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  1. This wont be for all but I love the vibe.
  2. Two for me please. John Edwards - Tin Man Charles Brimmer - The Feeling Is In My Heart Many thanks Neil
  3. Just checking this is on the Friday evening?
  4. Have a great birthday, top the day off with a few quid on Any Second Now. Neil
  5. Love Alison Limerick haven't played it on yonks
  6. Sharon Redd, not the horrible remix version, in a packed club cranked up loud is a massive tune.
  7. Ok 4 more Brenda Holloway - Starting The Hurt All Over Again Maxine Brown -- Gotta Find A Way Bobby Womack - Trying To Get Over You Kelly Price - And You Dont Stop
  8. Hi Pete, Three for me Donald Lee Richardson - I've Learnt My Lesson Michael Henderson - Wont You Be Mine Bobby Thurston -Treat Me The Same Way Cheers Neil
  9. until

    Just tuned in and this was one of my picks. Don't know why I haven't played it since then.
  10. R.I.P Dave, A fellow suffering Hammer whose posts always added colour to whatever topic he engaged with, he will be missed.
  11. It would be interesting to see a similar article from mainstream music media buffs in the UK to see what the differences would be. Its always going to be very different from this audience, though I was amazed to read that John Hart wouldn't have any of them in his top 100. I always say 'To Each His Own' but I'm struggling to think any of Baby I'm For Real, Tracks Of My Tears, Every Little Bit Hurts, I Heard It Through The Grapevine or Whats Going On, wouldn't be included.
  12. Hi Steve, Are you trying to mess with my mind, I only count 8!!!! Neil
  13. until

    Hi Len, Having caught up with your selection's I concur with BazM definitely SOUL, they may be played at Northern venues, but unless your next selection includes something like Theme to Joe90, it is just beautiful soul music to be enjoyed anytime anywhere. That puts it as priceless IMHO. Neil
  14. until

    Many thanks for uploading these Simon, something to brighten my working hours for the next could of days. I look fwd to hearing the sets I missed. Neil

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