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  1. You can imagine this live, with the place kicking.
  2. Totally new to me and love it. Can see why this was a Mecca play as can easily see me having danced to this at a Northern or Jazz Funk do. It reminds me of I Hate Hate but with a summery backdrop.
  3. Thanks for reminding me the LP is on the shelf somewhere, hasn't been played for ages, might transfer to PC later, as slowly working through LPs uploading them.
  4. Many thanks, apart from music and sport, life has taught me to try and take emotions out of my thought process, hasn't always happened but seems to work for me, probably comes back to respect your neighbour. May have been helped by third listen to Bill Withers live at Carnegie Hall in the last 16 hrs.
  5. One of my favs always use to sing when playing my son at Wii Golf on the Wolf Creek course
  6. This is a hard one. Totally agree the NHS/Carers come first, with whatever kit is available. However, self preservation kicks in, as with the hoarding, and it is hard to get most people to look beyond themselves/family. Re how effective are they, hard to be sure, but the evidence from Asian countries where they wear them when they have a cold etc, shows they may be better than nothing. My gut feeling is the fact that these countries were geared up, for such an outbreak, following SARS coupled with their ability to enforce a lockdown, rather than the West's seemingly relaxed attitude, is why the potential impact will be worse here. I just pray i'm wrong. The bottom line is coping with something like this costs money and the bulk of the population would have thrown their hands up in the air if someone had said before the last election, we will raise income taxes by 2p, to buy lots of equipment which may never be used in case of a potential pandemic. I have seen some articles basically agreeing with the Brazilian president and Sweden to some extent, which is put most crudely survival of the fittest.
  7. Am I the only one who thinks the world has gone mad when someone can bid/pay absurd sums of money for a piece of vinyl with everything else that is going on? Irrespective of whether good/bad/rare.
  8. A one of a kind. His live at Carnegie Hall LP is as good as any live recording I have ever heard. Saw him live myself after Lovely Day was a hit, he did not disappoint and came across as a truly nice man, heading to put on a certain LP. RIP
  9. Have them both, would love to see them live.
  10. B side of a great double header. Sweet and soulful as they come.
  11. Luscious Lisa does the Walrus proud
  12. Just brings a smile to my face, not the greatest vocal but a great groove.
  13. I've been putting together a few playlists this afternoon, and the following are 3 from my Jazz/Funk list.

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