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  1. Hi everyone I have what I think and hope is an original demo copy of Freddie Houston - If I Had known on Old Town. I know there's bootleg versions out there, but I'm 99% certain this is an original. However, could someone please tell me the matrix numbers etc on their original? This one has a "Bell Sounds" stamp for starters. Cheers Jon
  2. Hi everyone I know it's a relative cheapie, but was Mamie Galore - It Ain't Necessary on St Lawrence ever booted? I'm pretty sure the answer is "no" but wanted to check. Cheers Jon
  3. EARL GRANT - HIDE NOR HAIR (DECCA) Plays flawlessly but marked as VG+ as there's some small sticker residue on the label (can just be seen on the photograph) £125 + postage from UK
  4. I'll take Bobby Guitar please. I'm based in the UK.
  5. Great mid-tempo Northern on Sure-Shot. EX / £60 + postage
  6. Hi there everyone I'm searching for a decently priced copy of Arthur Prysock - House By The Side Of The Road on Old Town. I'm based in the UK. Cheers Jon
  7. Ah, good to know. Mine is the PB version. How much do you reckon that would go for these days?
  8. Fantastic, thank you! Blimey, there's more versions than I thought. Safe to say, my cheapo buy isn't number 1 or 2 on the list
  9. Hi there I have a copy of The Salvadors 'Stick By Me Baby' on Wise World and I'm trying to find out what is the truth about originals vs boots. I've read that the (very rare) original has a green label whilst the boots have a blue one. Fair enough, but the high value ones on Popsike seem to have a blue label, so I'm a bit confused. I'd appreciate if someone could please clear this up for me once and for all. Cheers Jon
  10. Hi Robert. Thanks for your reply. I'm seeing Ady later so I'll ask him Are you a Doncaster boy then (from the Nuttalls logo)? I am! Cheers Jon
  11. Hi there I picked up a copy of this many years for dirt cheap and something tells me that it might be a boot. However, I can't find anything on the web proving or disproving this, so I was wondering if anyone on here knows if it was booted? My version is on Kent with K-448-1 and K-488-2 scratched into the respective run-outs. Cheers Jon
  12. Hi Roger. Ah yes, that's the same as mine. Fantastic - thank you. Jon
  13. Thank you both.... very useful. I can't see the Bell stamp on mine (East Coast version) but there is a tiny stamp which is completely unreadable without a magnifying glass.

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