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  1. Philly magic. I could have picked anything from this LP. Pure class.
  2. Thursday is the new Friday!!! Start off with a cheap as chips common as muck infectious groove.
  3. Having a 70's LP fest this week, can rarely do so without playing this. A true masterpiece, not often I prefer someone else's version of a Bobby W original.
  4. Many thanks for the heads up. I picked it up on release but never thought it was worth much until someone said £100+ recently, but I thought they were being hopeful.
  5. An infectious 70's sound, Pt.1 or 2 toss of a coin to decide.
  6. A toss up between the original and the Joey Negro cover, but have stuck with Angela.
  7. Two cheap and cheerful sounds from the school youth club that I loved then and still do now.
  8. Current price for Hey Pretty Boy please. Many thanks.
  9. Everything I sing according to the Mrs. They all sound Crap!!!!

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