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  1. hi i started going to all nighters at 14 an half in 1965 when speed was not illegal, at the mojo in sheffieldmy first wheel card (blue)ran out january 1st 1966 .i spent 2 years going between the mojo until it stopped niters and kept going to the wheel on and off till it closed .in 68 i started going to various nighters , tinned chicken an bin lid castle ford etc. on top of these the nottingham nighters at the beachcomber also the damp dungeon nighters . the night owl in leicester was another nighter until it burnt down dump like the birmingham cellar nighters, i even went to a nighter at earls
  2. not seen him since the casino ,sideburns ,backdrops ,sleeveless vests ,arms and legs flying !!!!!!
  3. radio would spend saturdays in sheffield ,he bragged that no one would ever know his real name !when he died in notts then his name was for all to see nearly 5 years ago
  4. oh so many years go ,the under street level was painted yellow ,robin the dj played boogaloo party 10 times or more .mates from worksop pinched a car from worksop to get there and back ,we ended up next morning in the sheffield city centre smashed and in the bus station then walking to baileys club on queen street still out of our heads until the pills wore off late sunday ,ffs it over half a century ago!!!
  5. must get off my arse an turn up
  6. roggert


  7. hot limes were the cheapest drinks served! the little indians that ran it would bring the drinks to you . a freckled girl named angie would come in and take orders for clothing she would then go around shoplifting to order on saturday afternoons. the derby and notts lads would go to the cafe in atkinsons on the high street . big sean from peterbro always had a girl friend that worked for s.k.f laboratories very useful in those days!!!!! i am loving the memories your posts are bringing back ,the characters and long forgotten names .
  8. regarding stringys records and where they came from ,kath who worked in the mojo also worked as a buyer for wilson peck during the week and there was an america connection - a youth from chicago sent all the latest releases from the states! one night the aforesaid chicago lad turned up in a cape and top hat -the yank version of what mods wore, he had given the mojo a start on other clubs boogaloo baby by tommy and neve and an acetate of ike and turner stomper beauty is just skin deep !!
  9. I started mid 1965 at the mojo , I remember the first big drugs bust when 2coaches turned up with them were Sheffield D.S. On the TV the following week "prescription drugs worth around £12 had been seized !"so the BBC reporter said. You re from donny do you remember Phil stables ,Johno and marsh ,big and little cogsey,Alan Taylor ,did you go to the attic in Doncaster ? The nite owl in Leicester - robin the Dj. Playing boogaloo party must have played it ten times a night!some the names you mentioned I knew well also radio ,little Eric ,algy from Notts . Apart from the wheel I went to the Notti
  10. just realised that i started going to northern soul allniters about 7 yearsbefore they got called northern soul, april 24th 1965 was my first allniter 49 years ago and the purple heart amphet tablets didnt half help to make the night go well ,solomon burke was on ,i just wish i could go back and do it all again.and again..........
  11. hi everyone this is the first time i replied to this in 2 years but after almost 40 years i now have a very old mate back in touch hi ya chris farrell of verballing fame in allniter car parks If only we had seen the famous acts we paid to see instead of gabbling from 1966 onwards if only the wigan warriors had been to all the really great niters !!!!!!! roggert 1
  12. hi the first alldayer i remember going to was after the mojo shut down in sheffield -an enormous tram shed -queens hall ? leeds abot 1968 dreadful acoustics half mile walk to get to the toilets, concrete floor 2000 turned up but only filled a space round the stageleaving several acres of space! alton towers would have filled what was left!!!!!!
  13. just remembered -gettin pissed again! second allniter i went to was wardour street in london at the marquee -very posh an expensive for a 14 year old in 1965 but i was 6 feet tall -trouble was doobie prices were twice as much as in sheffield six pennies (old money) for dexedrine tabs 2an half new pence, 40 for a quid ----- ihad 25pence pocket money left after getting there !! still got school dinner money left for monday! --5 pence/shilling
  14. eyup the 40th reunion was over 2 years ago al taylor from donny djd
  15. the mojo was opened, like the first wheel, as a blues club until late64 when motown and what was later to become northern soul started to come into fashion , stringfellow renamed the club after what was the then the biggest drugs bust in the uk took place late 66 it then became the king mojo,until the allnight licence was refused in 1968 . the name was then the beautiful mojo which meant all the hippy stuff was played -flower power was definitely not danceable!!!!this was when ivor abadi s wheel became the top name, many other clubs came and went -earls barton dog track northampton,tinned chic

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