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  1. Really looking forward to the original Yorkshire weekender always a great weekend in a fantastic part of Yorkshire sunshine guaranteed in and outside the venue not long now can't wait yocky and mandy

    good start to fri neet, yocky on first,,, nice.

  2. first time visit, wont be the last,  had excellent time, nice seeing old and new faces, once again ginger was the main man, excellent motown ( my fav ) tracks played, celebrated friends 50th,,,thanks to  all staff / doormen etc,   


    ps, not the best dancefloor in uk, 2nd,,,,,!!!!! easington just shades it,,,,,,

  3. agree with above, missed fri, was suprised when i turned out sat night that bar was not to bad, dance floor canny full but not rammed, so, yes was good,,,,,had an hour in modern , danced to backstabbers,,, 7 min long !!!!!!! not sure which mix it was,,,,,sun neet,, mmmmmmm,,,,,, bar queues met in walkthrough !! not good, even bought pop at cafe rather than wait 30 mins,,,,,  on sat had small bottle bar open and lots of bar staff, sun total ( dare i say,,, disgrace ) no go area,,,,,iwe all know these weekends are great, but always spoilt by bar q,,,,,,,,,apart from that small winge,,, will be back next year for 3 nights,,,,,,pity i missed yoki in market place,,,,,

  4. back to work today with sore legs !!!!!, but must admit,     had a wonderful night on sat,    fed was fantastic once again, well done to all concerned,  roll on august,


    ash n heather.

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