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  1. Know it well one of the quality tracks and artists of this century.
  2. Couldn't agree more, not my team, but I wish we could have watched him as much as we do the dodgy divers now. As good as if not better than De Bruyne. Rip
  3. Just finishing Tomas's set, as has been said already, top notch right up my street.
  4. One of the few Christmas songs I have ever purchased.
  5. Getting nostalgic now. A track from the first LP I owned, which will be 50 yrs ago Xmas day. When I received Motown Chartbusters Vol 4, which still sits in the shelves.
  6. Something smooth and jazzy for a Sunday chill session.
  7. Some Tuesday Rare Groove/2 Step call it what you want.
  8. until

    Just read the updates very annoyed with myself as logged off during what I thought was the last track from Charlie's first set not realising there was more to come. Having seen Chalky's 2nd set I can't wait to hear them all once uploaded. It was already a great evening it looks like it might get better. Many thanks once again to one and all for putting these nights together.
  9. until

    Correct on Massterpieces of Modern Soul
  10. until

    Many thanks for the feedback folks. I will have a play and try off different machines.
  11. until

    I normally can, but it doesn't seem to want to work where it is such a long show.
  12. until

    Help Request - Mixcloud query - I have been trying to listen to the Young Guns set on Mixcloud. However, whereas previously I have been able to in effect fwd through soundfiles, this does not seem to let me. At the moment I don't have the time to sit through the first 6 hours to get to the last two which I have still not heard. Any help will be gratefully appreciated even if the answer is that is as good as it gets! A follow up is do we know if the last live set will be uploaded?
  13. until

    Simon Can I add Ron Keith - Gotta Go By What You Tell Me if possible please. Cheers
  14. That's probably all she eats all week!! Or otherwise she is spinning around the kitchen all day!
  15. A sublime slab of soul to warm me up ready for the Bury Van 70's do Saturday.

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