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  1. soul58uk

    Soul 'ole - Peterborough

    Soul 'ole - Peterborough Back again for another great night!! DJ's: Hammie, Marco Martinelli, Martin Stanford, Martin Calderbank and Dave Forrest Proceeds to macmillan Cancer Trust and Sue Ryder. Organiser - Dave Forrest £5.00 on the door Large Car Park, cheap bar prices!! Enquiries call Tony 07716 204079 / Dave 07724 324872 Northern Soul - Across the board! great venue, good floor, great people!! Peterborough post Office Sports and social Club, Bourges Boulevard, Peterborough PE1 2AU
  2. soul58uk

    Soul 'ole Peterborough

    Guess you need to talk to Dave and Andy then Posh job, nah, couldn't afford the drop in wages
  3. soul58uk

    Soul 'ole Peterborough

    Thanks for those nice words Paul, I believe Dave will decide after tonight if he wants to continue, I know Andy wants to keep it going. As for me, afraid the buzz has worn off and I have too much on in my life at the moment to do it justice, I always have said that I do it for the fun not for money and when the fun has gone whats the point? I will still be around now and then at a few do's, once my fiance moves over here and I dont have to commute to shropshire every weekend, or vice versa! So if anyone wants to step in and help out Dave and Andy don't be shy in offering your services!! Hope fully see you tonight Wayne
  4. soul58uk

    Soul 'ole Peterborough

    Cheers Mick & John, who else is coming??
  5. soul58uk

    Soul 'ole Peterborough

    Hi there, Don't forget its the Soul 'Ole this Friday at the Postie, Details below. Time: November 13, 2009 at 7pm to 1am Location: Post Office Sports and Social Club Street: Bourges Boulevard City/Town: Peterborough PE1 2AU Phone: 07889 738900 Back to a normal Soul Night after the Wirrina/Phoenix reunion. DJ's for your delectation are:- Bob Banks (fromthe legendary Keele all nighters) Mark Freeman (from the Nuneaton oldies nights) Andy (Smudge) Smith (Soul ole resident) Dave Forrest (Soul 'ole), & Nigel Fishpool (The Fleet) Usual arrangements; £5.00 OTD Cheap bar, parking air con etc etcAfter this Soul 'Ole I am going to be taking a well earned rest and leaving it to Dave and Andy, I am sure they will advertise any future do's in the usual manner, hope to see you there on Friday! Wayne
  6. soul58uk

    Peterborough Reunion

    Personally thought several were lookers but don't tell the missus!! :-)
  7. soul58uk

    Peterborough Reunion

    Thanks for all the comments about the venue and atmosphere, and huge thanks to Paul for his efforts, it was a cracking night and everyone seemed to have a real good time. The Soul 'ole always has a good atmosphere cos thats what we try and promote, "a good night out with your mates enjoying something we all love" and Jez, yeah the drinks are always ridiculously cheap! (JD and coke £1.20!! I mean...) I really hope a few of the first time attendees will pay us another visit, it probably won't be rammed like this time but hey there will be a bit more room on the dance floor!! and btw we have been going for over 6 years now!! Next one is November 13th, where we have secured the services of Mark Freeman and Bob Banks to entertain you with of course residents Andy Smith and Dave Forrest. See y'all at the Torch reunion!! Wayne PS the handbaggers were on a birthday night out, some of them are now coming to a few do's locally and seem to be getting into it, so lets welcome new blood! They were very good when told what they were doing wrong and seem very interested in the scene, so give them a chance eh! We all had to learn the rules once!!
  8. As you may know this event is sold out, so if you haven't got a ticket please do NOT travel. If you have a ticket (remember these were free) and will not be attending please let me know as I have a waiting list, I realise the temptation not to worry as they were free, but you will be stopping someone else going if you hold on to a ticket. Thanks Wayne 07889 738900 wayne_58@tiscali.co.uk
  9. soul58uk

    Soul 'ole, Peterborough Friday 10Th July

    Maybe a few, but only a few cos he can't find that many good enough to play!!
  10. soul58uk

    Soul 'ole, Peterborough Friday 10Th July

    He speaks well of you too!! Anyway cheeky git I haven't been away for ages! I am in need of a holiday, I have been doing nearly 30 hours a week lately! Hopefully will be a good night even without me to keep you all in check!
  11. soul58uk

    Soul 'ole, Peterborough Friday 10Th July

    You have the decks!! Its up to you, just keep the floor entertained thats all we ask Mind you I won't be there due to a clash with my hols, so it will be up to Dave and Andy to look after you! Wayne
  12. Don't forget that the Soul 'ole runs again next Friday (10th July) from 7pm till 12.45am. This is possibly the last opportunity you have to get your free ticket for the Annual Wirrina/Phoenix Reunion at the Soul 'ole on Friday 11th September. These tickets are FREE!! No cost, nothing, Nil!! We are giving them away on Friday with every paying adult. Whilst stocks last of course! At time of writing we have 86 left, which means over 160 have already been snapped up. Limit is strictly 250, no free ticket no entry! Next Friday the platters will be spun by our own Dave Forrest & Andy Smudge Smith together with guests Ian Seaman and Martin Topley. As usual it will be an across the board night, following our usual plan of just having a good night with your mates! In September you will be hearing from Tony Dellar, Paul Donnelly, Mick Donnelly, Andy Smith, Toby and Taff the Herts hearthrobs! For ticket info email soulole2003@yahoo.co.uk or ring Wayne 07889 738900
  13. soul58uk

    4 Nights On Friday In Northants Area

    For anyone who is interested, Soul ole Peterborough dates for 2007 are, Jan 5th, March 9th, May 12th, July 13th, Sept 14th, Nov 9th, December 14th. And I agree to some point with the thread starter, that there are too many do's now, its getting diluted cos people don't need to travel as much. I used to go all over, Wellingboro, Desborough, Cannock, Bedford as well as all the local do's in P'Boro, nowadays I dont need to, but half the do's are half empty.
  14. soul58uk

    soul'ole peterborough


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