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    Crate digger since my early teens, I always did favor my northern soul 45's. At the same time I also always loved my souls in the broader sense at the same time. My modern and deeper 45 always had room on my 45's home sessions. Even when I occasionally DeeJay'ed to empty the dance floor with pride ! Records crate digging became problematic the last decade, so lately I finally took the time to tweak and invest in my phono set-up to give justice to my OVO's for a blast. IT'S ALIVE ! I'm passionate so I'm radical ;)

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    Brussels, Belgium
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    Spyder Turner 'I can't make it anymore'

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  1. No offense here but it does hold up. For one ; OK some of the previous releases on the label did not featured the 'stereo' quote. But contemporary releases to the Anderson Brothers all did. For two ; see that the given matrix is always preceded by a 's' for 'stereo'. Not on the 'image' though. Finally find me another release from that label with a similar label as that 'pixel' image and I might vouch for it then. Too many things are not right with that 'image'.
  2. That grossly "pixelorized" image (best and easiest way to hide copied & paste flange fittings) of a stocker Anderson Brothers is not convincing IMO. Plus I know of people going through all the trouble to produce such an artefact. Even before the private computer age I have seen some. The fact that this label has the first name of Michelle White as Bill is indeed questioning. But mostly the typo used here are not corresponding to other contemporary releases of the label. And mostly the fact that it does not mention in big 'stereo' just does not make it look right. The bootleg (2nd
  3. The bizarre meets the mighty... Although I always had my wearies about the pop/prog/intelectual Kama Sutra approach in productions this one stayed in the collection.
  4. Fantastic group. Memories by the score from day one, in my prime soul journey... RIP + a change of pace...
  5. Watch out double post ! Report to mod... One clean copy for sale @300 UKP from yesterday PhilT's sale's post.
  6. By far the rarest commercial release of this club classic IME. This is even the same copy I passed on some 15 years ago to a friend who doesn't bother bout the rarity and was happy enough with a Boom copy an gave me back this lovely EX Belgian copy in it's proper company sleeve. parrish skate.mp3 Sound clip of both sides with needle drop and lift with scans from actual record? £40 FREE SHIPPING ALL OVER THE WORLD. ADD £6 TO HAVE IT REGISTERED. Grading through M - EX - VG - G... PM me to inquire
  7. Pulled out this 45 from my collection. It's in strong VG+ (through EX grade) looking and playing condition. Cash or trade offers welcome. Scans and sound clip of both sides from actual record here below. omething new.mp3
  8. The Salem release is alway wrongly listed as the first release to the later Teako one. Actually it's the first release take of the tune and was featured on the salem release as the 'B' side. The real 'A' side 'if I found love' likely got less air-play. Ray will to cash-in on the unexpected growing local interest in the theme of his song rush back in the studio to re-record 'question and answer' in a more "lively" or "groovy" tone and realese it on Teako as the 'A' side this time. ray pettis salem.mp3 Real nice EX(+) copy with one faint scuff (NAP). Scans and sound clip from actu
  9. Hmm... Carl's early efforts with 'there's nothing sweeter than love' or 'compare to what' where he didn't got his man's voice yet but singing with enthusiasm could have fool me not knowing any better. I was not there then in the first place though. Later I knew Junior for himself through the Kent cd only.
  10. The UK single with the Belgium double fold sided picture sleeve. For the story it was a practice in the sixties to import UK 45's and put them in a Belgium picture sleeve. Early Motown on Oriole got also such a treatment here. To be clear this is not a Belgium picture sleeve without it's Belgium pressing that someone combine with a spare UK 45. They were sold in record stores like this on this side of the Channel in 1970. Both real nice Ex condition. £35 FREE SHIPPING ALL OVER THE WORLD. ADD £6 TO HAVE IT REGISTERED. Grading through M - EX - VG - G... PM me to inqui
  11. Keep on forgetting that one. Indeed. With the 'sing along' flip side aiming for teeny girls with early pregnancy... 400.000 sold ! Baby BOOM !
  12. Yeah, that makes sense. I read that comment too fast (mind is too buzzy with too many things at once) and it was bugging me some... But you nailed it ! As far as I can tell this very last release of theirs is their rarest 45. And 'my conscience' being their biggest sale ever. Likely one of their best tune as well. 'Get it off my conscience' sales was incomparable judging by the numbers of copies flying around. Few and even less worn out IME.
  13. Have stumble on mine and it bares the same matrix as the OP. The red color on the label looks darker than on the photos but... Nothing fishy. Maybe it's just an optical illusion... Played 'what a day' JOY ! Played it after an isopropyl alcohol clean even better and even better TUNE !!!
  14. Never heard of this being booted. Like all of the other pressings on this label with many small variations it only tells us that they were small batches of rerun presses to supply the local public demand. This copy on the photos look the real thing to me. I will dig out my copy bought in Canada 25 year ago and tell you which variation it is if ever... the flip 'what a day' does it better for me actually. Yeah, I know it's my 'sensitive side'
  15. Yes and here are the DJM Anderson Brothers. Different moustaches LOL !

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