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  1. Anyone got a copy they want to shift
  2. thanks, would it be poss to get a soundclip of the VG copy?
  3. would it be poss to get a sound clip of the VG copy? is it this sid Jones
  4. Anyone with a U.S. Or UK version of this going, please shout many thanks
  5. apologies if this has been dealt with, but, what happened to Soul Bowl
  6. Anyone with a 45" of this they want to sell?
  7. hi there im after both the LP 'bondage' and the 45" of the single 'i love you for what you are' which is the B side of 'He gained the world'.....greedy i know but what can you do can anyone help? cheers
  8. Seen it all before but not too bad Levine is still a tool Why the drag out waterman is beyond me Otherwise, if its northern soul....it's cool
  9. Is the nights over Egypt still going?

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