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  1. tlscapital

    Obscure - unusual Foreign Releases

    My friend Sven Becker's finds on that far side of the world; the Pillipines. He finally sent me photos off which I find those most "eye wondering".
  2. tlscapital

    Bob Abrahamian Collection Preserved

    Totally second that. Records are made to be played, loved and cared for. Like he did. And that is in home collections. Not in museums or libraries. So even for BobA legacy, to make a comprehensive like documentary with all his radio shows on DVD or so, funded with the sales of his record collections, should be something much more eloquent. But who am I to judge...
  3. tlscapital

    Picture Framed Three Before Eight

    Jimmy Radcliffe on original Musicor is vinyl only and so there's no styrene pressing as far as I am aware. Bootleged as a white promo (also on vinyl) altough. And you're right, Tobi on a white Mala is something I've never seen before... a rarer mis-press variation maybe ?
  4. Fantastic Chicago production of this Detroit Lady on this frantic dancer from the Okeh stable (Davis, Sims & Sanders) in November 1965, just before their migration to Brunswick... Make room for the ear buds and benefit from this fantastic and rarely seen Atco white demo copy ! £50 Free shipping all over the world, add £6 to have it registered. Scans and sound clip with needle drop and lift from actual record for sale. Grading through M - EX - VG - G... PM me to inquire mary wells brunswick ;).mp3
  5. Earl Gains "miss press" featuring the first take (1966) of 'you belong to me' that was later re-recorded in 1968 more in a typical 'blues' style. This faster earlier version is available only on some 7" mislabeled as 'I have loved an I have lived'. Here is an almost "pristine" visual and sounding condition, likely a NOS find. £150 Free shipping all over the world, add £6 to have it registered. Scans and sound clip with needle drop and lift from actual record for sale. Grading through M - EX - VG - G... PM me to inquire earl gaines belong.mp3
  6. Harder 1st take press that has a channel missing (bass and heavy horns) to an effect that some prefer. This naturally gives it more dynamic "kick" which somehow makes it a swifter dancer track. This miss recording, mastering and pressing is also the less seen version of them 3 stocker issue pressings ! Often wrongly referred to as the "1st mix", it actually is another studio take. The way to tell both takes appart by the matrix; the first take pressing has a 'Nashville matrix' stamp with the proper catalogue matrix. Then came the 2nd take with scratched out reversed matrix still with a 'Nashville matrix' stamp. Finally came a third and last pressing with the 2nd take with re-corrected scratched in catalogue numbers on the matrix with a 'Bell sound' matrix stamp this time. The 1st take for sale on here is in Ex condition. That should be good enough for both collectors and picky DJs alike. This 2nd take was not re-issued... £125 Free shipping all over the world, add £6 to have it registered. Scans and sound clip of both sides with needle drop and lift from actual record for sale. Grading through M - EX - VG - G... PM me to inquire em laskey.mp3
  7. How much does the FIRST take with one channel missing (bass and fat horns) on Thelma goes for ? It seems seldom seen and couldn't find much on it... Knowing that both following releases of the SECOND take with the 'Nashville matrix' scratched-out catalogue matrix and the last 'Bell sound' stamped with corrected catalogue number matrix ones go for £150 and about.
  8. tlscapital


    Never had one with reversed labels...
  9. tlscapital


    OK, maybe I too should also be a tad less affirmative at times. Not to make things easier to tell the 2 different takes (not mix) by the eye (the ear will tell instantly), I have come by a last variation of the 2nd take (full with bass and horns) with a non scratched out ZTSX 97700 matrix ! The original attributed catalogue ZTSX number for the 'A' side 'don't lead me on' is 97699 and ZTSX 97700 is initially for the 'B' side 'what did I do wrong'. So my theory now goes like this; the first take/release is the one with the right matrix with the channel issue (lacking bass and horns). Noticing the mistake, a re-recording (or another take) was re-released instantly. Only this time the sides got mixed-up at the mastering stage and 'don't lead me on' got the B-side ZTSX 97700 scratched in matrix and 'what did I do wrong' got the 'A' side ZTSX 97699 scratched in matrix. A third and last release with the full bass and horns take was issued with the previous inverted matrixes scratched out and correctly re-scratched in as shown on the right in my previous post ! And this time it has a machined 'Bell sound' master instead of the 'Nashville' as the 2 previous releases have. Phew...
  10. tlscapital

    Precisions on Vinyl

    Me neither... the only one on Drew with such styrene/vinyl variation is the 'why girl'/'what I want'. Could you post up a scan/photo of your record ?
  11. In reality the bootleg question is not relevant to the northern "soul" records only. Too many pressing plant involved and as many different people involved in the process to make any generic rule as to what is a distinctive way to tell from "machined" or "scratched in" matrix between the original and bootleg pressings. BTW this greatest little record off all time is simply not rare enough to have suffered the bootleg treatment. Thank the lord.
  12. What label and pressing ?
  13. YUP ! Just as I ever compared both with my critical earbuds more so than with my "memory". Precisions fa me !
  14. tlscapital

    The Younghearts : Little Togetherness

    Order of release or about. That since the Tempos release does not exist as a promo. So likely a rush release miss press without the name of the band change... Rarest of course. 1° The Younghearts 'little togetherness' on Canterbury styrene withe promo 2° The Younghearts 'little togetherness' on Canterbury styrene yellow stock 3° The Tempos 'little togetherness' on Canterbury styrene yellow stock 4° The Younghearts 'a little togetherness' on Canterbury styrene yellow stock 5° The Younghearts 'a little togetherness' on Canterbury vinyl dark yellow stock


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