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  1. need a new email or will have to close this account

    get in touch


  2. turntableterra

  3. Jean Carter 'like one' Decca playability Q?

    I had a demo and now a black issue, both are as everyone says, the mca press is the sounds the same. I agree cant stand to listen to it.
  4. Imaginations, Vernon Green "Talk", Brothers Of Soul

    issue or demo ady
  5. Larry Clinton "She's Wanted" ISSUE on JM Auction

    interesting. i was sure eddie Holman sang this live at lowton. at the time i held both the issue and demo but a more interesting prize was to be had. the story behind the finding of this was pretty good too.
  6. Scotts on Swingers

    a bit hot, 39 today.............. beer and bbq before heading off for xmas break
  7. Scotts on Swingers

    all that sun mate.........................
  8. Empty Dancefloor - Dj Reactions

    call me old fashioned, but I like people dancing to my record choice.
  9. Satintones

    ANGEL issue and demo and acetate. also love can never be. yes rare, but both...... doggo. angel has bellsound, audio matrix and arp stamped in the runout with h641 scratched on the master
  10. Most expensive record ever broken?

    SADLY WAS, cant believe it was 10 years ago. but it was rare in those days. easy to talk about as it was dealt with perfectly by THE MAN Mr J Manship a refund of $25,000 was given without question.
  11. Brian Rae 50 years DJing

    great guy, dj at my 21st
  12. Rita & Tiaras. Gone with the wind. offers for this top tune

    item sold.
  13. If you thought your chance had gone, it hasn't. up for offers is this gem of a tune. Rita and the Tiaras. A floor filler anywhere. Any SERIOUS OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED. Check out the sound byte from the ACTUAL record and the images of the label. It is in gre...

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