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  1. Have you still got the following available? If so, then I would like them LORRAINE CHANDLER-WHAT CAN I DO/TELL ME YOU'RE MINE RCA VICTOR -DJ COPY---- EX- Date written on label £70 *EDDIE CARLTON- It Will Be Done/Misery Swan WDJ EX+ xol £115 Cheers, Heath.
  2. Hi, if you have the following 45 still available, I'll have it. Let Me Pour All My Love Into Your Heart - Jonny Rome - Ex - £30 Cheers, Heath.
  3. A couple of flyers from Gary's promotions Kicking off with the White Hart in Thorne in the early 80's Then starting out the legacy of the Canal Tavern soul nights R.I.P.
  4. I am gutted to hear this sad news Gary was a big influence when I was first getting into the scene, as he and Piddy ran my local soul night in Thorne My thoughts go to Piddy and the family it is just so sad, R.I.P. fella, Heath.
  5. Here are a few tracks played at my wedding service Isley Brothers - My Love Is Your Love Platters - With This Ring Helen Shapiro - He Knows How To Love Me (my wife's choice) Daybreak - Everything Man (my wife's choice) Marvin & Tammi - Aint No Mountain Jimmy Radclife - Long After Tonight And that's just the service, my old mate Col Wheldrake DJ'd at the reception, all the classic northern tracks, and a great time was had by all. Cheers, Heath
  6. I like this thread There are loads of these kinda tunes on my youtube channel and website. Cheers, Heath
  7. A few from my box Most of the stuff in by box nowadays fits into this category Cheers, Heath
  8. Back in the late 80's early 90's my brother Chris used to run the Cecil pub in Doncaster, and he used to have the occasional soul night, and on one such occasion a lad turned up with a battered 50 single box of bits to sell. I spotted him first and got my hands on the box, but it was filled with usual soul motown atlantic bits, all not very exciting, so I never bothered to finish looking. The next bloke to have a look (Alex Denham I think), carried on to the back of the box and pulled out a minty Paul Thompson special kind of woman, and it cost him £3.....ouch! I have never like
  9. That's my very own copy, 100% original as far as I know. Fantastic tune from the very first time I ever heard it. Cheers, Heath
  10. Hi All, Look's like we very nearly had yet another Shrine release to try and track down [media=] Cheers, Heath
  11. Hi all, Just got this from the postie today Nice to have on Canadian Cheers, Heath
  12. Hi Andy, You could always have a butchers at my website at http://www.raresoulie.co.uk/ There is loads of audio, label scans, videos, and my mindless drivel to go with it Cheers, Heath

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