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  1. Stay Loose

    The Triumphs - Memories / Workin - Okeh

    PM Sent.
  2. Looking for a copy of: The Triumphs - Memories / Workin - Okeh Issue / Demo Pic Bag Please PM - all messages will be answered. Thank You.
  3. With KENT releasing the CD Compilation Z.Z. Hill - That's It! Here's a, Action / Z.Z. Hill Completist piece. Z.Z. Hill - A Whole Lot Of Soul - UK ACTION LP - TEST PRESS The Vinyl is in Excellent Condition and comes in a plain white sleeve. As you can see from the scan, the label is hand written in black pen. Only on one side, and that is the "B" Side label. In the deadwax is machine stamped - ACLP + 60..
  4. Looking For - Billy Stewart - Oh My What Can The Matter Be / Scramble - Chess 1852
  5. Stay Loose

    Nina Simone - Phillips 45

    I'm looking for the following 45. Nina Simone - Don'y You Pay Them No Mind / I'm Gonna Leave You - US Phillips 40418 Please PM if you have a copy to offer.
  6. Stay Loose

    Help with a title for this r&b tune

    I can honestly say there is NO Covering Up here, as I too have the same 45 as Steve. There are two Label/Font variants of this 45. One plays Too Poor, the other play's the track in question. The info in the run out is identical.
  7. Stay Loose

    Mckinley "soul"Mitchell

    UK PRESIDENT / JAPANESE P-VINE LP Mckinley "soul" MMitchel Pm if you have a copy for sale. Thanks for looking
  8. Looking for - Chris Towns - Va Va Voom - Cee Tee Please PM with costs + P&P Thanks..
  9. Stay Loose

    Stay Loose

  10. Nope It's Only Available On The CD Comp... Heard it played out at a few Mod and R&B events tho...
  11. Stay Loose

    Harvey "Any way you wanta" demo or boot ?

    I've had green stock copies, with title differences. (Dance) Any Way You Wanna Any Way You Wanna
  12. Looking for the following 45: Eddie Foster - I Won't Be Your Fool - LYONS Please PM if can help.
  13. Stay Loose

    Jay Bee & Mighty Sensations – Praying for an Answer

    C'mon it's a new year, time to sell me your old 45's.. Just Plugging In-case you Missed It.... Cash Waiting...
  14. 45 Wanted: Jay Bee & Mighty Sensations – Praying for an Answer - THUNDERBOLT Please PM If You Are Able To Help. Thank You For Your Time.
  15. Stay Loose

    Nolan Strong (SORTED)

    Looking for a copy of : Nolan Strong & The Diablos - Do You Remember What You Did - Fortune 516

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