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  1. I believe I have the Crockett 45. Let me check tonight.
  2. colouringin

    Unknown Deep Soul: Five Towns "advice" (Evans)

    DIdn't know that, thank you!
  3. Five Towns "Advice / If it isn't what you've got" (Evans). Heavy deepie, lead with harmony. Not seen anyone mention this, ever. Many small scuffs that affect the sound at start but inaudible once the music kicks in. Listen to the attached soundfile. VG+. $150. FiveTowns_Advice.mp3
  4. Anyone know this at all?
  5. Eugene Gaspard "Holding on / On and on" (Rosemont). "Holding" has one small cosmetic mark not affecting play, making it VG++. Otherwise this is a super clean copy with lustre. $250. I will be listing a few rare & varied 45s this week (sweet, northern, modern, funky soul). Keep an eye out if interested.
  6. Obscure funky soul side b/w superb ballad out of New Orleans with Rosemont label affiliation. Haven't heard this record mentioned at all since I got a copy 3 years ago. The uptempo side, an outstanding gruff vocal: And Sir Shambling has kindly offered the internet the flip side:
  7. colouringin

    16 Soul Funk Modern & Sweet Soul 45S

    Sold... Living Us Earnest King Moore Brothers Sonrize On hold... Rip Primitive TNT Flashers Ray Jones Also have... Flip Dip on Fada Listen here:
  8. colouringin

    Flip Dip On Fada + Moore Brothers On Amg

    Hey thanks for the info. Didn't make the connection to For Real, but I can certainly hear it now that you mention it. Wasn't sure how many people knew the Flip Dip. I definitely have my own clean copy, think it's a beauty.
  9. Please email callumflack at gmail dot com rather than PMing. Visual condition noted within M- / Ex / VG+ / VG / VG- / G+, where G+ is DJable. Please listen to the unaltered soundfiles for sound condition. Prices in US Dollars. US & UK posted internationally (unregistered) from Australia at a cost of US$8. If would like to see the labels, they can be found here:
  10. colouringin

    Flip Dip On Fada + Moore Brothers On Amg

    Any opinions on these?
  11. I'm not sure how to classify these but I think they're both very good. Best to take a listen by clicking on the name of the record. These are lesser known to my knowledge (which can be limited) but after trying to find further copies for almost a year, this is it... Please email callumflack at gmail dot com rather than PMing. Flip Dip "It Could Be More Beautiful Than Life / Tomorrow" (Fada) M- $250 Moore Brothers "A Salut..
  12. colouringin

    Joya Landis "when The Lights Are Low" (duke)

    Still looking... thanks!