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  1. Well long time no speak peeps..... :)


  2. Stay where you are!!!!! You are banned from any venue in the UK until we see a Doc certificate to say you are fully fit Glad you're back Mellytee XXX
  3. Tell the silly old fooker to answer his phone!!!!!!!!! Or is he having his third bed bath!!!!?????? Seriously big shock when I received the message from Paul (Zootsuit) but have sent him a rambling message on his voicemail..... sending him big (gentle) cuddle and much love from us over here XXXX MellyXXX
  4. make it a good one xxx happy new year all xx

    1. good angel
    2. Scotters


      Happy New Year Melstar and see you soon x

  5. Eddie Hubbard playing some blinders tonight!!! Only 20 minutes in and already just wonderful!!!
  6. Gluten free Banana cake is great.....covered in whipped cream :)

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    2. Steve S 60

      Steve S 60

      Stop milking it, Mel.

    3. mellytee


      kaboom, crash !!! :) :) love it :)

    4. Tattoodave


      have you a recipe, it sounds great, though soya cream would have to do

  7. Please let my neighbours not feel the need to rake the ashes in their grate at 3am tomorrow morning..........ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    2. mellytee


      hahaha no....... don't think they 'do that sort of thing!'...... too busy with their coal scuttle :)

    3. Kegsy


      Ah well as long as its just a bit of scuttling that's fine then

    4. mellytee
  8. Both sound great; one of my favourite tunes.
  9. They could all be forwarded to his sister and family too maybe? Very sad news .
  10. Today I shall be selling refreshments at a Triathalon meet at Kineton....do pop in...its raining by the way!!

    1. Alison H

      Alison H

      On my way!! Got my kagool & my wellys on, see you in a bit x

    2. good angel

      good angel

      Mines is a pint

  11. Back to life, back to reality :)

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    2. Alison H

      Alison H

      Ha ha ! You've changed it, you minx!! Bring back Melly !!! x

    3. mellytee


      More 'Me' I think....LOLOLOL...XXX

    4. Alison H

      Alison H

      Ah, that's much better :o))) xx

  12. When you're wrong...say so...it's the only way.... :)

  13. If you're going to 'wing it'....then right wing it.......

  14. One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." - Plato

  15. met Bear Grylls at scout awards yesterday, pushed loads of kids out the way to get his autograph lol

  16. Today I have been listening to Abba; in particular SOS...just because I can :)

  17. Pat Healey....get yourself on here now and find Garv :) :)

  18. Well that told you lot..........all back to mine :) Nice, Cap'n and co???? :)

  19. Come & Join Us :) Get your self to The Bowl then!!!! Or try BIR next week ...never 2 weeks the same Mel
  20. Biased as I am towards BIR and the Northants crew......they are 'special' ........I have to say last night's show really was a great start to the New Year; ATB choices and I can confirm it was a true representation of Soul In the Bowl; no pressure on Len and Jem and the gang , but Boy Wonder is definitely rising up the DJ rankings....watch your backs Car is full, all seats taken so may have to go in convoy with additional vehicle back up for beers and record boxes Come and say hello ....
  21. Comfort eating due to cold weather: fish pie, apple crumble & a nice cup of tea + piece of C'mas cake to finish :)

  22. Back to work friday 9 - 12 nice gentle easing back in :) :)

    1. good angel

      good angel

      7 to 1 for me have a good'un our Mel..xx

    2. Alison H

      Alison H

      9-12.30 for me today as I'm on half day... Yipee! Enjoy your 1st day back Mel x

  23. Quite like 2013 after all........;)

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    2. Mach


      be glad to see the back of it,crap year

    3. good angel

      good angel

      I hope Mel you have a lovely 2014 my sweet..xx

    4. mellytee


      Merci buckets Kev XX you too and everyone else on Soul source :)

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