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  1. You dont want me no more. Okeh demo. Vg- record has a half inch split which will click twice loudly if you put needle on at beginning of run in. You can cue it so it doesn't click. The split does not affect the beginning of or any other part of the music. £400. Jon Ford . You've got me where you want me. Philips. Ex £285. PayPal gift or add fees. Postage is from Gibraltar £7.00 reg post.
  2. August moon Sold
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  3. Shirley Wahls. Why am I crying . King. Vg+ £90. Soulmasters I'll be waiting here. Raven. Vg+ £150. Has the bit of hiss which they nearly all do. The Butlers. Laugh laugh laugh. Phila. Vg+ . Sounds like a 1k tune. £65. August moon. Your together baby. O- gee records. Vg+ £325. PayPal gift or add fees. Postage from Gibraltar £6.50.
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  4. August moon. You're together baby. Up tempo dancer . Strong vg+ plays great. £350. Joan Dovalle . Let me go. Two great sides A good vg+ dont come up often. Sold
  5. The Debuts Sold.
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  6. Don Charles. The Drifter. UK demo missing centre plays fine. Vg+ £110. The Debuts. If I cry. Scudder rare first label. Ex £ sold The Bay Brothers. What does it take to win your love. Millennium. Ex £75
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  7. Ted Taylor sorted
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  8. A few wants please. Tiny topsy just a little bit. Federal. Gino parks. For this I thank you. Tamla Little joe Hinton. Tired of walking. Kent. Ted taylor . Somebody's always trying. Okey Roger Washington. You're too much. Joe Davis. Dolly lyon Palm of your hand. Apollo. Banny price. You love me pretty baby. Jewel. Pm me price and condition . Can also trade. Thank you .
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  9. Lost soul. Sold
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  10. The lost soul. I'm gonna hurt you. Raven. Vg+ £250 Susan Barrett. What's it gonna be. Rca wd ex £280 Jimmy Burns. You're gonna miss me when I'm gone. Tip top wd vg- £120 The bay brothers. What does it take to win your love. Millennium demo ex £75. Postage from Gibraltar £6.50 Payment by PayPal gift or fees paid. Thank you.
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  11. Just a little bit. Must play well not to fussed about label condition. Please pm thank you.
  12. The lucky charms. Tied to my heart. Sugarhill promo. Ex £550. Jimmy Burns. You're gonna miss me when I'm gone. Tip top wd. Vg- both sides have a bit of surface noise and the odd small pop. Music is loud and would be fine to dj with. £135 The Debuts. If I cry. Scutter . Ex . Very rare first label . Banging tune. £100 The bay brothers. What does it take to win your heart. Demo. Ex .£80 PayPal gift or fees paid posting from Gibraltar £6.50
  13. Sandy Williams. Pushi g a thing too far. 4corners of the world we. Vg++ £135 Vontastics I'll never say goodbye. Satellite. Vg+ £125.
  14. Anyone collect 50ps who want to buy swap.
  15. Don't know how on here. But can do it via fb messanger

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