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  1. offers close 6pm this Friday beautiful condition of this timeless classic sitting in my class vg++ offers over £800 text me your bids 07968030464 if interested thanks Mick
  2. Volcanos Live At Prestatyn 2016

    Nice Info Chaps,esp Chalky
  3. this weeks sales Moments on deep you said ,this copy has a hairline crack but does not effect play hence £600 as you know £1200 upwards for a good copy so grab this for under half price INTERNATIONL GTOS ROJAC MINT £300 WESS AND THE AIRDALES RARE EMPIRE LA...
  4. Volcanos Live At Prestatyn 2016

    Looking forward to this ,also the Volcanos later went on to have major hits as the |Trammps in the early 70,s
  5. Bobby Paris

    bobby paris -i walked away-demo vg £180.00 plus P&P £2.50 pm if interested on Hold
  6. A Few Oldies Up For Grabs

    bobby paris i walked away -demo few scratches but plays great £200.00 Jackie edwards Island records -middle is missing but nice vg double £275 ray pollard -the drifter united artist issue lot of scratches on surface again plays great £175 ...

    well soon be heading back to uk in a couple of hours i will be doing a early spot tonight,so some great semi knowns and a few nighter tunes will be getting a spin,so be early see you all later Mick H
  8. Jades -Modo-Lucky Fellow

    vg copy of this great tune £600 pm please NOW SOLD
  9. Betty Swanne C/u For Sale £2,250

    I think Pete,and Phil ,you deffo need to get out more
  10. Betty Swanne C/u For Sale £2,250

    yes Steve ,I got Sam that copy was shocked when he sold it, i think he regrets it today,
  11. Betty Swanne C/u For Sale £2,250

    Phil, i,am not saying its as good as this or that,the point is it a great new 45 to the rare Nighter scene goes,down well every where myself,Butch ,Andy ,& Steve play it,and has a lot of miles in it, Now i aint going to slag off the Jimmy bo hornes ...
  12. Betty Swanne C/u For Sale £2,250

    I remember certain average Jimmy bo Horne on Dade ,Bobby Kline ending up in Soul Bowl packs say no more
  13. Betty Swanne C/u For Sale £2,250

    Like you say Steve the ones slagging this don,t venture any further than there armchair ,a great new discovery going down dam well at the upfront venues of the uk & Europe
  14. Betty Swanne C/u For Sale £2,250

    Any of you attended Go Go Children last Saturday Night,will know it i played it out and packed the floor now did i play it covered up yes or no, only the Go Go people will know, Now back to me Pruning Mick H
  15. Rugby Allnighter

    always a great night at the Benn Hall ,see you all sat Mick