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    Crate digger since my early teens, I always did favor my northern soul 45's. At the same time I also always loved my souls in the broader sense at the same time. My modern and deeper 45 always had room on my 45's home sessions. Even when I occasionally DeeJay'ed to empty the dance floor with pride ! Records crate digging became problematic the last decade, so lately I finally took the time to tweak and invest in my phono set-up to give justice to my OVO's for a blast. IT'S ALIVE ! I'm passionate so I'm radical ;)

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    Brussels, Belgium
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    Spyder Turner 'I can't make it anymore'

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  1. Oh well, that just makes it official maybe... Somehow. It's been like so for almost 10 days for some parcel on my side; frozen USPS tracking. Patience is a virtue. I am and I'll just live with it fine like the confinement. The situation is bad enough. Still this goes to show that they just don't know how to handle this pandemic in coherence. That is seriously lacking. Even before day 1 ! This goes to show how bad and unresilient this modern economy (and = political) model of "ours" (imposed on us: the world) is. Only those responsible for this man made mess do benefit from safe havens like the the pharmaceutical laboratories, industries and Chinese (French and USA mainly accomplices, others silent witnesses) authorities in the large and broad sense.
  2. Sadly although I love her voice, Laura is an artist that never benefited the productions nor the materials to seduce me. Only kept her 45 'if I'm good enough to marry...'. Seing this revived thread and willing to give her another "chance" wondering what else I could have missed, it's with great skepticism that I lent an ear to her version of the almighty cover of Holland, Dozier, Holland tune and now I need one. TUNE !
  3. If you read one of my previous post I did mention 'shame' by her. Values ? Valerie Lamar Discogs sales history. First of her I 'gotta get away' better IMO but less rare. BTW I also did mention this sole crazy last sale; is it a 'boost' attempt to 'pump up' the price ? Then of her 'shame' 45...
  4. Not sure there's any variation for this single wether it being a white label stocker or a promotional copy without saying it is
  5. You mean 'together forever' which I love but it's really nothing rare. Even more smooth than the Valerie Lamar. Or his 'hello pretty baby' which is indeed "northern-y" and his most common record with an evident Bobby 'Blue' Bland-esque approach.
  6. On Boss then ? But was that played on the soul scene ?? Stafford ???
  7. Yes 'shame' by Valerie Lamar also on Dee Dee more "northern-y" but wacky somehow. Has charm but it's... And not worth much more although indeed a tad rarer but there's a reason for that
  8. Me sorry then so again; which record is that on Dee Dee that fetches more like much ?
  9. Yes nice little smooth crossover in the proper sense that's hard to value because not "common" nor "rare". Between £20 and £40 if that can be consider a 'ballpark' range. But Discogs sale's history show some crazy prices it sold for lately... Is there something going on with this record that in the soul circles we're not yet aware of ?
  10. Did not know that. Can you attest the she is doing the lead in there ?
  11. Oui you Roman - me Gaulois ! You're absolutely right there. But moving from one spot to the other... Trying to establish the link where the Texas connection being their "last" phase for the same gang or about for thee guys and doll.
  12. From Brico maligno post on 'YT' for Phyllis Brown 'Oh baby'... Fantastic somehow.
  13. Confirmation on the who's who from Discogs (only checked now DOH !) 'profile' edit of the group like in the pic and rather well put so here we go; There are at least seven documented Nomads groups that were performing during the 60's garage soul era, and this particular group (one of three known South Carolina Nomads), came together in the Greenville, SC area to record one truly significant tune, 1968's SOMETHING'S BAD, for their own Mo-Groov Records. The act, featuring vocalist Sonny Threatt, later morphed into the duo Sunny & Phyllis backed by The Danes (3), cutting some memorable sides for Uni Records and for Major Bill Smith's Soft Records enterprise in Ft. Worth, TX. Most all of their recording endeavors went down at Joe Huffman's Mark V Studio in Greenville.
  14. Please ignore my opening comments here since I was too quick thinking first that is was a credits 'cover-up' bootleg operation only realizing after that is just was a cover take of the Chuck Cockerham by the 'Nomads' made by and for the American beach-scene. That 'nomad' playing Chuck bootleg on a semi legit label is just more crap stuffs dished out by some smart ass "joker" minds. No need to dig further into it IMO as it's just another pollution pressing job like many cheap reissues and bootlegs alike that are still being pressed in quantities to O.D. ! On the Sunny and Phyllis matter this is a very interesting link with the Nomads on Mo-Groov I find. Finally we have a photo of the band that captures the group alas ! And indeed the duet on Le Cam and Zuma do share similar musical sonorities. The voices work out are different but not of another tone and phrasing. And their later records on UNI sounds could be a match as well and they are 'Mark V' published, so still based in Texas. Both other Phyllis Brown out LA for Rainbo records and Phyllis Brown (Charity) from Rain 'out of my life' (fame ) are other evidently people.

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