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  1. Mike, I can't thank you enough for doing this - I really appreciate it and LOVE the postcard!!! The djs are as follows and more to be confirmed: Paul Thrower, me, Simon Penfold, Kim Styles, Mark Taylor, Colin Innocenti, Rob Burr, Tony Jackson, Mark Anderson, ...
  2. SOULGATE ON SEA - Southgate Number 29


    :-) Thanks for tweaking....you're Top Tweaker...the hotel is on the cliff top so you're almost right. Thanks again for your help - always appreciated xxx
  3. SOULGATE ON SEA - Southgate Number 29


    That's £55 per person per night for bed, breakfast, evening meal and entry into the gig....ring the hotel on 01843 221703 and quote Jo Wallace or Soul Weekender That's £5 per ticket on the door - email me for a place on the door....motownjo@hotmail.com The reason this has been posted so late is that the hotel said that both nights for accomodation was full - when infact it wasn't!!!! So fingers crossed we can fill the hotel with likeminded soulies and raise money for a worthwhile cause as well....let's make it happen...thanks in advance for your support. Jo xx
  4. SOULGATE ON SEA - Southgate Number 29

    At the end of the month it's Soulgate on Sea which replaces this year's Soulgate in Southgate - in memory of Randy Cozens. Let's make this 29th Soulgate a good 'un and collect plenty of dosh for Macmillans and my other chosen charity, Royal London Air Ambulance. The dates are: Friday Nov 25th/ Sat 26th/ Sun 27th November. There will be a price per person per night of £55 which includes evening meal (seaside menu incl. pudding - fish and chips - friday/sausage and mash - saturday - sunday TBC + breakfast each day). Sunday Roast is booked seperately at time of booking at £19.95 per head (and it's delicious). When you book, please give your card details and say that you're booking for the soul weekend (and which night you want to stay for) Payment isn't taken until check out at the end of your stay. PLEASE state your surname - don't use mine!! They will need your surname just in case you cancel!!! There will be a soul night on the Friday 8.30 - late There will be 'Southgate on Sea' - 1-7pm and a soul night 8.30 - late on the Saturday There will be a chill on the Sunday from 3-7pm and a soul/ska night from 8.30 to midnight. DJs TBC - let me know if you'd like to dj.... There are: 24 Double Rooms 5 Twins (2 x single beds) 5 Family (1 Double bedroom and one seperate bedroom with 2 single beds with shared bathroom) 1 Family (1 Double + 1 single) ********BOOK ASAP******* The cost of a day ticket is £5 (afternoon and evening gig)....get in touch with JO WALLACE at motownjo@hotmail.com to be put on the door RING The Walpole Hotel on 01843 221703 to book rooms quoting Jo Wallace OR Soul Weekend
  5. 2011-04-24: Crossfire Allnighter London Sun 24/4

    Blimey - I've only JUST got my voice back after Baltic Soul....you lucky people Can't wait either - gonna be a big thing See you there xx
  6. 2011-04-24: Crossfire Allnighter London Sun 24/4

    Watch out for that Jo Wallave - she's an imposter....the real Jo WALLACE will be there to sort her out
  7. Bloomin' heck, I did didn't I - I'd completely forgotten about that Paul.......I've a fair idea who's got it but tracking them down is another thing....now that would make a great YT clip
  8. Boogaloosoul - Sat 12Th March London

    Really looking forward to being back on the decks at Boogaloo....there are only a few reasons why I go Sarf of the River and this is one of them....
  9. Kent Soul Club

    I'll be there....just checking the train times/ engineering works now....see y'all down there :-)
  10. Coppertops Worcester Sat 6Th November

    A bit of Sadism never hurt anyone..... Can't wait - packing Captain Webb swimming cossie just in case xx
  11. Coppertops Worcester Sat 6Th November

    Hidihi campers - train tickets booked, records chosen....and all that remains for me to do is to get on the decks and spin a few tunes....CAN'T WAIT I'll see you when I get there Jo xx
  12. Gladys On O-Gee

    Anyone got 'Willow weep for me' by Gladys on O-Gee? Ta, Jo
  13. Blue Max Rip

    I went up to do the Sunshine Girls charity gig a couple of years ago. As I was going round with the bucket, Max introduced himself and said 'Great to meet you, Jo - heard a lot about you'.....I was stopped in my tracks - this was Max - the man who was part o...
  14. Name The Tune

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ubd2uUPT5ww - around 0.48 onwards on 'Atoms' and 1.00 on Commodores link.....sounds like it's been 're-interpreted'....worth a punt. Jo
  15. http://uk.music-jobs.com/current/musicians-composers-job-24603252 - thought some of you might be interested Jo

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