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  1. Looking forward to tentatively approaching a dancefloor and a room full of people for the first time in over a year and a half. YES IT'S BEEN THAT LONG! Hope to see some familiar faces and old acquaintances, and I also get the chance to spin a few 45s. Hope to see many of you Friday. All my best. Mark.
  2. Pull your fingers out!!..Looking forward to next week in Chesterfield.....Only the mouth watering one night only premiere of the documentary film HITSVILLE THE MAKING OF MOTOWN.........IN IT..... it's showing, if you didn't already know, on Monday 30th Sept 2019 at Cineworld Chesterfield 7.00pm start.(and others cinemas around the country) So get your tickets booked, get some decent clobber on and come celebrate 60 years of that wonderful MOTOWN SOUND. Then to round off the week get yourselves down to the Hollingwood...inspired by the Motown at 60 theme I'm gonna play from 7.30-8.30 one whole hour of Tamla Motown tunes before NORTHERN SOUL takes over the decks. Our Guest DJ this month from THE SOUL SHACK at ALFRETON is TERRY WESTHEAD....delighted to have him back here again at the Hollingwood and always look forward to what he has to play. Mark Notley will be here doing his Motown thing and playing some Northern 45s for you, aided by Graham Manlove spinning a whole host of Soul Music in between.......TALC FRIENDLY.......See you soon?? Mark n Graham.
  3. YES, we are still holding a soul night at the HOLLINGWOOD!! The only thing that's changed is the window blinds...but we do have our own make shift solution to darken the room to make it cosy and NORTHERN SOUL friendly, don't worry. Well then this month marks a first time appearance at the HOLLINGWOOD for DIANNE FRANCE who hails from that Yorkshire town of Barnsley and who has a massive passion for NORTHERN SOUL. Well worth attending and supporting DIANNE, OUR LITTLE CLUB and NORTHERN SOUL. All starts at 7.30pm and runs till 12.00pm. All of you will be very welcome. KTF.
  4. Thanks to Donny Osmonds biggest fan..GORDY and Dave for inviting me up Brim to play some classic Northern Soul and Motown for the Sunday afternoon session. Hoping to see a few kind faces up there.....mines a pint of Carling thanks!!
  5. Northern Soul Night @ The HOLLINGWOOD Friday 6th Sept 2019 Guest DJ DIANE FRANCE £4 ENTRY 8 p.m. to 12 Midnight Resident DJ Graham Manlove this Month Venue Chesterfield S43 2LG
  6. Arriving to DJ for us this month is TERRY LEE who usually plies his trade around the Soul Clubs of South Yorkshire. First time here at the Hollingwood so let's give him some dancefloor support. Also i'm back after missing last month bringing with me some makeshift blinds for the windows. Hope to see you Friday. Enjoy your week and Keep The Faith. Good luck. Mark.
  7. Come on along to the HOLLINGWOOD this Friday 5th July and support your local Soul Night. Our music policy is maybe a little different from other local clubs, yes we do play the tried and tested classic oldies, but we also aim to play 45s that don't get much turntable action these days, forgotten underplayed music including ,beat ballads, R&B dancers, mid tempo gems, Motown, modern soul from the rare and not so rare. This month we have Guest DJ MORT who is a keen supporter of our club and fantastic DJ. Always a pleasure to have him behind the decks again to entertain you all. Would be brilliant if you could support us, doors open 7.30pm till 12.00. Talc friendly and a friendly warm welcome to all.
  8. Welcome back to the HOLLINGWOOD for a 2nd time the ever smiley DIANE NAYLOR. Great to have Diane back with us again playing a great selection of NORTHERN SOUL, the lady has an obvious passion for music and always plays an interesting, varied set of tunes. Come along and give us a try this Friday 7th June 7.30pm till 12.00. Something for everyone i'm sure, all welcome.
  9. TED MASSEY hugely respected and popular DJ around the country is appearing at the HOLLINGWOOD tonight Friday 3rd May. Come and give him, and your local SOUL CLUB support, gonna be a cracker!!! KTF Mark n Graham.
  10. Heading up to us all, and fast, another Bank Holiday, yeeesss!!! Another SOULFUL weekend for many of us again. Just love it don't we? If you haven't planned nothing yet then come and try us here at the HOLLINGWOOD and warm yourself up for the dancing that's bound to happen at some point this weekend..JUST NOT GONNA STOP US...Well get this, we only have the services of one TED MASSEY here at the HOLLINGWOOD this Friday 3rd May, so what better way to kick the weekend off than with us. All welcome of course. Talc friendly..Dance friendly.

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