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  1. On 03/06/2021 at 01:11, Robbk said:

    Sorry to hear this sad news.  Last of The Hamilton Brothers.  I start to feel old, remembering that Bobby and Ronny were just kids when I first started listening to music in the early 1950s.  They (Bobby and Ronny (Al was too young then) had a group back then called The Nitecaps, and were signed by RCA, and placed on their Groove Records subsidiary.  Then they moved to New York.  Al followed them, and started writing songs and singing, and got a few local recording deals with local labels.  I loved his song, "Am I The Man", he wrote for Jackie Wilson, who all 3 brothers had known from back in Detroit.  Al recorded it, himself , and it was picked up by Chess.  It was very nice, too.  Of course, I love Al's songwriting, producing and singing for Golden World/Ric Tic/Wingate Records....




    Robb, Eugene (Ronnie) is still with us, hes now known as Abu, after a change in religion



  2. On 01/06/2021 at 09:21, Mike said:

    can anyone confirm this sad news

    with a link to the source if possible


    Yes His Niece (Toni, rob Reccos Daughter) called me, early monday morning. He had been ill with Parkinsons diesease, for a number of years.. but hadnt been to well over the weekend, he refused to go in hospital has he was due to go in last wednesday for a follow up procdeure to a prostrate problem..

    Al will be sadly missed by all who knew him..


  3. On 10/10/2020 at 01:51, Michael V said:

    Excellent,really interesting article,thank you..As a young man  way back when I  listened to and enjoyed the Relic Doo-Wop LP 'Golden Groups -Beltone Records' and the ballad 'Lovers Reunion' by the Dontells ,I never realised that there had been such a long journey before and after it for Willie and the group (little seems to have been known back then about them  by the guys at Relic,going by the sleeve notes)  Amazingly,I have had the 60's UK Fontana 45' of The Dontells 'In You Heart' all these years too, but never realised it was the same group until now ! (same spelling of the groups' name but such different  musical styles-and as Beltone was a NYC label, I assumed they were 2 different groups)

    One small point-the Chicago Johnny Moore did'nt record as Johnny Darrow-that was Johnny Moore of The Drifters,who is pictured in the article



    thanks for that will try to find a different photo for JM

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  4. Sad to say that Clifford Frazier passed away Tuesday 6th October (2020),

     Clifford was just 19 when he was with Walter and the Admirations, Clifford also wrote Man o Man and Life of tears.

     Later as a member of Velvet Hammer he co wrote happy another Northern great..

    REST IN PEACE Clifford..


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    A Few More for sale (Few Doubles etc),
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