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  1. Well long time no speak peeps..... :)


  2. Oh and the photos of Pat Hickey cica 1972.........he was a god amongst men!!!!!!!! Someone clever needs to put a pic up
    All DJ.s played something old, something new, plenty to dance to or debate.....a really happy night, oh and some old git was 60 ;) ) . No chin stroking apart from me and Mark & Paul over such diverse topics as: ornithology, female artistes worth listening to in the 90/00's, tapes and trust ;) ;) ;) Proper night out with zero bullshit, sneering or oneupmanship and plenty of laughter - remember that people????
  3. Lovely mixture of tunes and people; the 'naughty boys' all in attendance aswell as their able carers ( Jan for one) and special thanks to Kimbo for the fox sh&t & tomato sauce recipe......looking forward to trying it out Fave set MK Tony....and that's the truth Tony. See you all soon
  4. mellytee


    George Clooney look-alike????? More like Albert Steptoe Tony I thought last night was special....hadn't been out in a long, long time and yet, it felt like a new dawn. Just What I needed to shake me up a bit. Didn't like everything as I have an over-developed handbag gene , danced just once but that's more than I have in last 5 months or so. But it reminds me of when I started going to Ralph & Tom do's at Lutterworth....fresh and new and challenging (in a good way) and whetting the appetite again for more. Goes without saying that the truly genuine, friendly people attend who aren't l
  5. Stay where you are!!!!! You are banned from any venue in the UK until we see a Doc certificate to say you are fully fit Glad you're back Mellytee XXX
  6. Tell the silly old fooker to answer his phone!!!!!!!!! Or is he having his third bed bath!!!!?????? Seriously big shock when I received the message from Paul (Zootsuit) but have sent him a rambling message on his voicemail..... sending him big (gentle) cuddle and much love from us over here XXXX MellyXXX
  7. mellytee


    please let me in????!!!!!! Last few attempts to escape have been cruelly foiled by kids, kids and kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Child free weekend....mmmmm my favourite kind of weekend.......... please keep 2 tickets back for me and Dave and Turvey.....(failed O level maths)
  8. make it a good one xxx happy new year all xx

    1. good angel
    2. Scotters


      Happy New Year Melstar and see you soon x

  9. Eddie Hubbard playing some blinders tonight!!! Only 20 minutes in and already just wonderful!!!
  10. Tis the season................... christmas party time :) can't wait X
  11. I am in Leeds for the weekend!!!!!!!!!! Wish I had checked could have come along venue is apparently great. Have a great time all!!!
  12. Off to Leeds for the weekend ....have a blast all and play a tune for the original BSC founders.....well done gang XXXXX
  13. Make it a big table.........there are many in our tribe.......... X
  14. Bad news: I have been misled and told that this do was on this coming weekend.............good news is it is actually on the following week and I shall be there too ....with people......TBC which people

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