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  1. Hi, Can you please email me at dinasoul@hotmail.com I am interested in buying the impressions disc. Do you take paypal? Regards Terry
  2. Hi Daz, I have just paid via Paypal friends. Many thanks. Regards Terry
  3. Hi Daz, I would like to purchase the Rufus Wood 2nd issue. Can you please email me at Dinasoul@hotmail.com with total price and paypal details Regards Terry
  4. Hi, Just bought 2 copies off Daptone records $6.99 each but $23.99 for postage(2 records) Regards Terry
  5. Hi Luath, If the ambers is on hold for me can you please email me at dinasoul@hotmail.com Regards Terry
  6. Hi, Is the ambers record still available/ If so can you please forward vpayment details. Regards Terry
  7. Hi, Can you please email me dinasoul@hotmail.com(regarding temptations) Regards Terry
  8. Hi Andy, What condition is the Johnny Nash in. Regards Terry
  9. Hi Can you email me please dinasoul@hotmail.com Regards Terry
  10. Hi, Have you still got Guitar Ray. Regards Terry
  11. Hi, I would like to purchase this. My email is dinasoul@hotmail.com. Regards Terry Kenyon
  12. Hi, I will purchase at this price. My email address is dinasoul@hotmail.com Regards Terry

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