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    restoring lambrettas and soul
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    what more could a boy ask for
  1. jazz

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Watched both great
  2. jazz

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Just watching queen of the south net flix very good
  3. jazz


  4. jazz

    Bootleg label ? {solved}

    Nice tune
  5. Shirebook soul survivors Christmas special with guest Dj Paul lightly plus res djs Tony Sandra Steve h & jazz playing the best in northern soul 7-30 till midnight amazing sound system large wooden dance floor cheap drinks free cd for the first 50 and free admission see ya there folk
  6. jazz

    Shirebrook soul survivors

    Cheers Pete see ya there
  7. jazz

    Stars & stripes Skegness

    Does anyone no if Dave will be open on Saturday thanx jazz
  8. jazz

    Kenni Lewis

    Cheers chaps very interesting
  9. jazz

    Kenni Lewis

    Having acquired one of these kenni lewis not the marring kind what’s the story did Pete smith have it pressed I’ve seen something about it on here I think and yes I no it’s a boot
  10. jazz

    Richard searling book

    Book ordered many thanx
  11. jazz

    Richard searling book

    Cheers fella will order one
  12. Daft want I know anyone selling the new book some buy read and sell on thanx jazz
  13. jazz

    Shirebrook soul survivors

    Shirebrook soul survivors presents a night of northern soul at carter lane club Friday 16th November 7-30 till late res djs Tony Sandra Steve h & jazz playing the very best in northern soul guest Dj Cressy large wooden dance floor cheap drinks amazing sound system and best of all its free admission yes folk free admission
  14. jazz

    Record shops Cambridge

    Going Cambridge for weekend any record shops or restaurants worth going thanx in advance jazz


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