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    DS does not mean Drug Squad you daft sods

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  1. nsoulxx


  2. Had a good night, and loved Matt's spot in the second room, some great tunes spun Matt Sneath! Damn hot in there though as usual, radiators were on and the kitchen heat too, came out bright red! Left at 5 am like a lightweight but had an excuse...started work at 7am and now at 8.38am, starting to think I'm a very silly girl
  3. Prisoners really good. Watch it! It's about two little girls kidnapped and the hunt to find them. The Other Guys, really really funny Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg spook detective film. Hilarious.
  4. nsoulxx


    What a great night! Brilliant music, atmosphere and venue. The Black Bee lads were great, the floor was full all night and people were reluctant to leave. Anyone who has ever wondered whether to go, and for those who have heard that it's so rare it's unpalattable, you've been misinformed. The music is fantastic. Give it a try and it will become a firm favourite venue
  5. Serious offers by PM to me please for Joe Valentine, Side 1- I Lost The Only Love I Had, Side 2- Surely, I'll Never Do You Wrong On VAL RECORDS Red label. Mint Original in Top Condition Selling on behalf of a friend who would like payment by Paypal. Paypal details will be provided to the lucky bidder
  6. nsoulxx

    Orrell Quality Soul All-Dayer

    Thoroughly enjoyed it, even with my arm in a sling I still couldn't resist dancing to the top tunes played endlessly x
  7. Hello, anyone selling an original of this please? If so, please let me know by PM if possible
  8. nsoulxx

    Monkey Jump - Manchester

    Well I bloody loved it! What a great night with some really class tunes. The crowd was great, really friendly atmosphere. Everyone should go to this if they can....
  9. Hiya we keep being told we can't come without membership but this so isn't true is it?
  10. Oh my god! I feel sick for you! What a dick he is, make sure you complain
  11. Haha! Thanks Peter!! See I do have taste despite being a mod!! and you got me liking The Satin track too so there is a sensitive side to me. Hope you're well. Julie
  12. Just arrived original Sam Dees LP The Show Must go on, mainly for 'What's it Gonna Be' Beautiful tune that I can't get enough of. Also: Just arrived: Making My Daydreams Real- We The People on Lion. Tune!
  13. Just arrived.... Geater Davis, My love is so strong for you on House of Orange....can't stop playing it
  14. nsoulxx

    Different Strokes...

    That DS went down as one of my favourites. Brilliant venue, lovely crowd as always. Some excellent music and can't wait for the next one. Steve, get Si Fane down to guest. He'll go down a storm
  15. nsoulxx

    Different Strokes...

    His records are fantastic! Seriously, the man has got some excellent tunes, I couldn't believe it. Jealous of that collection. He needs to be booked for mod do's and places like Black Bee, Monkey Jum, Lifeline etc....

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