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  1. tlscapital

    News: Ronnie Walker RIP

    Am still missing some of his material, but I'd wish I had all of his releases. One day Don't think there's many artist whom I am found of all their releases... Ronnie sounds (sings) like he's one of the good guys indeed. Humble, whole and kind. And he is still for sure; up there. Only few can dare and cover Smokey & the Miracles to make it even bigger and better; ronnie walker poor boy.mp3 Hats off !
  2. Merely a nasty Spanish job from an initial nasty British job...
  3. tlscapital

    Nolan porter- if only I could be sure

    Always did the same effect to me. Sounds like a rock group trying to reach the Pop crowd with some 'bluesy' touch sounding that; not soul ! Had them all in multiples (promos, UK's, French's..) since it was an easy pick-up (hit record) for the crate diggers and an easy seller. Never kept a copy.
  4. Drama Philly ballad of the highest caliber***** This is the rarer double 'A' side (flip 'easy rockin' is a mindless instrumental worth over passing) bi-chrome west coast promo copy in super clean and sounding condition. Had the vinyl copy and kept this styrene that is much superior sounding in depth and dynamics. Just have this copy as a spare now. Members of these Epsilons were John Whitehead (Roame's cousin), Gene McFadden, Allen Beatty, Lloyd Parks (ex member of The Emanons) and James Knight. The video below is a treat on it's own... Drool !!! Scans from actual record for sale ! SOLD ! £50 FREE SHIPPING ALL OVER THE WORLD. ADD £6 TO HAVE IT REGISTERED. Grading through M - EX - VG - G... PM me to inquire
  5. tlscapital

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    Definitely not for me. To get something descent in the 'Concorde' range (never liked them to be very honest), one has to go in the upper range and squash them down with the (the very average SL-1200 tonearm) counterweight to the max (B-boys have understood that)... To then I reckon admit-able result of groove retrieval. But to what effect to the record groove and stylus ? Not my scene. And I respect those who stick to the SL-1200's. Imagine to cross bridge the channels (how one does that to the enclosed body of a 'Concorde' cartridge ?) of such better build cart like a Stanton '500' to convert it into a "fake" MONO by crossing the + and - pin's cartridge fitted with a replacement 'DJ' Jico large elliptical (conical would be better) stylus that can take high VTF (while adding crucial mass to the tonearm) to dig the best out of those old 45's groove... Ear bliss ! A bit like why for soul music don't you go for James Brown like every one else ? Because if one loves soul, one goes further and for the better ! Just like for those "DJ" designed and branded mainstream phono gear that are never made for the lovers of vintage MONO records. With only few newly made affordable large conical tip low compliant (still MM though) cartridges trying merely to meet that... I use to have a second hand SL-1200 home for 10 years before Y2K then swapped for a Stanton STR 8-100 (much better looking only tonearm not as average- tired of the SL-1200 hype (already) and looks. So I acknowledge their merit (fully automatic, strong torque and minimal maintenance and adjustments) even though I am not sure those two lasts bonuses to be on the benefit sides of things seing how bad mosts do even only that... When I must do a DJ spot, those SL-1200 & Co. are never even adjusted properly (VTA, VTF, AS...) when I hit the deck. Their "friendly users" features have turned the benefit of that into lazy carefulness of "DJ" fame wanna be no-brainers. And when I explain that I use to have that home to lately have swap for a vintage belt drive turntable and tonearm that I have tweaked to get the most out of my vintage MONO 45's; it's disbelief ! The weird thing with those SL-1200 turntable is sometimes like the worst football team; their hooligans ! I warned on the previous/original thread that the SL-1200 subject was a "sensitive" one ! To have witnessed that on audio-forums where all the fanatics of other driven turntables like belts or idlers do accept easily that some dislike or don't want such turntables, the SL-1200's pros hardly can accept that anyone dislikes them. But they rule. True ! Even more so after their over expensive resurection. The hegemony of those come close to commercial dictatorship where PHONO records (now that the term has been ripped-off) are "hip" again like a Rolex watch. For what is worth, the last over/over expensive 'GR' models have even more dampening (sound signature more muffled !!!) and an even lighter mass tonearm... I am at the opposite !
  6. tlscapital

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    Hi Martin, replacement stylus can sometimes even be an improvement ! A classic manufacturer that has a reliable reputation for decades is 'Jico' in Japan https://www.jico-stylus.com/product_info.php?products_id=1746. I have bought the '500' for a friend and he is happy with his playback. Mind you, these are 'bonded' stylus. Higher end cartridge are 'nude'. Nude means that the diamond stylus longer body is directly incorporated into the cantilever. Where bonded are shorter diamond glued onto an alloy support fixed in the alloy cantilever. Shorter life span. Original '500' nude or not ?... Mind you one 'Jico' importer 'Thakker' (if he support the model you need) based in Germany should be a better option to skip import duties and higher shipping fares. I don't know that specific DJ model but it can take up to 7 grams for VTA !!! You might want to inquire online with both of them. This means that with this generic 'Jico' DJ model as well that your SL-1200 tonearms (of medium effective mass) should benefit of some extra mass (higher inertia for te lower compliant cantilever of that DJ stylus) with some coins on the headshell and the extra counterweights to balance.
  7. tlscapital

    Innocent bystanders-frantic escape-Pameline white promo

    Now am after a minty of this. Although it's not so bad looking and plays strong enough.
  8. tlscapital

    Innocent bystanders-frantic escape-Pameline white promo

    The stocker is good looking enough IMO... But I understand you. I collect my Motown (1961-1969) (not all numbers completist, just and only the 45's I love) promo with the bold italic logo (not map) and some are likely to not even exist from this pressing plant I believe. Loving the Spinners 3 first singles on Motown, I was aware of their 'truly yours' promo being only double 'A' side. Until one day I found a promo with the flip. Maybe I was the only one seeking that, so even though if rare, in an auction it won't find many bidders... Still a flip side that I couldn't live without and kept the stocker copy for that side to that day. So this promo find that I though not to exist meant the world to me that day. And it's the sole promo copy of 'where is that girl' that I have seen to this day though. And this Spinners promo copy of 'where is that girl' that I now have could be a service copy as it has the same handwriting as all the pre-releases from Motown & Co. or as on famous copy of Frank Wilson on Soul that floats between hands of DJ's in the UK.
  9. tlscapital

    Innocent bystanders-frantic escape-Pameline white promo

    Either it's a "made up" promo label for this YT clip or it does really exist as such. But if so, likely in very small number. For some reason it happens occasionally for a few copies to have been pressed with the 'B' side where most double 'A' side promos where not.
  10. tlscapital

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    Not a troll one bit Sire, and you're right and I am wrong there. Sorry for that. Indeed it's the look-a-likes like AT and so forth that are build at Hanpin. And oh no, I don't misunderstand them Technics qualities. But that's no reason for me to love them now since I got to compare with other gear.
  11. tlscapital

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    Those Reloop TT's are build by Hanpin, the same who builds the SL-1200 (NOT, got corrected by other member on here, SL-1200 are build by Panasonic) and many others alike... Hence to similarities ! For that same money second hand there are great TT4s deals to be had and you'd have much much more for your bucks if ever. Your NAD amplifier lost one channel is that it ? Then it's not MONO, it's only half STEREO ! You can get real MONO by binding the left and right "hot" connections from your cartridge and the same with your "cold" connections. Then you'll have MONO.
  12. tlscapital

    pva glue record upgrade or scrapping

    Well, like I said earlier on, once you manage to get a clear and neutral signal out of your speakers all for the best detailed, deep and dynamic sound qualities in sound, you also get more of the default. High note frequencies distortion (sibilance) are not necessary due to bad stylus raque angle or azimuth setting, nor it is necessary some inherent mastering flaws during recording or at the laquer cutting stage but also at times from scruffs. Those nasty scruffs do require deeper cleaning and this is where those ultra sonic bath (60Hz since 40Hz won't go deep enough) can play a role in the cleaning process of some records. After that they still need to have that mechanical soft brush "scrap" since some of the scruffs are barely "detached" and not "peeled off" completely through that process. Then the record is still to be either vacuumed or cloth dried out.
  13. tlscapital

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    That's my spirit as well ! On audio forums, we seem to be of the very few to shout about the MONO cartridge somehow. The STEREO-ORIZED hegemony in the audio phonic world seem to have discard the MONO to a sort of inferior music engraving. And so those who have some MONO LP's have on the older receiver a MONO switch that they like to believe do the job... only cross binding the left and right signals still with the stylus signals picking up the unwanted 'vertical' noise from the MONO cut groove. Closer to it is to cross bind the STEREO cartridge 4 outgoing pins to get a 'lateral' signal like some do. But yet that is still done with a dual core cartridge. So the "evenly" shared sound on both channel might slightly be challenged. The MONO cartridges have a single core. My Denon DL-102 high output moving coil MONO cartridge designed in 1962 (still produced today) for FM broadcast is not for the Hi-Fi guru's and that makes me love it even more. Still I manage to get a 2-D soundstage and digs out enough detail to keep it musical and not too anatical like some other high end cartridge tend to sound I find. And this DL-102 is STEREO compliant so I can play both regardless. Only drawback of this ultra low compliant cartridge is that it doesn't dig some of the smaller "sharp" warps like higher compliant cartridges can. Since I have added progressively a lot of effective mass to my tonearm for this DL-102 cartridge to develop it's potential to the max, the now extra inertia of the tonearm can't counter such small wave of warps and skips. Now after the PVA glue story, I plan to have a dedicated record flattening table. Through the years I've managed to gather a few nice warped records... And that is even another more risky task in the double or nothing zone.
  14. tlscapital

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    Evidently. Signs of our consumerist world of obsolescence that led some of us to be lazy. True, I've seen too much of that as well in the world of record collectors. On the other side, Hi-Fi people put all their dollars in their very technically refined (but not musical most of the time) phono gear and have the worst LP's you can dream off. And those "geeky" techs aspects to understand what is better for those like us listening to not so well mastered vintage MONO 45rpm's, in the phono world, is "complicated" to apprehend some. True. So one needs to seek further in the right place. Yet some definitely gave also up to seek or invest in disregard of those Hi-Fi snobs. With distrust of vintage gear failing down without the will to fix or pay a repair man, believing that technology has made such progress in that field that modern is better and go for the affordable "budget" gear. Sold (by the seller of the month) as sounding good (enough only) with no evolutive potential (only OEM parts can be interchanged), the life expectancy of such gear is questionable at best. If one gets use to such Lo-Fi playback, in our noisy polluted world, this just falls in to the normality of things... Took me decades to decide to invest more cash in it at different times. I also had to figure out what I was missing or doing wrong accepting that some of my beliefs in understanding where just not right. Finding the right guidances to get my way with my non conventional (not pure vintage nor pure modern) phono set-up, was long coming. My turntable and speakers are "vintage" (1972), I've recapped them and both will beat anything costing 10 times more new. I know they do some crazy new design for speakers but they won't deliver like my vintage Leak 'Sandwiches' do. On the amplification sides off things on the other hand, I have come to understand and appreciate much more the well build modern circuit amp and preamp for their "clarity" and "neutrality" that the tube/valve pre/amps couldn't reach. Class 'A' amplifier and preamp means dead silent speakers with the volume half way up ! This might sound like nothing but oh no ! This means they will allow to dish a sound that is clear enough to "enlighten" as many details. With the capacity to deliver a wide frequency spectrum, you are sure to get the highs enough that too few amp can actually deliver. The enjoyment we have out of our records is what should be taken first into account. And I enjoy them better now than ever before. With the right, proper adapted gear. To avoid unwanted wear of our beloved records is far simpler. The record's wear issue due to playback are; bad stylus (even new), over worn stylus, bad cartridge setting (alignement, azimuth), bad tonearm setting impacting the stylus position in the record groove (VTA, VTF, overhang...) and/or simply a case of badly designed turntable all in all. The rest of the phono gear even crappy can never damage a record. Never.
  15. tlscapital

    pva glue record upgrade or scrapping

    To idea clean the records is to have the best stylus groove retrieval. In order I hope to get the fullest of the record out of the speaker. Right ? Glue for instance won't do the best jobs for those NOS warehouse records with that layer of trans lucid grease all over the vinyl. Isopropyl cut 50/50 with distilled water on a cotton ball will do the best job. After a good dry cotton ball wipe. Then if there's any particules left in the deeper groove the PVA glue should prove efficient enough then. Finally I'd love to have one of those ultra-high frequency (60 Hz) to clean deep in the (highs) groove. This apparently can prove very efficient to eliminate some highs distortions inherent to crease there. And so logically one would want the phono gear who'll put all those effort to worth. There's not only one way to have the right phono set-up that meets one needs. We might have fantastic memories of nighters and instinctively want to relive/reproduce that home. On a budget I got my first 18" JBL Woofers mounted speakers with bullet cone tweeters. I was into the early (1959-1973) Jamaican music and I wanted BASS ! But to get bass and not "boomy" is another work... And it took me time to get where I am with my phono set-up and I enjoy my playback music sessions more than ever. I wish I was born rich and would have access all that before. Only I am not and have to deal with all the other bits in life at the same time so it took me that long to finally hear my records as I was seeking and longing to hear them. I'd thought I'd share that as well. To clean your records is not only to get rid of the odd Snap, Crackle and Pop but also for a cleaner and distortion less playback in the high frequencies. I remind you we are listening to soul voices and they are in the highs ! And to hear bass the tight ! To hear the Funk Brothers with such rendition is to do justice to James Jamerson instead of a mushy muddied sloppy boomy thing.


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