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    Crate digger since my early teens, I always did favor my northern soul 45's. At the same time I also always loved my souls in the broader sense at the same time. My modern and deeper 45 always had room on my 45's home sessions. Even when I occasionally DeeJay'ed to empty the dance floor with pride ! Records crate digging became problematic the last decade, so lately I finally took the time to tweak and invest in my phono set-up to give justice to my OVO's for a blast. IT'S ALIVE ! I'm passionate so I'm radical ;)

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  1. Fabulous Big City Sound dramatic beat ballad. Even thought the song was sung first in 1965 by Deena Johnson under the direction of Jessie Herring, Brad Lundy's vocal and rendition fit this tune so well that soul-wise it kinda beats Deena Johnson original version IMO. And even if it's kind of a Lo-Fi mastering job, once played loud (-er) it doesn't sound so bad after all. Check the mp3 here below for proof. Real nice Ex copy here and pen name written on label on both sides. For the rest only the faintest scuffs on the vinyl under strong light. brad lundy.mp3 Scans and soundclip from actual record for sale. £80 FREE SHIPPING ALL OVER THE WORLD. ADD £6 TO HAVE IT REGISTERED. Grading through M - EX - VG - G... PM me to inquire
  2. No offense taken or given if I ever did. So sorry if I sounded so... Just "shortening" on the OP. And the MJ discography goes on beyond 1980 afterward. Good one !
  3. Why we focused on the 1965 to 1967 run's of the Mutt-Jeff and Mutt & Jeff constellations in stellar link with Breakthrough was because of the criss-crossing of the consecutive releases. This in regard of the MJ releases from 16 to 19. Cal Green 'stormy' Mutt & Jeff (20) dates May/June 1969 and celebrate the resurgence of the label after almost 2 years of sleep. Likely the Sunlover's MJ (21) and Cal Green MJ (22) date also from 1969 like Cal Green LP on Mutt & Jeff.
  4. OK, thanks. I know the others you mention but not this one. Sorted then. Cheers, Tim
  5. Well I asked because I never heard of or saw a stocker on M-G-M of the Charles Perry and thought it not to exist. Evidently M-G-M let down in order to promote the record nationally must have affected Joe Jefferson (and all involved in this project) hopes for this record. Proof of that the "common" promo copies on M-G-M. The orange Mutt-Jeff release I was just not aware of it's existence. Would you happen to have that record at reach ? As for how and what M-G-M did with their "soul" releases it goes a bit all over the place. Somehow I have always thought that they "lacked" confidence with the smaller acts or those who would not sign up for further releases. The 'one shot' leases or the more 'root' sounding materials seemed to be doomed to wander in the "dark" alleys of the unsent promo count of 25 boxes. Not Roy Hamilton, Kim Weston or the Formations...
  6. Anybody knew the existence of this ? Seems to be made by and for the American market. Who's who on this anyone ?
  7. Charles Perry on an orange Mutt-Jeff ! Nice. And have you ever seen stockers on M-G-M back then ?
  8. Mutt-Jeff 16 - Charles Perry - 'move on love' (005) b/w 'how can I' (006) (November 1965) (PROMO ONLY ?) Mutt-Jeff 17 - Sun Lover's - 'my poor heart' (007) b/w 'I'll tell the world' (008) (June/July 1966) Magnum 728 - Charles Perry - 'move on love' (005) b/w 'how can I' (006) (late 1966) M-G-M 13621 - Charles Perry - 'move on love' b/w 'how can I' (November 1966) Mutt-Jeff 18 - Sunlover's - 'you'll never make the grade' (009) delta # 67031 MJ 009 (June/July 1967) b/w 'this love of ours' (010) delta # 67031-x. MJ-010 (June/July 1967) Mutt-Jeff 16 seems to have had a WLP release only... Mutt-Jeff 17 is rather rare and prove how "poor" was Joe Jefferson promotion through distribution was then. His first "breakthrough" happened through the Magnum lease but somehow totally failed commercially with MGM's lease. One can easily understand how disappointed everyone involved in this 45 must have felt. Many such story in the music business. A first act with enormous potential that couldn't get the exposure it begs for... A second medium start and when the "BIG" thing is bound to happen; it vanishes... It took that long (8 months or so) for a second venture for a new release on the label that also suffered not to have had the exposure it required. Likely the second lease of life for Charles Perry 'move on love' on Magnum gave Joe Jefferson the "kick" he needed to develop some his Mutt & Jeff project. That's why I'm led to believe these flat Mutt-Jeff logo releases predate the yellow "Disney" logo variation, that are more common. With Mutt-Jeff 18 being a "bridge" record with the new Mutt & Jeff yellow "Disney" logo. Enjoying reissues as well from his back catalog. Sometimes years later... Leaving the dates for the yellow "Disney" logo versions rather hard to place as they used the same pressing plant judging from the typos, templates and matrixes. They could be contemporary just as well if I was told that one use to see both logo variations as "new" releases on the stalls back then... Mutt & Jeff 16 - Charles Perry - 'move on love' delta # 56293 (005) b/w 'how can I' delta # 56294 (006) (November 1965) Mutt & Jeff 18 - Sunlover's - 'you'll never make the grade' (009) b/w 'this love of ours' (010) Mutt & Jeff 18 - Sunlover's - 'my poor heart' delta # 62161 (016) (June/July 1966) b/w 'this love of ours' delta # 67031-x (010) (June/July 1967) Mutt & Jeff 19 - Johnny Hendley - 'my baby came out of nowhere' (011) b/w ''I'll tell the world' (0??) Breakthrough 1001 - Inspirations - 'no one else can take your place' (01) delta # 69491 HL 01 (December 1967/January 1968) Breakthrough 1002 - Sunlover's - 'my Poor heart' - delta # 62161 MJ-016 (June/July 1966) b/w "This Love of Ours" - delta # 67031-x. MJ-010 (June/July 1967) Breakthrough 1003 - Buddy Conner - 'when you're alone' (BT 002) delta # ??? (1970)
  9. That or even a tad later if ever. I always suspect this record to be way later than the 1966 "consensus" given date all over the place. That sets the Breakthrough releases after the final 1967 releases of the Mutt & Jeff label (MJ 20). My gut feeling was always there.
  10. Unearthed my copy of the Sunlover's 'my poor heart' on the yellow Disney Mutt & Jeff copy. Shows the same matrix and template (no surprise) as the Breakthrough issue. Should be the same for both the Mutt-Jeff and Mutt & Jeff pressings of Charles Perry. It should be the same for both releases of 'you'll never make the grade'. Date with Delta # is welcome and appreciated though. But what about the delta date for the Inspirations 'no one else can take your place' on Breakthrough then ?
  11. Yes OK but past MJ 19 there's no more 'plot' to be inquired into as far as we're concerned here. And prior JM16 I couldn't find what Joe Jefferson produced on other labels if he ever did to attribute a JM15, 14, 13... And what about those MUTT and JEFF Jamaican label variations...
  12. All indicate same pressing plant. Only label variations.
  13. True but there's no entry before MJ 16 and past MJ 19, the matter is of another concern I thought.
  14. Knowing for fact, OK; no ! Not yet at least. But in regard of the evolution of the labels, logos and info on the labels would/should put your orange Mutt-Jeff one first. The Delta matrix should provide some helpful informations if one could gather and place them for each sides on each releases. Mutt-Jeff 16 - Charles Perry - 'move on love' (005) b/w 'how can I' (006) Mutt-Jeff 17 - Sun Lover's - 'my poor heart' (007) b/w 'I'll tell the world' (008) Mutt-Jeff 18 - Sunlover's - 'you'll never make the grade' (009) b/w 'this love of ours' (010) These 3 above share the same flat design with horizontal lines. Mutt & Jeff 16 - Charles Perry - 'move on love' (005) b/w 'how can I' (006) Mutt & Jeff 18 - Sunlover's - 'you'll never make the grade' (009) b/w 'this love of ours' (010) Mutt & Jeff 18 - Sunlover's - 'my poor heart' (016) b/w 'this love of ours' (010) Mutt & Jeff 19 - Johnny Hendley - 'my baby came out of nowhere' (011) b/w ''I'll tell the world' (0??) These above yellow Mutt & Jeff with the "Disney" logo came after... The Breakthrough before, in between and/or after if ever...

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