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  1. recently brought technics 1210 turntable

    Opinions are fine since they are based on experiences. But prejudgement's and/or misconceptions are not. They are a straight denial without factual arguments. So I understand that that bloke has carefully build his expensive phono set-up accordingly to g...
  2. recently brought technics 1210 turntable

    This I know but the later developed version of the SL1200/1210 were "targeting" the DJ's and their wannabes. And the fact that they are heavily dampen is most logically from their direct drive design. The last versions even have extra platter dampening. And a...
  3. Company sleeves - mythical and most desirable?

    Was sold on eVilBay by reputed seller as Mint- complete in company sleeve...
  4. Company sleeves - mythical and most desirable?

    Indeed much rarer. I have only one blue Motown sleeve as such. They were firsts, prior to the red ones.
  5. Company sleeves - mythical and most desirable?

    Do you have a "pic" of that ? My searches on the net were not conclusive and I'd love to see that. On the same matter I was told long ago that Betty Lloyd 'six days til Xmas' on BSC also had such a "rare" sleeve. Can anyone confirm this ?
  6. recently brought technics 1210 turntable

    My share on this; to have those beloved and sometimes worth their tidy sums records and to play them on cheap and dreaded phono gear is not only scary to the eye but indeed "contradictory" in it's own term and definitely with time and age unworthy of them rar...
  7. I’m Not Like The Others by The Lovelites

    Grapevine UK in 2004 published that unissued version or go for the better IMO and affordable 1969 edited version on Roulette by Little Jimmy Gandy.
  8. Really nice Ex condition copy of this oldie of massive orchestral proportion. Faint sticker mark on "PLUG SIDE" and very few superficial marks on vinyl NAP Scans and soundclip with needle drop and lift from both sides of actual record for sale. bev...
  9. the embers

    And what title is it you are offering for sale of this rather prolific band ?
  10. Original French release on BYG with picture sleeve. Sleeve should be down graded to VG due to a small pinball pen mark on top right and a "sticker" mark on top left corner of the front sleeve and overall residual stocking wear. Where the vinyl balance the Ex ...
  11. Major lance don't you no I love you

  12. I’m Still Waiting by The Impressions

    Yes but evidently very inspired by the Impression's song baring the same title.
  13. Danny Woods (Ch of B) R I P

    'I want to thank you' Mr Danny Woods ! RIP
  14. Denise LaSalle R I P

    Hope up there you still do Miss Denise RIP my fave of her
  15. I’m Still Waiting by The Impressions

    Or by the Wailers....