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  1. A few years ago (2005 - 2007 I would imagine) i used to frequent a japanese MP3 soul radio show website with mainly modern soul mixes. Among these were three one hour-or-so mixes by Keb Darge featuring basically every in-demand/hot box modern soul sound of th...
  2. Chuck Strong Doin' It Cause It Feels Good

    What's the going rate of this one?
  3. I know that I've read somewhere (on here - likely) that Lori & Lace (federal) are in fact the same artists as Jd Ledbetter and Victoria Williams on Verve. Can't seem to find any confirmation of this now. Can someone shed some light on this. Have I been dr...
  4. MIghty clouds of joy now sold.
  5. 'Right, digged through another box and found some more to load off. Will post some more lists in the days and weeks to come, maybe already tonight. Please look at my previous one aswell (). All are at least ex unless noted. I'll gladly provide more det...
  6. Mixed Bag Of 60's And 70's

    Natural four now sold.
  7. Mixed Bag Of 60's And 70's

    Flora Wilson sold.
  8. Mixed Bag Of 60's And 70's

    Africano is now sold.
  9. Mixed Bag Of 60's And 70's

    All are at least ex unless noted. I'll gladly provide more details on the condition of any record shoud you require. Paypal or cash in envelope (at senders risk) accepted. Prices in UKP. Postage is extra and in the region of 2 UKP for one 45 uninsured. Please...
  10. Soultreats

    Great stuff :lol:
  11. Mixed Bag For Sale

    Some reductions and updates
  12. Mixed Bag For Sale

    Dunno if it's the soundfile but it's sold and would've been able to sell ten copies of it at that price. Imp. Wonders is on hold the rest is still available.
  13. Mixed Bag For Sale

    Yeah i actually think it's a bargain. Didn't know how to price since i got very few results when i searched for it. Know i've read somewhere that Keb used to play it. Good messy tune.

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