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  1. We are mate A true lack of respect to the guys who have got an original
  2. Like the term original re-issue in one of the previous threads. So here's another minefield, self proclaimed OVO DJ's who play this out mmmmm! I'll put my tin hat on
  3. Good condition with clean labels wanted, original only. Already know about the ones on dealers sites but way overpriced IMO Please PM if you have one for sale
  4. Smash original wanted please PM with price and condition
  5. US Atlantic original wanted Please PM
  6. Seem to think it was around 73 ish to 77 ish Steve but I'm sure someone on here will have more accurate dates
  7. Thanks Martin, what I was asking for, what was played, keep it coming
  8. Thanks Tez. Good selection, keep them coming
  9. Looking for the Skull Snaps album with I'm your pimp and My hang up is you US original only Please PM with price and condition
  10. Spot on Fred. This thread was intended as a what was played and not who played it first. Great stuff so far but keep it coming!
  11. Thanks everyone, that's maybe why I've never seen a dedicated list. Seems like Samantha's captured all of the current sounds.
  12. Thanks Brian it's definitely a start, and a long time ago.
  13. I was too young to attend some of the major clubs in the 70's and so I'm fascinated in knowing what was played and where. Ive seen lots of playlists for most of the major clubs like Wigan, Cleethorpes, Mecca and St Ives but can't remember seeing anything for Sheffield Samantha's. I know that Samantha's played a mixture of oldies and 70's sounds but can anyone on here shed any light to the kind of tunes that were played?

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