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  1. Hi, Loving this Is there any way to download for future listening.
  2. In 1975 I was not much of a collector , not having a lot of money and any money I did have went on getting to venues, gear etc. Anyway, after a Peterborough Wirrina nighter which were on a Friday night I decided to visit John`s shop in Kings Lynn. John was amazingly patient with a very " animated " young soulie who was quite happy to gaze in wonder at all the records and " chat " about anything and everything. He eventually, very tactfully managed to steer me out of the door clutching a copy of the Epitome of Sound which I still have today.
  3. We also used to hang out at the Wherry pub on a thursday night ( Castle Hill? ) when Skip and a few others would play their stuff and we would finalise the arrangements for the weekend ahead, where we were going, how we were getting there etc and score the gear. The pub changed hands and we were no longer welcome, is it still there? By the middle of 75 the scene in Norwich exploded. I also remember a coachload of us going to Cleethorpes and to one of the first Wirrina nighters, Oh to be 18 again.
  4. Anyone remember the nighter at the Spinney in 75 or 76. I think Skip must have been behind it, I can recall being in 7th heaven dancing to Beverley Ann even though for some reason I was straight for this night which at the time was unheard of. We used to go there on a weeknight for a time as well, Happy days
  5. A well known phrase from the blokes at a niter. "I`m just going for a piss. I may be some time." ( maybe you ladies have the same problem )
  6. Walking past the bars and restaurants in Mojacar Playa when I heard the wonderful intro to Heaven Must Have Sent You - The Elgins which was one of my first faves way back in the early 70`s. Hung around for the next track but it was shite. The following night in a restaurant heard Moonlight Music and You mixed in with another load of shite, who puts these tapes together I wonder. Still nice to hear something you can sing along to.
  7. Mobbsy, I am assuming this has come up as a result of some records being repeated at the Peterborough nighter on Saturday. This must have been caused by dj`s arriving at different times throughout the night and they would not have a clue as to what has been previously played. This was obviously not their fault but not sure that a scribbled list system would work either.
  8. Agree with what has been said. A cracking night was had by all the people I spoke to. The venue is just right for a nighter with everything you would need. Popped my head a few times into the disco, sorry, modern room and it looked busy. The DJ`S all did excellant sets of oldies with a sprinkling of 70`s thrown in. It is mainly an oldies nighter so do not go if that is not your thing then moan afterwards. Just one point which is not a criticism in any way of Dave as it is obviously not his fault. The main room does not appear to have curtains and as it got light at about 4.30 the final 2 hours were in broad daylight. This gave a goldfish bowl effect whereby because the dancefloor is encircled by the tables and chairs the dancers stared at each other and anyone sitting down and the people sitting down stared at the dancers and every one else in the room. If you are paranoid this is a very strange experience as you feel that everyone is looking at you. Roll on the next one in October. PS not having a go at Pottsy re. moaning about oldies. He posted just before me so I had not seen his.
  9. Lowering the tone a bit. My best mate changes all the time as it is the poor sod I am boring to death at whatever nighter I am at.
  10. And to all those I may talk bollocks to I apologise in advance but it has to be done.
  11. Also had a good time and thought the venue was right for a nighter. I presume that any teething troubles will have been ironed out by the next one in June. If you like you oldies I can thoroughly reccomend it.
  12. fenman

    Sam Dees

    Many thanks for info. Looks like it will have to be a re-issue.
  13. Please excuse my ignorance, I have always been just a punter and dancer not a collector. My mate`s fiancee has asked me if I can find a copy of San Dees for her to give to him. I have no idea of value, rarity or whether it has been re-issued so if anyone can help with info etc. she and I would be gratefull.

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