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  1. Anyone got a copy they want to shift
  2. thanks, would it be poss to get a soundclip of the VG copy?
  3. would it be poss to get a sound clip of the VG copy? is it this sid Jones
  4. Anyone with a U.S. Or UK version of this going, please shout many thanks
  5. apologies if this has been dealt with, but, what happened to Soul Bowl
  6. Anyone with a 45" of this they want to sell?
  7. hi there im after both the LP 'bondage' and the 45" of the single 'i love you for what you are' which is the B side of 'He gained the world'.....greedy i know but what can you do can anyone help? cheers
  8. Seen it all before but not too bad Levine is still a tool Why the drag out waterman is beyond me Otherwise, if its northern soul....it's cool
  9. Is the nights over Egypt still going?
  10. Am after a nice original copy on soozi. id be even happier if it was the 12" cheers ash
  11. Anyone got one of these they want rid of? cheers ash
  12. Hi all, anyone got one of these they wanna flog?
  13. I'm a massive fan of the classics and I'm a collector, which is why I'll always get an original first, but the cost is so prohibitive for so many it's understandable not everyone can play OG vinyl. Altho owning an original of a northern classic is a righteous thing, I'd encourage as many people as possible to try if poss.
  14. IM going to buy manships for 75 and sell it to him for 100......
  15. hi there kellee patterson does a fantastic version which can be found on this belter of an LP http://www.discogs.com/sell/list?release_id=892764&ev=rb
  16. Mine does my books... "Who is 'pat Brady' and why did give him £500".
  17. If my wife looked under the bed, she'd find the records I hide from her
  18. My advice, buy ( and play) whatever you love, old or new, ignore the nay-Sayers and stick to what YOU think works. Don't just buy stuff cos you think it'll work, just cos it'll fill a dance floor because you'll be the same as every Tom dick and harry. Fall in love with a sound collect that sound play that sound. Ask as much as you can from those that know, and buy originals if you can afford but don't if you can't. Just enjoy this music and help spread that joy!

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