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  1. Discogs 30 High Flyers February 2018

    Do you think that's due to dishonesty, or just incompetence?
  2. Rocket allnighter 2002

    I found this in a box the other day. I don't know why I even went to this, I think that a mate of mine had tickets and dragged me along. I think this is the one where IL hilariously announced before the start of his set that he was "back where he belonged" ...
  3. If the term northern soul had not come about ?

    That is an interesting question. I knew somebody who was a Catacombs regular, I'm not sure when they went but I think it must have been late 60s to early 70s, who had a really nice small record collection. He would tend to refer to the music from back then ...
  4. If the term northern soul had not come about ?

    The explanation is simply that the urban myth that DG "invented" the term "northern soul" because people in the south were only interested in disco and hard funk is complete bollocks.
  5. Discogs 30 High Flyers February 2018

    Do you mean sellers who are dishonest? If somebody pays way over the odds for something just so they can get it quicker than other people who have been trying to source it for years that's their choice, they're not being scammed.
  6. Discogs 30 High Flyers February 2018

    It's very expensive to sell on Discogs. I've sold a few bits on there, but only things where I got a lot more than I thought they were worth to make paying the commission worthwhile. It's quite easy to do this, you just look for records with huge numbers of...
  7. If the term northern soul had not come about ?

    I know I've ranted about this before, but it's complete bollocks that uptempo sixties soul music wasn't popular in the south in the early 70s. There were specialist shops that sold imports, and radio stations which played soul/r&b. Uptempo soul may not ...
  8. Yeah, it was probably an arranged PA the day after the show....but it's still brilliant. I love the woman behind him having a hands in the air moment. His arm movements are so expressive, which is not surprising because I believe he was in one of the to...
  9. Spurs fa cup semi final and wembly

    I normally park around the corner from Stanmore tube station, which is a great place to park because when the main roads are jammed up before and after the match there are back streets to use. The big problem is getting back into Wembley Park station aft...
  10. Northern soul collecting!! Is it a con?

    What makes me laugh is I remember in the mid 70s my mates at school telling me that they had to sell an original of something quick because they'd found out it was getting pressed the following week and therefore the value of the original would plummet. ...
  11. I saw this on fb at the weekend, and I can't stop watching it because it's so uplifting. Joy and pain rolled into one. I can't help wondering if the people dancing in the background know who he is, they may do because I believe this record was absolutel...
  12. Spurs fa cup semi final and wembly

    ha ha - nice one Ian, I haven't seen that before - that's funnier than Delia in the Ipswich shirt Ah well, at least we're safe to finish above Burnley
  13. Spurs fa cup semi final and wembly

    Wembley is such a shit place to get home from and I agree it would be better to have a more neutral venue. At least you get to see the man who the Premier League goals accreditation panel has decided now has the ability to score goals without even touching t...
  14. Marvin/ not Marvin ??

    Doesn't sound like Marvin to me. Apart from the fact it doesn't sound like him to me, the vocals are really bland and I don't remember him ever recording anything as wishy washy as this. Sounds a bit like a Godley & Creme arrangement to me, not ...
  15. English teams in 18/19 champions league ?

    Yes, I thought that. Are we sure he doesn't have a twin brother who is good at football? Yes, but my beloved lilywhites did manage to finish third in a two horse race not so long ago

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