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  1. Dee Dee and the Dirty Martinis - You can't hurry love
  2. It reminded me very much of the Wheel too! Much better live than they appear in the video. Sax player is possibly English and briliant.
  3. Without vinyl collectors there would be NO rare soul scene at all. I speak as a soul lover who is not a vinyl collector but appreciates the efforts of those who are.
  4. That was one of the albums that I listened to when I 'returned' to Northern. A really well- rounded album. I used to listen to it late at night through headhones and dream of drugs when the Mrs was snoring.
  5. I really appreciated it when I 'discovered' Sharon Jones and Charles Bradley. In the same spirit I'm linking to Dee Dee and the Dirty Martinis a band I caught in Toronto the other night. Absolutely brilliant hairs on back of neck stuff. What else is new?
  6. It began as a dance scene. And still is. There is, after all, a reason why the majority of identifiably Northern records are uptempo.
  7. One of the problems with NS today is that compared to contemporary dance scenes the dancing bit of it is simply not very good. Whereas in the early days we could hold our own with virtually anybody we are deluding ourselves if we believe this is true today. And I'm talking across the age spectrum here not just about the old fart originals with pace makers and hip replacements.
  8. I'm afraid when I look at photos and videos of soul events it reminds me of an old people's tea dance that I happened to see by chance in Llandudno in 1984.
  9. I believe there are two roots that feed the rare soul scene. The first is the collector of original issued recordings, gaining knowledge of what is available, and making or breaking the reputation of records, which may then become desirable and even canonical. The second are the archivists and researchers, like Ady C and Tony R and the other Ace boys, who enrich the available stock by discovering new stuff, and who also give the genre credibility by by giving the sounds an historical context.
  10. I did all nighters in the 60s. But I've learnt a hell of a lot about soul music from 'young' Chalky in the time I've been a member here.
  11. Without original vinyl there wouldn't be a scene at all. I think that's why people get nasty. Thank god that they do. It allows the rest of us to eventually hear the music.

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