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  1. Hi,

    I'm unsure if this is Mike Hughes as I've lost your email address. It's Paul from On the Scene magazine (that was), I'm after placing a banner ad on the site for a new soul business I'm setting up and wondered how I go about it and what it will cost me.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Please drop me an email at paul@fresh-promotion.co.uk



  2. Trying to find date of record releases

    It may be obvious to some John, but lil ole me didn't think of it, so thanks for the suggestion Already have Dave and a very informative site it is too. Keep it up
  3. Trying to find date of record releases

    cheers Still diggin will have a look thanks for the heads up
  4. Cover Ups

    What was Yvonne Baker covered up as? Nobody has said. There's no mention of it in Anorak Corners cover up section. Will have to dig out my Northern Noise's from out of the loft, bet it's in there. I'm curious now. Got a feeling it was Lorraine Chandler.
  5. Trying to find date of record releases

    Thanks to everyone for all their help. It certainly has increased my chances of finding out the dates. Not as simple as I had hoped though (those explanations from Flynny's website have truly confused me :)) and I don't think I'll ever find all of them e...
  6. Is there a website or publication where I can find out the actual date of release of my collection of 60s soul 45s? Or if not the date the artist recorded the track. I've found some but very few. Cheers Paul
  7. Pointer Sisters "send Him Back" Boot?

    Is it true that all black and red Atlantic issues are boots? I bought mine in the mid 70s off Manship
  8. Blackpool & The Fylde Soul Stories

    HI Guys, If you have a funny, sad, story or anecdote about your time at a Blackpool or Fylde Coast Soul venue of the past then why not share it here. Please keep your posts to a max of 600 words if possible and unless absolutely necessary please refrain from ...
  9. 'Maybe, just maybe one day they'll spend longer than 4 minutes on the soul scene past 1982, rather than just one sentence.' Yeah what about all the unreleased discoveries that came from record label vaults thanks to Adey and the Kent team amongst others
  10. No mention of the Crossover sound either for that matter which came out of the Northern scene as people grew older, feet slowed and allowed for DJs to play a different type of sound but as someone said it was only an hour long. They could have easily done a s...
  11. After just seeing the full documentary can't say I agree with everything that was said but on the whole enjoyed it, especially where Tony Blackburn tells how he gets asked to autograph a record as Lenny Gamble at Wigan...priceless. One of the things briefly...
  12. John Newman Love Me Again

    Seems strange seeing NS dancers to this type of tune as I don't feel there's much soul to it. Not that its bad, maybe I'm just getting old. Would be great if some new artist really tried to emulate the authentic soul sound of the sixties but in a new song/s. ...
  13. WELL I never expected so many replies but thankyou sooo much, absolutely loads to choose from. Will upload the list once compiled. cheers
  14. Well just gotta make an amendment to Sam Cooke tune as found out it wasn't written about the struggle but the death of his son and possibly his first wife but I think I can be fairly sure of the other two
  15. The Ultimate Crossover Record

    It just has to be the late 60s 'Loveland' by Spanky Wilson on Mother Records - wunn-derr-fulllll This is what crossover is to me not like some people think, ie; mid seventies soul tune like Gloria Scott's Too much lovemakin'. Good it may be but it's...