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  1. the variations  /yesterday is gone / Bob joy / 40 pounds plus post    monclairs wait for me /sunburst , 35  plus post , / the scott bros , we like girls / 80 plus post / the wanderers  ,some body else sweetheart / 60 plus post , all vg plus  pm  cheers 

  2. 9 hours ago, Winsford Soul said:

    Thank you for sharing as always 😊

    Silhouettes.  Investment time. That statement really takes the piss.  Wtf. You buy a  record because you like it or love it. 

    Esther Phillips.  £650. OMG. Are people stupid.  I've just answered my own question.  YES. 


    pick up E/PHILLIPS  few weeks ago  vg  30 pounds 

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