, ,,, Its like the Grace Love Fire! every fookers after em!! ,,, Hope ya good owd lad,,,, N x
  13. Thomas Sisters Want

    THOMAS SISTERS.. HEY PRETTY BOY ..SASSY Nice copy at a fair price..With or without picture sleeve PayPal gift ..Bank Transfer waiting Thanks for your time ...Nige x
  14. Thomas Sisters Want

    I have PM d you
  15. Thomas Sisters Want

    Last ask on this one!! PM to deal,,, Thanks for ya time,,,, Nige
  16. Quotations/Valentinoes/Cliff Nobles

    PMd Yas N x
  17. Donna Colman and The Exits

    PMd yas ,,, N x
  18. turley richards wanted

    You have a PM sir,,,, N x
  19. Nige Brown

  20. John Venn (Esher) R.I.P

    RIP Old Friend,, So many happy memories from the past,,, Condolences to family and close friends,,, Nx
  21. David Richards " SPOOK" on FB has a lovely Issue for Sale,,, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10208781098395186&set=pcb.972105972825428&type=3&relevant_count=2
  22. Ian Gee RIP

    I think I first met Ian Gee at Annersley Miners Welfare Soul Night what now seems like a life time ago!! In those days Ian was just a punter ,,, i used to see him arrive in his Crombie ,, Leather Coat or his Denim Jacket always very smart ,, dapper ,,, e...
  23. wanted fantastics - me and you

    Crackin B side to Nat,,,, N x
  24. The Jaybirds

    PMd yas,,
  25. Cresa Watson-Salvation-Charay 90

    I wasnt there but i think it May have been Ginger,,, He now has a copy ,,, ive seen it and hes on a coupler of hours before Andy D,, id put money on him playing it first,,