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  1. Keith Wiley And The Artistics

    Hey there, I have a copy of this...somewhere. What info do you need? Best, Jason
  2. News/Article/Feature Highlight: This is the story of R&;B, funk, and soul music in Durham, North Carolina, also known as the Bull City. But Bull City Soul isn't just about music...<br /><br /> View full article
  3. I’m very excited to announce the launch of bullcitysoul.org, a project with roots tracing back more than a decade to my last semester as an undergraduate: In the spring of 2003, I began making the short trek from Chapel Hill, NC to Durham, NC to visit with mu...
  4. [Link] Bull City Soul

    Website Title: Bull City Soul [img=/uploads/1a6f266da816f79d2a3fee63aa58ae95.jpg] Teaser: The story of soul music in Durham, NC, also known as the Bull City. Country: United States Town/City: Durham, Nc Click here to view this soul source link ...
  5. Bull City Soul

    Bull City Soul tells the story of R&B, funk, and soul music in Durham, North Carolina, also known as the Bull City. But Bull City Soul isn't just about music--it's a history of black cultural life and community in the urban South. More than 40 Durham grou...
  6. A.m. Muhammad ''what Freedom Means''

    Check your PM. Thanks, JP
  7. Hi all, please check out my eBay list with nearly 500 soul 45s: http://www.ebay.com/...&_sop=10&_rdc=1 Thanks.
  8. Hi all, I've listed 275 different soul on eBay, all with sound clips, and they end tomorrow. (seller ID jmperlmu2010) Highlights include: Rhonda Davis "Can You Remember" (Duke) Eula Cooper "I Can't Help If I Love You" (Tragar) Corey Bl...
  9. Hi all, I've listed 261 different soul and gospel 45s on eBay, all with sound clips. Highlights include: Thompson Brothers "You Brought Love into My Life" (WMOT) Bill Wright "Man in Love" b/w "Innocent Bystander" (Midtown) Frankie &am...
  10. May selection of soul, funk, and gospel 45s now on eBay: http://shop.ebay.com/jmperlmu2010/m.html?_trkparms=65%253A1%257C66%253A2%257C39%253A1&rt=nc&_dmd=1&_ipg=100&_sop=1&_trksid=p3911.c0.m14.l1514 Thanks for looking.
  11. Hello all, each month I list a variety of interesting soul 45s on eBay. My April selections are now up, and you can check them out by following this link. You will find soulful gospel, traditional gospel, Northern soul, deep soul, sweet soul, '70s soul, moder...
  12. I've just completed my 9th Annual Carolina Soul "Thursday Night Feature" on WXYC 89.3 FM in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The program is available for download below, in three parts, and the playlist, annotated with links for further reading, follows. ...
  13. Paul Burton - So Very Hard

    The vocalist on the Soul Aces was the deceased "Little" Herman (Williams?). Burton joined the group later.
  14. 2010 Carolina Soul Radio Show

    Thanks again for the positive response, all. Melismo, I like your list. Brown Sugar Inc. I believe does feature two vocalists. Great track indeed. Too bad that the LP as advertised on the 45 label was never cut. Russ, good to hear from you; I'll def...