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  1. Some really nice items finishing on Ebay today Sun 11th March.. inc Benny Johnson LP, Tommie Young LP, Chuck Corby, David Sea, Powerful People & Donny Burks. Plus... cheap UK releases. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/voyeur2000/m.html?hash=item43add54355&item=290679243605&pt=UK_Records&_trksid=p4340.l2562 Thanks for looking BJ
  2. There's some nice 45s & LPs for sale on the Bay right now....L@@K... http://www.ebay.co.u...sid=p4340.l2562 Thanks for looking Best BJ
  3. Some quality 45s on Ebay , 60s , Modern , UK and American worth a look...... http://www.ebay.co.u...sid=p4340.l2562 Happy New Year and thanks for looking. Best Bob J.
  4. Some nice 45s , 60s & modern ending on the Bay today- Sun 20th Nov be quick................ http://www.ebay.co.u...sid=p4340.l2562 Best The Doc
  5. Some nice stuff here:- http://www.ebay.co.u...sid=p4340.l2562 Some are ending this weekend Sat/Sun 8/9th Oct Enjoy Dr Bob J
  6. Dr Bob Jones

    Original Jay Boy & Quality 45S On The Bay-Finish Today

    These finish today.....
  7. Dr Bob Jones

    Nice 45S Part 8 With Soundclips

    RECORDS SALE - WITH SOUNDCLIPS 45s Set Sale - Aug / 2011 All are USA copies unless otherwise stated P/P (UK) £3.75 Recorded Delivery Foreign buyers PLEASE email me for shipping charges outside the UK Total over £50 -Free P/P (UK only) NO HOLDS Sorry been let down too many times lately. 1st to pay gets the item. No swaps/ trades. Payment- PAYPAL- AS GIFT PAYPAL info futuresoul08 Grades Vinyl / Label Sound files - all from the 45s for sale Any questions PLEASE email me futuresoul08@gmail.com Many thanks for looking Best Bob J. 60s & R 'n' B George Tindley 'Pity The Poor Man' Wand EX / VG+ Drill hole SOLD http://www.4shared.com/audio/RJb04IbJ/23_Pity_The_Poor_Man.html Bobby Bland 'Yum Yum Tree' Duke EX /VG+ SOLD http://www.4shared.com/audio/BnyLw1Tk/12_Save_Me_Pt1.html Googie Rene Combo 'Mercy Mercy/ Chica- Boo' Class EX /VG+ SOLD http://www.4shared.com/audio/Csjv4Xjt/07_Mercy_Mercy.html http://www.4shared.c..._Chico_Boo.html The Fleas 'The Flea Pt. 1 & 2' Back Beat EX+ / EX SOLD http://www.4shared.c..._Flea_Pt_1.html Elliot Shavers 'Soulin' Back' Magnum EX / EX SOLD http://www.4shared.c...oulin_Back.html Hank Diamond 'Soul Sauce' World Pacific EX+ / EX SOLD http://www.4shared.c...Soul_Sauce.html Ricky Hodges 'Save Me pt 1 & 2 ' Palos VG+ / EX SOLD http://www.4shared.c...ave_Me_Pt1.html 70s & Xover Freeform Experience 'Reach Higher' - Freeform Records DJ Copy EX++ / EX SOLD http://www.4shared.c...ach_Higher.html L arry Wedgeworth and Clique 'No More Games' - Groovehall Records Short/long vers. EX+ / EX SOLD http://www.4shared.com/audio/a4dwXdAX/19_No_More_Games.html James Cobbin & Prime Cut 'Caught In The Middle' - Tuckwood Music EX+ / EX SOLD http://www.4shared.com/audio/b_SO8Pou/20_Caught_In_The_Middle.html Willie Dishmon 'Work On It' - Jamilla Records Promo copy . EX / EX SOLD http://www.4shared.com/audio/jBs6phZO/21_Work_On_It.html Roy Dawson 'Over The Top' - Coemands Records EX/ EX SOLD http://www.4shared.com/audio/nbEyBM6B/16_Over_The_Top.html Bobby Jonz 'Win Your Love / You Don't Know What You Got' - Dispo Records VG+ / EX SOLD http://www.4shared.com/audio/hbPozjyl/14_Win_Your_Love.html http://www.4shared.com/audio/LRBH81mu/17_You_Dont_Know_What_Youve_Go.html Ray Crumley 'All The Way In Love With You / Uncanny' - Alarm Records EX / VG SOLD http://www.4shared.com/audio/WasNtu-5/02_All_The_Way_In_Love.html http://www.4shared.c...01_Uncanny.html Charlie Mitchell 'After Hours' - Janus Records Xover . EX / EX SOLD http://www.4shared.com/audio/At4NsDUj/13_After_Hours.html
  8. Dr Bob Jones

    Rip Jerry Leiber

    Another giant of Black Music passes. Jerry Leiber's back catalogue paved the way for the Black Music scene we all love and enjoy. R.I.P Jerry your musical legacy lives on. Dr Bob Jones
  9. Dr Bob Jones

    News: Nick Ashford Rip

    Nick Ashford of Ashford and Simpson were such a massive influence on me when collecting Black Music in the 60s & 70s. 'It Seems To Hang On' - pure class! R.I.P and condolences to his family and friends Dr Bob Jones
  10. Original JAY BOY 45s & some nice UK 45s -FINISHING TODAY... http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/voyeur2000/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562 Best The Doc
  11. Dr Bob Jones

    Nice Soul 45S Part 6 - With Soundclips

    I've just removed the items that have sold. -enjoy! Dr Bob J.
  12. Dr Bob Jones

    Nice 45S Part 7. With Soundclips

    All singles are US Labels unless otherwise stated. All singles are in Ex condition unless otherwise stated P/P Rec 1st Class £3.75 (UK) Free UK shipping over £50 Payment by PAYPAL - SEND as 'A GIFT' All soundclips are from the 45s on sale. Questions & PAYPAL info email="futuresoul08@gmail.com" 60s Willie Collins 'Two Lives' - Geneva EX / EX SOLD Mid 60s -superb vocals. http://www.4shared.c..._Two_Lives.html / 'I Want Some Satisfaction' - Gorgeous Southern Ballad. http://www.4shared.c...tisfaction.html Bobby Jones 'You Gotta Have (Love In Your Heart)' Expo 101 VG++/ EX SOLD Mid 60s Xover. http://www.4shared.com/audio/24hf6Cme/05_You_Gotta_Have__Love_In_You.html / 'Talkin' 'Bout Jones' - Southern 60s dancer. http://www.4shared.c...Bout_Jones.html The Five Wagers 'Until I Found You' - Nation Time EX / EX SOLD 60s Dancer XOver - very nice. http://www.4shared.c..._Found_You.html / 'You're My World' - Sweet Mid Ballad. http://www.4shared.c...e_My_World.html Cortez & The Entertainers 'Life'- Your Town EX+ / EX SOLD 60s sweet mid ballad- gorgeous http://www.4shared.c...Jc/18_Life.html Lou Johnson ' Unsatisfied' - Big Top (Blue , styrene) VG++ / VG+ (drill hole) SOLD Classic 60s - Some superficial marks, plays superb. http://www.4shared.c...nsatisfied.html Lou Pride 'Been Such A Long Time'- Onyx EX / EX SOLD Southern mid- ballad and very nice too. http://www.4shared.c..._Long_Time.html 70s & Xover Frank Lucas 'I Believe It's Time To Move Along' - ICA 011 (1977) EX/ VG++ SOLD Label storage wear. - Modern dancers - both sides. http://www.4shared.c...e_To_Move_.html / 'Don't Put Out The Fire' http://www.4shared.c...t_The_Fire.html Cortez 'Girl I've Been Watching You' - Tezru (1990). EX /EX SOLD Lovely mid -tempo modern soul.. http://www.4shared.c...tching_You.html Willie John 'I Don't Just Want Your Body' - Campo Artists (1988) EX / EX+ . SOLD Very modern production soul 45 http://www.4shared.c..._Your_Body.html Bobby Williams 'Starting All Over Again' - Nickelodeon (1984) EX /EX SOLD Modern soul mid -ballad out of North Carolina - very nice. http://www.4shared.c...Over_Again.html Larry Birdsong 'Fairly Well' - Ref-O -Ree 1975 EX+ / EX - stamp on label SOLD Texas Gospel soul 45 - funky vocals,very nice. http://www.4shared.c...airly_Well.html Peggy Dodson 'Please Don't Break The Groove' - Alton (NYC) EX / EX SOLD Modern soul 45- very modern production. http://www.4shared.c..._The_Groov.html Bernard Walker 'I Must Be Falling In Love ' - PayDay (1981) EX+ /EX+ SOLD Fairly unknown modern soul dancer. Great vocals. http://www.4shared.c...ng_In_Love.html / ' I Need Your Love'. Nice mid-ballad. http://www.4shared.c..._Your_Love.html C.J. & The Record Band 'With You ' - Kalieba (1988) EX /EX SOLD Rarely played Modern Soul Dancer. http://www.4shared.c...8_With_You.html Fritz 'Love, How Is Love' - Spurtree I'National Sound EX+ / SOLD Superb mid -tempo modern soul. http://www.4shared.com/audio/8io1iEOx/10_Love_How_Is_Love.html Many thanks for looking Dr Bob J.
  13. Ooops posted twice- see other post Sorry... Dr Bob Jones
  14. All singles are US Labels unless otherwise stated. All singles are in Ex condition unless otherwise stated P/P Rec 1st Class £3.75 (UK) Free UK shipping over £50 Payment by PAYPAL – SEND as ‘A GIFT’ Questions & PAYPAL info futuresoul08@gmail.com All soundclips are from the sale 45s SOUL Hands of Time – 'I'll Never Forget You' Inner City Records EX / EX – Ink A & B on label £25 Superb mid tempo modern soul http://www.4shared.c...Forget_You.html Cheryl Hunter ' Make Good Love To Me ' Chelar EX / EX £8 Quality Modern soul – vastly underplayed. http://www.4shared.c...Love_To_Me.html Neal Sharpe 'I'm Back For More' - SOLD Joint Venture (1982) EX / VG + Label address info scratched out. Great version of Kenny Stover classic. http://www.4shared.c...k_For_More.html James Robinson 'Can We Do It Again ' Tabu (1987) EX /EX £8 Very nice modern soul 45 http://www.4shared.c...o_It_Again.html Al Perkins 'Yes My Goodness Yes' Buddah (1977) EX+ / EX £20 Superb modern soul dancer. http://www.4shared.c...odness_Yes.html David Martin & Rare Essence 'You're Mighty Right'. Rekord (1975) EX /EX £25 Superb underrated slice of modern soul. http://www.4shared.c...ghty_Right.html Perfect Element 'High Demands' Master-Trak (1986) EX+ / EX+ £50 rare modern soul dancer. http://www.4shared.c...gh_Demands.html The Solars ‘Nobody Knows But My Baby and Me’- King VG++ / VG R/wear £40 60s southern gospel – superb. http://www.4shared.c...y_Baby_and.html / The Solars ‘Here’s My Heart’ 60s southern vocals- very nice. http://www.4shared.c...s_My_Heart.html Francine Reed ‘Take Some Time For Love’- Wild Sky M - / M – Undiscovered modern soul 45 - so hard to find. Includes Promo flyer / info sheet & bio info card £75 http://www.4shared.c...e_For_Love.html The Invitations ‘Love Has To Grow’ – Polydor (UK) 1973 EX+ / M - £75 Rare UK release only –superb mid tempo modern soul. http://www.4shared.c...as_To_Grow.html Roy Dawson ‘Over The Top’ – Coemands EX / EX £75 Superb modern soul 45- vastly underrated. http://www.4shared.c...er_The_Top.html Clarence Fountain ‘ Just A Closer Walk’ – Jewel EX / EX £300 Killer 60s gospel dancer-rare http://www.4shared.c...loser_Walk.html Dee Edwards ‘A Girl Can’t Go By What She Wears’– Premium Stuff EX / EX £45 Funky vocals and very nice too. http://www.4shared.c...y_What_She.html Gene Scott ‘Can You Deal With It’ – King EX / EX+ £25 Modern soul dancer from Ohio http://www.4shared.c...al_With_It.html Carl Stewart ‘Ain’t Going Back To That’ – Mercury M - / M - £30 Superb Xover http://www.4shared.c...ck_To_That.html The Imaginations ‘ Sweet Mona’ – 20th Century rare Promo EX / EX £100 Rarely seen DJ copy of this modern soul dancer. http://www.4shared.c...Sweet_Mona.html Many thanks for looking Dr Bob J.
  15. This sale has ended - LPs have gone for Auction - Monday 11th JULY Bob J


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