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  1. Soulman58

    Yarmouth Weekenders 1990/91 Video

    I always find it interesting looking at clips like this, and the standard is generally OK given the age of the performers. But it always makes me wish I would have been able to see them at their peak. It often makes me think of a conversation I had with a collector way back in the early 80's who said they never went to concerts as the live performance could never match the record. Although this is true in many cases I still believe that seeing the top performers live is a much greater experience than listening to anything they have recorded.
  2. Soulman58

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Not sure re the moat successful manager ever and definitely not the best fans in the world. I hope he stays as better for the rest of the teams!!!!!
  3. Soulman58

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Sunday's archive selection.
  4. Walk Away From Love - David Ruffin Its An Uphill Climb To The Bottom - Walter Jackson
  5. Soulman58

    first three records to start a set

    Hi Steve, And I respect yours. Not sure we are miles apart as I think experience, which usually includes an element of learning from mistakes, is slightly different than planning which can be over regimented.
  6. Soulman58

    first three records to start a set

    Sorry but I completely disagree. The only planning is what to put in the box in the first place and then spontaneity is where I come from, feel the moment and go with your gut instinct.
  7. Soulman58

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

  8. Soulman58

    A.I. and that...

    We're doomed!!!! And people wonder why so many are overweight etc etc.... too lazy to go and do the shopping. They'll be delivering coffees next.
  9. Soulman58

    l'm getting sick of 2(two)

    Just about everything you buy that isn't a set weight/size. Still it helps with the weight!!!
  10. Soulman58

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    A few random shots from the archives
  11. Soulman58

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Weather B miserable. Random picks to remind us of better weather. Then again can't moan too much, sister in States had 9" of snow the other day.
  12. I have played each one three times and decided I just prefer The Jackey Beavers Show other the Cameros.
  13. Soulman58

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

  14. Soulman58

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Episode 2 equally harrowing, whatever you come back as I hope it is not an Emperor Penguin.
  15. Soulman58

    Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    Hi Martin, It never takes much to go off trend. Though I would argue, that the original Jazz/Funk scene was was much about Funk/Soul as it was Jazz initially and only veered to a wider Jazz market when some sounds went too commercial.


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