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  1. Okeh

    cheatin kind

    We are mate A true lack of respect to the guys who have got an original
  2. Okeh

    cheatin kind

    It sure isn't Peter
  3. Okeh

    cheatin kind

    Like the term original re-issue in one of the previous threads. So here's another minefield, self proclaimed OVO DJ's who play this out mmmmm! I'll put my tin hat on
  4. Good condition with clean labels wanted, original only. Already know about the ones on dealers sites but way overpriced IMO Please PM if you have one for sale
  5. Smash original wanted please PM with price and condition
  6. Okeh

    Guilty Pleasures

    Falbala top forgotten oldie
  7. Okeh

    Guilty Pleasures

    Hamilton Movement is a great tune and Soulers choices are definitely guilty, not sure where the pleasure comes in though
  8. Okeh

    Guilty Pleasures

    Seem to think it was done a few years ago. Opus 17 a great Dave Evison play from Mr M's. Nothing wrong with that one mate
  9. Okeh

    Guilty Pleasures

    Not out to tonight saw thought I'd post up Whats your guilty northern pleasure, mines Graham Bonney Super girl, anything but rare but remember it from the early 70's and played out loud still like it now. Sorry .......
  10. Okeh

    Tony & Tyrone Please Operator

    Still looking
  11. US Atlantic original wanted Please PM
  12. Okeh

    Sheffield Samantha's Playlists

    Seem to think it was around 73 ish to 77 ish Steve but I'm sure someone on here will have more accurate dates
  13. Okeh

    Sheffield Samantha's Playlists

    Thanks Martin, what I was asking for, what was played, keep it coming
  14. Okeh

    Sheffield Samantha's Playlists

    Thanks Tez. Good selection, keep them coming
  15. Looking for the Skull Snaps album with I'm your pimp and My hang up is you US original only Please PM with price and condition


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