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  1. What was on at the 100 Club in September 1985

    Why was the 6ts anniversary on a Friday?
  2. Cellar Full of ???

    I've heard he's to blame for this:
  3. Donald Trump's hair

    Again, sticking just to hairstyles.....I think this clown may also go to the same barbers?
  4. Donald Trump's hair

    I know that we're not allowed to discuss his politics on here, so I thought instead we could have a meaningful debate about his hair. I think maybe this person goes to the same barbershop?
  5. Velvet Hammer-Happy Boots?

    What I remember is that the multi colour copies were around and then all of a sudden soul bowl had loads of (brand new) copies of the plain colour label at a much reduced price. I remember these all had crackle over the intro, obviously a pressing fault. ...
  6. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    Anyone look familiar in this group of Cambridge funkateers John?
  7. Cellar Full of ???

    Thanks for making me laugh during a weary night shift Steve. There's too much of this sort of thing going on....I've just eaten some Batchelors Super Noodles, and I'm really pissed off to discover they're not from China!!!
  8. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    Think they had a few mate. I always thought this was a nice bit of Britfunk:
  9. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    Hello John, hope you are good mate. Funnily enough, I remember this being popular with a few people on the northern scene when it came out. Then it became a big chart hit and was dropped like a stone!
  10. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

  11. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

  12. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    While we're on British artists, this was a big tune on the jazz funk scene:
  13. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    I never would have admitted it at the time, but I secretly loved this track:
  14. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene