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  1. woolie mark

    World Cup humour

    This was after he’d released the families of the VAR officials for the England game!
  2. woolie mark

    World Cup humour

    Daddy's little helper
  3. woolie mark

    World Cup humour

    Mesut Ozil's cat is still very upset about the Mexico result
  4. Hmmmm.....those doves were strong, weren't they. I suppose he also asked you what they call a Big Mac in Southport?
  5. He was in the play, but he loved the allnighters. Can't remember how I met him now. He did go literally all over the place, I remember seeing him at the Marrs Bar and he told me he'd landed a role in a big Hollywood film and then I don't think I saw him again.
  6. woolie mark

    World cup 2018 underway

    I just wanted to slip this one in
  7. woolie mark

    World Cup humour

    Apparently somebody edited the referees wikipedia page during the match
  8. woolie mark

    World Cup humour

  9. woolie mark

    World Cup humour

    This is why it wasn't a penalty
  10. woolie mark

    World Cup humour

    Maybe it would help if the Germans got these guys back again to do their official world cup song?
  11. woolie mark

    World Cup humour

    Quick recap of the Germany v Mexico game:
  12. woolie mark

    Manships Auction

    £236? - did Jack White buy it then?
  13. woolie mark

    Buen Camino!

    “I don’t know Spanish, I’m Catalonian” - ha ha, what a liar....won't speak Spanish more like. I've spent a lot of time in the Catalan region of France and used to occasionally cross the border to shop for the things that are a lot cheaper in Spain and so I do kind of get the Catalan nationalist thing a little bit. I certainly find it emotional when I come across a memorial for what the Catalans suffered as a result of the c..
  14. woolie mark

    Anxiety relief

    Somebody I know went on a training course and showed me the notes she was given. The woman in the picture seems to have an unusual method for relieving anxiety!
  15. woolie mark

    Excellent grade used in sales

    Good point, but it doesn’t matter to me, provided the description is honest. There are certain records where you will probably never see a clean copy. A trader trusted to be honest by their track record using a description like “you won’t find a cleaner copy” means a lot to me, because I know exactly what that means in relation to that particular item. There are some records however I just wouldn’t touch with a b..