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  1. When I went to talk to Willie Hutch he wasn't really interested in talking to me at first. But when I then got my copy of the Phonetics "Just a boys dream" out of an envelope he said "What you got there boy?". I handed it to him, he was sat next to another guy that had come over with him. He was genuinely shocked & turned to his friend & said "Look!". Willie said it was the first copy he'd seen since way back when it was released. His face completely changed, it really lit up. Then he started talking. It was so nice to have met the man, a lovely memory.
  2. He signed this sleeve for me whilst we sat talking at Blackpool the day before your record was signed.
  3. TAL ARMSTRONG "(Pt. 1) YOU'VE GOT SO MUCH FEELING (IN YOUR LOVE)" / (Part 2). LOVE. Mint-. £100.
  4. Hi Julian Yes that's what the Larry Allen has. Ady
  5. Really looking forward to it.
  6. Pottsy

    Soul Ole... Peterborough

    Really looking forward to this. Hope to see some of you on Saturday.
  7. Sound system all set up - phew! we're ready !
  8. I think you'll enjoy it mate. Stewartby has a regular following of very friendly people, and they do like to dance. I'm really looking forward to seeing you. See you tomorrow.
  9. This coming Saturday.
  10. The first one for 2020...... For this night our guest DJ is one of the scenes most up & coming rare soul spinners. ..........JORDAN WILSON We look forward to welcoming him and all of you for what should be another cracking night of music and memories
  11. I've got a beautiful Mint- Mighty Lovers "Ain't gonna run no more" backed with "Driving me out of my mind" on SOULHAWK. Price is £980. Shipping at cost. I don't mind payment being broken down into 2 or 3 payments.
  12. L. DUKE - ETERNALLY / FUNKY DISCO - B.W. Promo stamp. Same label both sides. Vg++, plays M-. £50. THE MONTCLAIRS - I NEED YOU MORE THAN EVER / PRELUDE TO...- PAULA. White demo. M-. £30. MAJOR LANCE - WITHOUT A DOUBT / OPEN THE DOOR TO YOUR HEART - WB. British copy. White demo. M-. £40.
  13. The flip is a very big record for the collectors over on the West Coast.
  14. To be perfectly honest the rare b side isn't that good, to my ears, Headache in my heart is better. I got one off Sam many years ago & even he said it's not very good, and he was selling it to me! lol
  15. Really looking forward to Friday. It's going to be a busy night.

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