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    northern soul and football
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    hold on judy freemen

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  1. philflavell


  2. philflavell


    why no John dennis?
  3. philflavell

    Green Detroit Executives Withdrawn ?

    Are you serious pal?
  4. philflavell

    Green Detroit Executives Withdrawn ?

    How much then mate ?
  5. philflavell

    Green Detroit Executives Withdrawn ?

    Is it still for sale then send details please
  6. philflavell

    Detroit Executives - Cool Off M

  7. philflavell

    Detroit Executives - Cool Off M

    Want to buy cool off, have money ready, can you just explain about the label bump thing, can you please call me as it will be quicker,I have cash or card Asaph cheers
  8. philflavell

    500+ Northern Originals In Pdf Format List

    Please send me the list mate
  9. philflavell

    Broadway City Wanted

  10. philflavell

    Nuneaton Co-op 100% Oldies All-Niter

    Nice one Manus thanks for the reference really do hope i'll be good for the next one mate,
  11. philflavell

    2nd All-Niter - Leicester Symphony Rooms

    Nuneaton if Mark asks me.
  12. philflavell

    2nd All-Niter - Leicester Symphony Rooms

    I played broken heart attack actually.
  13. philflavell

    Ibstock All Nighter (just off the M42)

    We got there at twelve and it was already lively,we being me and me good mate Phil me being me Manus whose computer got well and truely phooked and died a virus death due to the unnwanted clodhoppinng of a bloke who was looking after my flat for me over xmas week.Anyway at twelve it was already getting busy annd the venue was what i like just right in size and design to hold a cracking northern nighter in.There was a fair sized crowd with a good few folk I and Phil know(Phil knows nearly everyone)The floor was busy when we arrived,some nice choons ringing out,all the djs we heard went down well to my and my mates ears,each disc spinner having plenty to offer.The dancefloor was really well and truely meant for people to dance to northern on,loved it ,it was excellent.For a first time the night went down well, I hope it becomes established in the near future well done to the lads who put it on.Ihad a good verbal with a long term pal of mine from Corby "Monny",and his charming wife who was on the nighter scene right back to Bletsoe and earlier who is also from Corby and is verry knowledgeable about the scene,also had a verbal with Craig,great lad,no doubt or uncertainty whether this lad was enjoying his night.Oh and I am pleased to say me and Phil also had a chat with John Dennis out in the freezing car park after once more ,well done mate,very good night and start,really liked your spot as I did Sharmos and all the others. Well you know as always here come the bad points or point,as with all good nighters these days and times,in fact its about time,not enough of it,why cant they be open till eight as in days gone by,when its good I always want another two hours,i would have defo liked another two hours extra at the ibstock nighter.Dont know what it was like before we got there but we didnt spot one piss head last night ni the hall there was only and all soulies and thats good news indeed.Bit of repetition again,phooking ell,I loved that dancefloor ,what a cracker. Nice one all round last night to all concerned with organising and dj ing, I think I burned off a few cals last night no prob,(in my ongoing war against my flab) had no choice classy choons made me dance.When on again to Ibstock nighter Iwill be back as I am quite convinced many otherts will be doing the same atbManusf3a
  14. message me please if your selling this sound send your number we will negotiate price
  15. philflavell


    First time at this one defiantly not the last, all djs keeping the tempo flowing,top spots from mark freeman & Scotty,the man himself Rob Smith finishing of with some monster classics such as Jimmy Mack my world is on fire,good to see a couple of old faces not seen since the Wigan days,friendly people good Niter.


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