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  1. I had one of the Candi Statons with the same label and handwriting out of a box of remnants of a mid 70s collection, think it had Mel Britt on the other side.
  2. Thanks Mike for posting this. I enjoyed reading it. As you probably know, I’m a big fan of Mr Bright. His vocals are so “organic”, it’s so funny that his singing career is second to his beekeeping! Every so often you get someone like Sharon Jones or Wesley Bright come along. Pure class. I managed to bag two copies of the honey coloured 45, and so I’m very happy to have bought into this slice of soul history. What a talent! best wishes, Mark
  3. Out of stock again. I’ve only just clicked the yellow vinyl is a reference to him being a beekeeper.
  4. Apparently it’s Earl Young “Let him be your everything”, not my ID so I can’t verify.
  5. Good old Ben Sherman, they never give up on trying to prove that you can polish a richard after all.
  6. Juno have got some more of the yellow vinyl issue in stock today
  7. I don’t know about anyone else, but this really knocked me out. I don’t usually like these neo-6ts things, but this is great. I also love the Ben Pirani LP. Colemine are doing some good stuff, eh?
  8. Juno have got it in stock in two different vinyl formats......and on cassette! They also had the Wesley Bright/Honeytones 45 in stock, but this seems to have mysteriously disappeared from the site.
  9. This is fabulous! Leroy Burgess & Patrick Adams are soul royalty.....fact.
  10. Beautiful....our royalty....I’m choked! Thanks Paul
  11. I’ve just thought of another one, “Purple Haze”. It’s a long time ago now, and my memory is fading!

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