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  1. Looking for a copy of the adorables ooh boy
  2. Wow what a night I am speechless, people started turning up early at 7.15 and when the first mini bus turned up we just knew it was gonna be a special night for the northern line, and without a doubt it was the best we've had, and what a fitting way to give Chris and Ben a great send off, our guest DJ Pep Pereira what a set he played absolutely fantastic, he played records such as the professionals to honey and the bees, great records and a great DJ with it too, Chris ,Ben and myself filled inbetween and we didn't disappoint the floor was filled all night and for me the dancers enjoyed them se
  3. Hi John it'll be great to see you mate, it's looking like there's gonna be a good crowd coming over for this one, and with one of the best know and well respected DJ's pep pereira has our guest it's gonna be a cracking night of soul music, and a fitting send off for Chris and Ben, they both deserve it for what they've achieved and done for the northern line. Ktf moz & cheryl
  4. Well this is with a heavy heart for me Unfortunately this Saturday Chris and Ben will be finishing at the northern line, I new this day was coming but it doesn't make it any easier, Chris will be moving to the north east and we all wish him the very best, Chris has been at the northern line from day one, I still remember the day we walked into the alford with myself and John biff Griffiths and we all new that the Alford was gonna be a special place, sadly we lost John in April 2016, and that hit everyone of us very hard, Ben was 17 when he came into the northern line and what an impact he made
  5. Hi Graham really looking forward to it see you Saturday ktf moz & cheryl
    What a great night with a packed venue, the DJ's played a mix of of classic oldies to rare, so a great mix for everyone, a big thank you for asking me over to guest at this iconic venue, well done to everyone involved to bring it all together and make it successful, we will definitely be going to the next event ktf moz & cheryl
  6. It's an honour to have you over pep to spin some of those great tunes you have the northern line soulies are in for a treat ktf moz & cheryl
  7. Looking forward to coming over to the grosvenor and spinning a few tunes thanks for asking me over see you next week ktf moz & cheryl
  8. Hey Ron it'll be great to see you mate me and cheryl will be heading over early so we can have a good catch up see you Friday
  9. Hi Steve really looking forward to this thanks for asking me over to guest looks like its gonna be busy see you all Friday ktf moz & cheryl
    WOW what a way to celebrate ten years at the northern line, the place was busy from the start and dancers came in abundance, I can honestly say that was probably the best night, the dancers were up for a good dance and boy did they go for it, for me it was an honour to play to such an appreciative crowd who love to dance, music from the DJs was top draw and played for everyone ,and that showed with everyone having a good time which is what the northern line is all about, our guest and regular attendee Keith minshull played a superb spot from unissued tracks to classic oldies which kept the flo
  10. Count down is on for our 10th anniversary when we bring you our guest DJ Keith minshull, Keith as been at every big venue in the country and he knows how to keep the dance floor busy, we're are so lucky to have him gracing the decks at the northern line for our 10th anniversary, there will be a free CD for the first 50 through the doors with all the latest tunes and up and coming tunes as well chris and Ben will be back for this one so its gonna be a cracker so be early and don't miss out ktf moz & cheryl.

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