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    Well what a turnout - we arrived at 8pm and the place was packed it was like stepping back in time when everyone there was there to dance and not to sit on the sidelines. Atmosphere , vibe, friends and new faces it had everything and all for a good cause. Well done to all concerned and especially to Carl who keeps this fantastic venue going - if you’ve not been you don’t know what your missing
  1. Looking forward to this a proper dancers venue - see ya later Paul
  2. Absolutely storming night arrived at 8pm and the floor already buzzing - great to see so many familiar friendly faces that had travelled down for this - great spot from Mick H - let’s all do it again next month
  3. Thanks to Carl for the invite , looking forward being back behind the Kingsway decks , se you later Paul
  4. Great to be back at this venue again remember it well when Carl and Trev ran it. Excellent dance floor that was kept busy all night we will be back again Paul and Carole
  5. Thanks Carl for the invite, a pleasure to be involved in a tribute to a great friend and raise money for a good cause. See everybody there for a cracking day Ktf Paul and Carole
  6. First time for us had a great night - music spot on - very friendly place pity it's soooooo far away ???
  7. tuneup

    Harworth Miners Welfare.

    Hi who are the DJ's please ?
  8. tuneup


    Excellent night music second to none - enough said ?
  9. Brilliant night and Brilliant atmosphere and what a result for two great causes!!! Thanks for letting me be part of it really enjoyed playing my tunes in the Redemption room and thanks to the dancers that stayed to the very end - Paul
  10. Spent a couple of hours with Ian yesterday - hes looking a lot better than he did last week - all the nurses know him now so hes getting special treatment lol - Carole and Paul
  11. Looking forward to a great night and playing some tunes I hope will keep the dancers happy KTF !
  12. tuneup

    Stax o' Soul

    Hmmm Spinning Paul ay - lol well I could think of worse names ive been called (short ar** being one of them lol) looking forward to this - and Ive not sorted my box out ------- but Im coming anyway ha ha !!
  13. tuneup

    Junction 36 Soul Club

    Im on my way Shirley lol

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