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  1. Route61 Soul Club

    Friday night route 61 if you love your soul of varied styles and not same tracks heard over and over again and enjoy dancing then r61 great night let's have a great pre new year night and dance the night away ,to some cracking music among great cr6owd residents steve stu and don doing what they do best make ya move your feet. This month's guest Dj Mr Tom wheelhouse love his sets .looking forward too it see you on the dance floor koko ROUTE 61
  2. Route61 Soul Club

    Really looking forward too friday and i will miss ya tezz but know you pop over from time to time thanks for the sets you played.But i know don steve and stu will give us a varied amount tracks to keep us sweating and guest g weaver be a great night see you friday
  3. Route61 Soul Club

    Cant wait till tonight see the soul family and dance to a great mixture , and crackin northern sets AT ROUTE 61 from DJS, Looking forward to this months guest DJ Martin Stanford a gent and soul bro, and supporting DJ Graham weaver a top soul brother as well as Fozzies mixture of great records. Love the warm friendly atmosphere, always is a banging night with soulies and dancers letting loose on the floor. A great warm up for the weekend catch up with the soul family, dancers and nutterz tonight peace and love I send my well wishes too ian g x and tezza we catch up soon bro x K.T.F
  4. Route61 Soul Club

    The ROUTE 61 soul club,has run for quite some years now. The route never fails to deliver always a great atmosphere focused on dancers and people who love a variation of northern soul. I myself love hearing different stuff and the route does that , for the soul lover and dancers. real soulies ,music lovers and dancers see you Friday 13th ktf
  5. Route61 Tuesday Dec. 30th 2014

    HI everyone hope you had a great xmas im looking forward to a bit of soul after I finish work some dancing is on my list so be great to catch up with everyone great dj line up and a great music lets all make it a great night see you on the 30th dec


    see you in a few days always look forward too this
  7. Route61 Soul Club

    Route 61 friday 26th looking forward as always as im always hearing the forgotten gems and fresh tracks to my ears, as a dancer its great hearing stuff not played much these days and also banging northern. So after my skeggy soul weekender i be ready for some more music and dancing in this superb friendly atmoshere of people and venue. Looking forward to karens set great soul sister our karen, and also tezza, steve and mopseys who provide me with music i want to hear and dance too KOKO ROUTE 61
  8. Route61 Soul Club

    Well its ROUTE 61 time and what a night im really looking forward to this some incredible music will be played tonight some gems not heard for years and also your classics among a great set of djs also the one and only tommos leaving doo and his guest spot alongside of tezz ian and steve . The dancers are gathered here tonight along with the soul family who love route 61 anyone is welcome, if you never been give it a go you be glad you did. Nice and friendly plenty of parking, see you at the go go starts at 8.00pm plenty of northern shuffle, stomping ,spinning but you can just do whatever you want out on the floor as long as you enjoy yourself etc cya all later soul bros and sisters koko
  9. Grosvenor Rooms -Get The Buzz Back

    Superb night i hardly ever stopped dancing lost a few pounds phew brilliant music by all djs all night the guest djs top form and a mixture of tracks something for everyone plus some fressh heard stuff koko cya next time
  10. Route61 Soul Club

    Friday is almost upon us and its time again for some fantastic no boundries northern soul with something for everyone and also fresh sounds and ones not heard for many years. Quality people and resident djs tezza , ian , and steve always do a fantastic job at creating a super atmosphear and making us sweat .This months guest dj is tommo a fantastic soul bro , dj and dancer , mick you know what the dancers love and its great your playing a set at Route 61 just before you leave uk to live in spain. Lets make this a fantastic night soul bros and sisters, as its like a leaving party too for tommo best wishes mate always. So if you want a good dance and listen to 4 crackin djs, ROUTE 61 is deffo place to be cya friday K.O.K.O
  11. Route61 Soul Club

    i cant say anymore than whats said this is real northern soul variety of music is brilliant and the dancefloor mint as is the venue join us for a great night of music and dancing as it should be koko
  12. Route61 28th March

    Route 61 will be a crackin night as always music so varied and dancers out on the floor fantastic resident djs and the guest giggs a true gent and friend to all if you never been give it a go always warm friendly night at route 61 and northern as we love it ktf
  13. Route61 28th February

    All that there is to say about ROUTE 61 has already been said if you not been down give it a go you wont be dissapointed top night always, real soulies and run by 3 great guys a mixture of music for everyone and people who just love to dance Guest dj neil is a top soul bro. looking forward too 28TH FEB see you there KTF

    Happy anniversary to kingsway hall what an incredible night this is been a few times and everytime is incredible i dance non stop and in the company of such great people well done carl and ian respect to you both always soul bros ktf
  15. Route61 24th January

    See you friday nice end of the week night out looking forward some brilliant music from dean ,tezza and steve and the warm welcome as always soul family all as one enjoying the night ktf cant wait to get out on the floor . Always great to see the supporting soulies and new faces what a great soul family love the buzz when we all dance as one state of mind to the music that can only be northern soul

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