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  1. Glyns birthday bash Stewartby

    just a few pics of me birthday..25/2/2012
  2. Glyn w Birthday Soul Bash Free entry Stewartby

    Just like to thank everyone for making this day so special for me, you know what its like, how meny will come, the last thing you want is a washout, BUT HEY...there were over 120 turned up, and as Ciro said, its been a long time since we had so meny mates together under one roof, i have to agree to that becouse i was chatting to them most of the night, only had time for a few dances ...IT WAS REMARKABLE BRILLIANT NIGHT, which im shure all will say the same..Like to thank HAMMY and JEFF for setting the whole thing up, and doing the early/late spot and played some brill tunes, thanks,.. TREV, lost his way abit getting there as a few did lol but done a great modern set thanks mate...CIRO, thanks mate one of my first buddy`s when comming back into soul, what a great set...DAVE VANNER, the other first buddy to, you done a great spot to sir , enjoyed all DJ`s as im shure everybody did..a night i think which will be talked abought for years to come for the music and comradery...BUT MOST OF ALL THANK ONE AND ALL OF YOU, and sorry if i dint spend much time with some of you, i was a bit blotto lol.. A yearly event maybe !!!.. THE COLLECTION FOR THE CANCER RESERCH UK, WAS £ 103.10 which i will be forwarding on to them this week..A big thanks to you all........... Glyn........
  3. Glyn w Birthday Soul Bash Free entry Stewartby

    Well its my big 60th this year , and it would be great to see all the people i know in this brilliant soul sceen that have made the last 45 years of soul so special to me..and thouse that i have never met..its a free soul doo so every soul body is welcome to shair this day with me.. Stewartby Social Club Nr Bedford MK43 9NB 8 - 1am dJ`s Hammy& jeff...Dave Vanner..ciro and Kev doing his modern bit , its going to be a mix of, classic soul, r&b, and modern, something for everybody i hope..tell your soul mates the more the soulier Hope to see you there ..
  4. Cant belive what i have just herd abought Trev, dident even know he was i`ll, just shows what a man he was, i havent seen trev for a while now but as soon as i see him ither he would make a bee-line for me, or me him, we used to have such a great laugh, ...
  5. Barbara Lynn Your Losing Me

    Do you want a copy then Martin
  6. 3 For Sale

    Ted Taylor Somebody`s always talking on Okey purple coppy...£85 mint - with paper scuffs to lable plays great Bobbie Smith Walk on into my hart on American Arts...£125 Mint - with a few paper scuffs plays great The Constellations I Didn`t know ho...
  7. Hi Steve got your pm and replied...I am allways up for charity do`s, and i hope this one is well attended as i`m shure it will be, Rushden and surrounding area have a strong appriciation of good soul and charitable harts look forwards to seing you all at the ...
  8. Dynels

    I got a coppy what you offering?? se if its near what i`m looking for, its a clean coppy come up to stewartby pete i`ll play it for you !!!
  9. Thank god no one has mentiond "wigans chosen few" :wanker: that would have done me head in lol, must say towards the later days of Wigan, i recon thay just played enything, it went funky as hell not as if it was all bad, but most of it was!!!
  10. Bedford - Saturday 2 May 2009

    had a great time, good music from all the dj`s, had to go earlyer than expected so all those that i dident say bye to...bye bye lol..
  11. Soulful Squaddies

    Hi you lot..ex R.G.J hear...i see theres quite a few on hear from the bed`s/notrhants area..thats my turf to lol...was from bedford meself, we used to go to the tin hat..the george at wilby..the Kettering do`s..Northampton Shades..bedford Adderson center... r...
  12. Soul 4 Sale

    Soul Twins...Quick change artist...Karen dj coppy 1533...lable is a bit poor and the b side has a real groovy transfer from another record on it looks great lol...vinal has paper marks but nothing that effects play...good..£70 Aaron Nevil...Hard nut to c...
  13. Thanks Mark for Blinding spot, would have loved it to have been modern all the way ..but the floor dictated a bit a ..hope thay bring you back...
  14. Soulin' Around - Bedford - 14th Feb

    Molly, you said you would, and eny doughts that i had were misplaced, it was a fantastic night, i wouldent have missed it for the world, ...So bring on the next one ..
  15. Soulin' Around - Bedford - 14th Feb

    Had a real good time at this venue, it was great to see a few of me mates that i hadent seen in a while to, was great to catch up with the rugby crowd had a good chat with Sian, I thought the music was great all night, thanks t...