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    Crate digger since my early teens, I always did favor my northern soul 45's. At the same time I also always loved my souls in the broader sense at the same time. My modern and deeper 45 always had room on my 45's home sessions. Even when I occasionally DeeJay'ed to empty the dance floor with pride ! Records crate digging became problematic the last decade, so lately I finally took the time to tweak and invest in my phono set-up to give justice to my OVO's for a blast. IT'S ALIVE ! I'm passionate so I'm radical ;)

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    Brussels, Belgium
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    Spyder Turner 'I can't make it anymore'

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  1. Want: 'no on loves you'. Please PM me if ever you have one for sale. Cheers, Tim
  2. He sells carver with photocopy labels and mention it otherwise. This one looks to be just that but no mention of that in this item's description... You might want let him know that if ever. I'm not. All this unimaginative 45 re-issuing business wether it being "legit" or not is just over sickening IMO.
  3. On my current 'play' selection/pile next to my phono station they are one next to the other...
  4. The Four Sonics - Where Were You / Triple B EX++ £30 Luvly minty copy, same as the Boss Release of course. The Johnny Dixon on Boss is the same take of 'where are you' but without the majestic backing vocal harmonies of this Four Sonics..
  5. Lovely tune, credit merit (in regard of this topic) and musical 'tip' indeed. For a record that I have always flipped over and never gave a listen to. Hearing the fab writers team through. And even those singers sound "black". I've been fooled ! I'll pick a copy next time I'll stumble on a cheap clean copy.
  6. WEEEEEEEEEEP ! Here I am standing... reading this. R.I.P. Ed
  7. Monumental vocal group... Hat's off to ya fella CowBoy ! We still live with him every time he's heard so vivid he is. My humble side note; there's barely no home musical session without this one hitting the deck. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  8. BIG Big (wheel) Man through Highs an Lows. R.I.P. A man of so many talents, gear and opportunities.
  9. Anyone know the story behind this limited edition; who, where, when and how many pressed ?
  10. My discovering of the artist with 'talkin'bout Jonz'. Still a favorite and a later recent long awaited acquisition for me. R.I.P.
  11. Tommy Hunt as featured in the Signatures clip...
  12. Which one you want; the white label, the Outta Sight or the Secret Stash pressing ?
  13. The Falcons (standing on guard), Sandy Hollis, Betty La Vette and Eddie King had white label issues presumed promo (not quoted 'promo' though) releases as opposed to their green Big Wheel labels commercial edits. The two later Falcons 'good good felling' and 'love look in her eyes' (both green and blue label variations) never. Begging specifically for the existence or not of the 'white label' variation of the first Big Wheel release.
  14. My belief as well. So likely no promo labeled copies for the first of the label and the two lasts, unless someone comes along...

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