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  1. son of stan

    Background to "Julian Covey"

    Interesting. Have noticed that the riff which 'A Little Bit Hurt' is based on crops up on lots of 60s UK records. It's even on a record by Soft Machine (no idea which one) that in amongst their psychedelic noodlings, goes into it. I am not sure who did it first or which (presumably) US record it derives from. Anyone know?
  2. son of stan

    LP only tracks?

    Okay, right.I explained what I meant there and I think I am entitled to my opinion. But I can hardly see how your contribution has added to the discussion. Are you a bit angry about something Steve?
  3. son of stan

    Charlie Rich..

    There's quite a few records Charlie Rich made before he became a country & western artist that have northern soul appeal. But has this one ever been given any recognition?
  4. son of stan

    LP only tracks?

    Well, no offence intended but it just felt like you were asking others to share info without sharing any in return. My wider objection, as a collector, is that threads like this just become a ready reference resource for sellers and, given the ridiculous prices now being asked for all records of all kinds and genres, make it less likely that I will get something for even a fair and reasonable price, let alone a bargain! The more we catalogue and document 'northern soul' the further away it gets from the things that made it what it was....At least, that is my opinion.
  5. son of stan


    Great blog / resource. Really like your commentaries too.
  6. son of stan

    LP only tracks?

    ...and we moan about the crazy, inflated prices being asked for records! What has the OP added to this thread other than further demands on our knowledge and expertise?
  7. son of stan

    Millie Jackson - A House For Sale

    Ultra-common. Fiver at any niter in the 80s or about £2 in any old general second hand record shop in those days. Loads of copies exist. I'd say actually worth about £15 max now. Got a copy of the LP for £2 at a car boot a few weeks ago. Superb LP but sold by the truck load on release. £20-£30.
  8. son of stan

    Is it me, but?

    There's no definitive value of any record, though. Only what someone is prepared to pay for it. For higher end pieces, the value only represents what one person out of a handful of people globally is prepared and able to pay. For other records, most of the prices you see quoted for value nowadays are based on what someone is trying to sell it for online, not what it can be sold for.
  9. son of stan

    A Most Peculiar Record...

    ...A further thought though, I've had various records over the years where a previous owner, usually a DJ, has scratched their name into the runout like this. Unthinkable that anyone would do that now but seems to have been a thing at one time. Maybe not so surprising when you consider all the sly, dodgy characters around bitd who would steal your records (but that's a side of the scene that's been airbrushed from history...)
  10. son of stan

    Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    No, not jazz funk....I'd had a couple of ales when I posted. I was thinking of that interesting mid-70s period when there was a real melting pot of styles going on.
  11. son of stan

    Is it me, but?

    Suspect some of the above is being fuelled by pension pots being cashed in then people realising that, 'Shit! My pension pot's gone!' and selling those once in a lifetime extravagant purchase back on.. Anyway, possibly going off topic... I am not in the market for top end records but what really pisses me off is that thanks to Discogs / Popsike the asking price for any half decent, but not particularly rare, record is the maximum price that some clueless loon has ever paid for it. So what we used to consider a £10 record is now £50 -£100. There are loads of copies available of 1000s of records like that at inflated prices that no one will ever buy. Not good for collectors and not sustainable for sellers...
  12. son of stan

    Doris Willingham on Jay Boy.

    I've got it on US JayBoy. I thought JayBoy was a UK imprint for licensed US releases. So what was going on there? Are there any other US JayBoys? (Agree about it petering out halfway through...Not a great record).
  13. son of stan

    A Most Peculiar Record...

    Interesting artefact but a terrible record!
  14. son of stan


    Long time fan of Fats and New Orleans music. There was a really excellent docu on Sky Arts a few months back that will probably be coming back now so look out for it!


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