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  1. Trawling live clips on the net and found this, wow so simple but so soulful.
  2. until

    Hi Simon, Not totally against Len's suggestion, but Sunday afternoon is when we are more likely to be doing things. If possible i'd opt for splitting it into chunks over a few evenings. However, you're the one left with the work, so whatever works best for you is fine at the end of the day. Regards, Neil
  3. until

    Two more if you end up short. Janice - I need you like a baby On and On - Artistics
  4. Good shout I haven't played this for ages either.
  5. Couldnt agree more, i've always called myself a soul fan in all of its guises. Each and everyone one of them include things I love and others I'm happy to never hear again, some of which others may love.
  6. Always liked this. RIP Sharon and thanks for the memories.
  7. Thanks to Carl Anderton for reminding me how good this is on his latest Dab of Soul session.
  8. The list I would love to see is what everyone's top 50 would be of things you could pick up for £50 or less, ideally all soul based, but doesn't have to be Northern.
  9. until

    In that case i'm going old school with - Ron Holden - I'll Forgive and Forget Edwin Starr - Headline News Eula Cooper - Let Our Love Go Higher
  10. Betty Wright - with a underplayed slab of soul in her Millie mode. From an album worth picking up, includes Make Me Love The Rain As Well.
  11. until

    Excellent, that makes me and his older brother, I went to school, with 40ish! Bloody hell I'm in a bad shape for my age!!! Then again, mortgage nearly paid off and god knows how many years left, maybe I will start collecting again, don't tell the Mrs though!!!!
  12. Marcia Hines last sold on discogs in March 20, highest price paid £444, presume then. However, you can still pick up the LP Marcia Shines, for much less £75 ish or much less if prepared to ship from US. Whatever the price a quality track.
  13. A few from me, Glenn Jones - I Am Somebody Ebony Alleyne - In Love With A Stranger Wizdom - I'm So In Love With You Modulations - Rough Out Here Randy Brown - I'm Here Maxine Brown - I Cant Get Along Without You Ruffin & Kendricks - I Couldn't Believe It Al Green - Keep On Pushing Love Love Affair - I Cant Stop Loving You Lamont Dozier - Fish Aint Biting Johnnie Taylor - No Refund Rahsaan Patterson - I'll Go Betty Wright - Make Me Love The Rain Stan Ivory - Come Live With Me Jay Player - Love Is The Answer Aretha Franklin - It Only Happens When I Look At You Curt Darin - Two On A Cloud Cookie Woodson - I'll Be True
  14. Am I the only one that thought the list is too long to be the rarest of the rare!
  15. until

    Cheers Pete, made my day complete already, West Ham win (still in shock!), now company for my day online, a chance to hear one of the sessions I missed. Keep em coming!!!
  16. until

    Trying to sneak 3 in for the price of 2 early! If one needs a red card, i'll leave it up to you. Out of the left field to start with - Johnnie Taylor - No Refund (LP track off Wall to Wall) Tom Brock - I Love You More And More Bobby Taylor - Blackmail
  17. Cheers - West Ham will be half-time by then and doubt if i'll be up to facing the 2nd half!! Currently going back to my youth and working through all seasons of Hill Street Blues on All4
  18. Definitely worth doing it, have copied all CDs and singles, now working on LPs.
  19. until

    Kitchen done, garden fence done. Paying son to do the garden and paint jobs!!
  20. until

    I've been informed by my better half there is something called a TV I am allowed to watch with her on a Saturday night! I said ok what do you want to watch, the Football, Golf or racing in Hong Kong?!!!!!!!
  21. I don't disagree re her voice. She is due to visit UK in Oct for a one of gig at the Alley Palley, so I might drag myself out should it take place.
  22. until

    I think keep adding them, then if we get withdrawal symptoms we can play these on a Saturday night!!

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