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  1. tlscapital

    Poll: Version Battle - The Chase Is On

    Never heard it out but am not clubbing too much... I always found Johnny Howard 'I miss my lady' on the edge making it hard to "fall in love" with it. Even though on the musical arrangements it holds all that we love in that typical Windy C trade mark... I guess I find it lacking the subtleness or the inspiration I find on others of the genre and that era.
  2. tlscapital

    Difference in Benny Troy Label

    Bootlegs both these are on the eVilBay !
  3. tlscapital

    Most Miserable Records Ever

    Do not attempt to listen to this if you suffer from a serious case of "blues" heartbreak...
  4. No, just logged in and out with no issue. I'd suggest that you contact Paypal ASAP...
  5. tlscapital

    Poll: Version Battle - The Chase Is On

    The Johnny Howard has maybe the Oomph ! and is indeed a rarer 45 so it's maybe more "Northern Soul" in that sense. But the Artistics (one of the finest group IMHO) has the music, the groove and the voices. Let's not forget the credentials with Carl Davis, Sonny Sanders and Gerald Sims. And I do hear that. I heard them first both around the same time in my younger days on the Kent compilations. Always loved the Artistics so much more to leave the although good version of Johnny Howard a much less desirable 45 to purchase. And I still get the same chills from the first drum & bongo and bass & guitar call intro...
  6. what source you got that "screen capture" from ? If this is real, it would be a 6 month or more second round issue with the "new" then label...
  7. Intense power house tune of the finest calibre. If this was rare... Ex condition of the rarer promo Atco copy. Was mint- (NOS) when I first bought it 20 years ago. Hear the soundclip of both sides and view the high resolution scans to judge better for yourself. winfield parker atco.mp3 £40 Free shipping all over the world, add £6 to have it registered Scans and sound clip of both sides with needle drop and lift from actual record for sale. Grading through M - EX - VG - G... PM me to inquire
  8. tlscapital

    Admirations (Aspirations)

    Robb, I am guessing you're on the Paree 45 here (not the Peaches), then you could be corroborating my guess. That if the recording session pre-dates indeed the Eddie Silvers sessions, the Paree 45 could have been done after their hits for One-Derful. The scan of the Paree here above, between the Legends on Red Balloon (2nd release from the Lockett (then CUR) but with different flip side) dating from mid 1970 while the the Soul Majestic's on the Al-Tog press is supposedly dating 1969 or so... The more common copies of the Paree are bootlegs (made for the UK scene) I've been told. Not second releases. Of which the label is a copy of the original one. And I've never seen those font on 1967 nor 1968 records. But I haven't seen them all yet ! Could you show me one ? Cheers, Tim
  9. tlscapital

    Eugene Pitt R I P

  10. tlscapital

    Rhonda Davis - Long Walk On A Short Pier

    Did not know that. After checking the YT clip of the stocker I am indeed more happy with my demo copy. Even played 'long walk on a short pier' home the evening before yesterday. The stocker is altogether another take. The arrangements totally differs to dilute the "bluesy" feel as on the demo. Here that "ragtime" annoying piano messes up the "dark" side and her singing is somehow less felt into it IMHO.
  11. tlscapital

    Admirations (Aspirations)

    Bottom ? Top ? They are standing next one to another ! Are you viewing the internet on one of these small screen supposed "Smart Phone" thingy ?
  12. tlscapital

    Admirations (Aspirations)

  13. tlscapital

    Rock Candy £50.00

    And 4 original pressings with 4 label variations... after the Contemplations not featuring 'I don't think I'll ever love another' that is. 1) light blue local, 2) white promo for national distribution 3), yellow for national distribution, 4) light blue for national distribution... Price should vary with 1) being the rarest and 4) the lesser (the one used to do the bootleg label) but don't seem to accordingly.
  14. tlscapital

    Rock Candy £50.00

    For that money you'll get either the boot or a poor conditioned one IMHO.
  15. This I can emphasis with... Doni Burdick's voice is... only that BUT his mastering AND ORCHESTRATION job is so impressive that we have to lend an ear from the first note... then comes in Doni's voice and if you listen to it, you JUST fall out of love with it... Meaning that the label's name 'SOUND IMPRESSION' is well deserved. For that I favor Doni's instrumental work on 'Bari's track'. Oh and I voted naturally for Ed on this one. Off course ! How else. Pedigree credits and feast for the ear's tastebuds connected to the heart (=SOUL). Every ear-dication of Edwin's 'I have faith in you' heartfelt vocal performance, so strong it is, I just can't help singing along to it... Only hoping no one around hears me... Hopefully muffled by the fantastic Funk Bro's outstanding performance...