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  1. Not 100% sure who covered it up, but I know for sure that it was 'cos I had a few live recordings from the Casino, introduced as Eddie Kendricks. I wouldn't want to name names .
  2. Yes, that's it Cunnie and Soul Shrews ! I just got as far as Willie Kendricks, but yes, it was Eddie Kendricks ! Thank You, you're a couple of stars .
  3. An old pal and me are just trying to remember who 'Can't get along without you' was covered up as, round about '78 / '79 ? Can anyone remember ? It's driving me nuts . .. Thanks .
  4. Thank you to you also gointoagogo for your answer on this question. Much appreciated friend .
  5. That's the one Jordi ! Thanks for that mate . I'm helping a mate out who's trying to remember it, but he could only really remember the 'possible' title. I could remember the tune from the title, but couldn't remember the artist. Nita Rossi ! How could I have forgoten that ! Thanks very much mate. By the way, the friend who was stuck with this, is an old pal of your's and Dave's from Boston Spa. I won't divulge the name on here though. Ta again for your help - I can send the link to him now ...
  6. Hi folks, Just wondered if anyone could help out with a track please ? Big Wigan tune with a BIG (horn) sound. Female vocal, and I think it may have been covered up as "Something To Give". Could possible have been c/u as Rita Dacosta, although not sure about that bit ? If you could help that would be great. Thanks .
  7. Thanks for your input here Rod, my memory is obviously not too good.
  8. Thank You for your reply Rory. I'm not familiar with that track, but thanks anyway mate . Thank You for your friendly reply .
  9. So he did WoodButcher ! Thanks for pointing that out . Thank You Eddie Hubbard .
  10. Just noticed that the track I was curious about was Peter Jarett, as Eddie Hubbard pointed out 2 years ago.
  11. Does anyone know who first broke " You're Gonna Miss a Good Thing " ? ...

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