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  1. Demo or issue must play well. Postage to Gibraltar.
  2. Baby Washington vg- . Kelly Brothers ex . Wally cox small hair line NAP hence vg . Candace love ex . Moments ex . McKinley ex. Add £8 postage . PayPal gift or add fees. Postage is from Gibraltar.
  3. Thanks Keith but to much for me mate
  4. Looking for vg+ or above. Must play well label has Not got to be perfect. Please state price with PayPal fees included. Thank you. Russell.
  5. until

    Another fantastic 3 sets last night, blew me away absolutely awesome tunes played by all. Must say Adys set was blinding, willie Kindred the that big beat ballet fantastic stuff. Thank you all for making it well worth staying for.
  6. until

    Hi Kev. You'll regret that offer because we will come over to you next year . And we will bring the dogs as I know how much you love dogs haha . See you and Pam at hitsville hopefully.
  7. until

    Happy birthday for Saturday mate. Hope you have a good un. Tuned in to the last one, some great tunes played. Really enjoyed jules set think that's his name played some great stuff. What have I been missing for years lol. Will have to fly over to yours and make a pilgrimage.
  8. Some nice cheap one's to go. Postage £4 Cathy Carlson vg+ £12 sold Wales Wallace vg+ £15 Peggy March vg+ £10 Sold. Sunset Traverlers vg+ £20 nice gospel soul. Thelma Houston vg+ £7 70s dancer. Dillard & Johnson vg- bit of noise on organ intro £10 Baby Washington G £5 lots of background noise. Looks rough. Playable. McKinley Mitchell ex £5 Kelly Brothers vg+ £15 Samuel Moore vg+ £10 Sold. Wally cox vg- £15 small split nap Candace love vg+ £10 Moments vg+ £10 70s dancer .
  9. Some cheap must goes. Postage £4 from Gibraltar. Butlers laugh laugh laugh ex £30 on hold The Soultones you and me baby vg+ £15 on hold.The Opels who are you Ex £60 Vanguards The thought of losing your love vg+ £15 Vanguards Man without knowledge vg+ great two sider. £10 Rev George Morton This is my story vg++ £40 on hold.Jackie verdell Are you ready for this Ex £15 on hold.
  10. A few to go PayPal f+f or add fees postage 4.50 for under £50. £7.50 over 50. Feel free to make an offer. The Opels Ex £70. Soulnotes vg+ 30 Butlers ex 35 Vanguards vg+ 30 (yellow) Vanguards vg+ 20 wd Little Richard ex 35 Don Charles vg+ 50 Rev George Morton ex 60 The originals vg+ 20 Jackie verdell ex 25.
  11. Two to go. Jon ford . Vg + £250 Don Charles. Vg+ centre missing £125 F&f or add fees postage £7 from Gibraltar.
  12. One day lover. Uptown Ex copy £450. F&f post is £7 from Gibraltar VID_376780921_004828_490.mp4
  13. M- copy of this back indemad classic. £650 posted PayPal gift or add fees

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