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  1. "Something Different"Sunday Soul-Shirebrook

    Here's a few what was played from 12 til 2 at the last Sunday doo - Johnny Jones Big Maybelle - Same old story Darrow Fletcher - Gotta Draw the Line Popcorn Wylie - Greater than anything Lou Johnson - If I never get to love you Blossoms - Thats when the tears start Deena Johnson - I'll never let you down Ben E King - The Record Ruby & The Romantics - We can make it Tony Mason - Take Good Care The Drifters - The Outside World The Platters – Don’t hear, speak, see no evil Barbara Lewis – Pushing a good thing too far Maxine Brown – Seems you’ve forsaken my love Gene Stridel – Tomorrow is another day The Spinners – How can I Little Anthony – Reputation Rob Scott Mamie Galore – I wanna be your radio Bo Diddley – I can tell Slim Harpo – Keep what I got Billy Young – The Sloopy Beniece Swanson – Lying Awake Ruby & the Romantics – Baby Come Home Lenny O’Henry – Mr Moonlight Jimmy Witherspoon – Two Hearts are better than one Incredibles – Crying Heart Billy Bland – All I wanna do is cry Gene Chandler – Pretty Little Girl Untouchables – Raisin Sugar Cane Shirley Wahls – Why am I crying Rich Scott Exits – Another sundown in Watts Steve Mancha – I don’t want to lose you Three Jades – I care for you Kenny Shepard – What difference does it make Commands – No time for love Billy Prince – Say it again Jimmy Beaumont – You got too much going for you George Freeman – Down and out Jewel Akens – That lonely night Jimmy ‘Soul’ Clark - (I’ll be your champion) I’ll be your winner Tony Hestor – I just can’t leave you
  2. "Something Different"Sunday Soul

    Top all-dayer the last time with a more than decent crowd - and more importantly raising nearly 200 quid for the British Legion, whilst drawing comments like this on the interweb..... ' It is those essential “Sunday-Soul-Parties” like “Horse & Groom - Doncaster” “Feed Your Soul - Newark” “Carib Soul - London” and the up & coming Beat-Ballad Haven of “Something Different in Shirebrook” where “My Garden Of Eden” is causing a ripple or two… Whilst the erstwhile Raresoulman had these interesting things to say..... "So here I was again at Shirebrook Football Club on a Saturday afternoon not for Footy this time but this for a Northern Soul All dayer.. got there @ 2pm my set was at 6pm I’d already figured out, I was gonna be captive in my place of fear for at least another 7 hours...... I settled in and listened… within 30 minutes I was in awe of the tunes that seeped from the speakers, imaginative, classy, unusual, unknown, Memories of 15 Jellyfish shivering on their shorts, were replaced by me searching my mind for, when was the last time I heard Len Jewels masterpiece by The Soul Shakers - You’re Turnin’..? The 4 hours flew by, with stylus-drop after drop causing euphoric recall I’d not enjoyed since who knows when. A mix of 60s & & 70s Northern Soul, Belgium Popcorn, some awesome crossover and precious carefully selected treasures from the Beat-Ballad-Heaven genre.. my initial doubts where swept away by an avalanche of Soulful-Goodies… Which brings me to Joe Arnold’s - No Clouds In The sky - even though I owned a copy, through those big speakers it had me unashamedly sending someone else to the decks to find out what fantastic choon was… SHIREBROOK FOOTBALL Club is just a truly fabulous experience, a “Shawshank Redemption” cocktail of surprise & pleasure…. as long as you ain’t gone there to play football…" And as the kind Dean Penford says, ' Place is run by very knowledgable, sincere, friendly people.' There ain't many better ways to spend a Sunday afternoon
  3. Something Different All-day Christmas Special

    It's free with anything goes from 1 til 6. Beaters, XOver, classics, Stafford, Wilton & 100 club stuff through to modern releases. Then it's The Raresoulman playing his exquisite goodies for an hour or so and then it's Derbyshires finest double-decking til 1am playing whatever goes. Free CD to first 50 - Gloria, Darrow, Drifters, Chandlers, R.Kelly, Cooperettes, 4 Below Zero, 7th Ave, Big D, Jasmine Kara, Gene Stridel. All faves fm last 12 months
  4. Something Different Sunday Soul

    All Sunday afternoons should be like this - especially now they've got Stella on at 3 quid. You get a right old mix from late 50s Drifters 'Drip Drop' to new releases from SmooveNTurrell to Michelle Weekes & Sonja Grier. Had a good day so memories a bit hazy but other stuff played over the last couple include early stuff such as Barbara Lynn 'You Left', Lowell Fullsom 'Aching Back', Gene Stridel 'Let her go', Bobby Bland 'All I Wanna Do', Barrett Strong 'I'll Run on'. Plus a few standards thrown in - Gwen Owens, Dena Barnes, Lonnie Laster, Chrissie Cooper, Maurice Williams, Margaret Mandolph, Carole Walker, Admirations, Lots of Stafford/Wilton stuff - Brilliant Korners, Constellations, Tommy Navarro, Chandlers, Betty Lloyd, Bonnie Hush, Barbara Redd, Neptunes, A raft of beaters - Teddy Randazzo, Paul Smith 'I'll Run', Charlie McKoy & The Escorts, LaReine LaMarr, Erma Franklin, Andy Fisher, George Smith, XOver/70s - LaShawn Collins, Ebbony Essence, Minits 'Still a Part, Brothers Guiding Light', Purple Mundi, plus loads of great Norther - Syl Johnson 'Do you know', Curtis Lee, Vashonettes, Falcons 'Love Look', 7th Avenue Aviators, Al Gardner 'Sweet Baby, Timothy Wilson, 'Hey Girl', Mill Evans 'Why', Billy Storm And to wrap it up with a few local old faves - Jackie Wilson, Spinners, David Ruffin, Chuck Jackson, Baby Washington Be great to get a few more in. n
  5. 100 Club Nighter

    Anybody know if there is a warm-up on anywhere before?? Or do I and Mr D simply head to the Blue Post and join the throng as usual
  6. 6T'S 100 Club ALLNIGHTER

    Haven't been for a bit. Work and wars and all that. But finally got some leave. Boro away and the 100 Club in the same day. As the song goes, 'what more could a boy ask for'. See you at the disco
  7. First soul record I ever bought was Al Green's 'Greatest Hits' LP. First 'Northern' records I bought were Mikki Farrow 'Set my heart at ease' Karate, Major Lance 'Investigate' Okeh PS and JJ Barnes 'Real Humdinger' Ric Tic WD - all in a oner. Still have ...
  8. Was also a spin for Rod at Thorne if I remember - in fact picked mine up off a Voices list after hearing it there for 20 quid. Me and our youth fiddled with it at the Wilton on a number of occasions late 90s/ early noughties - always seemed to clear the floor...
  9. Soul Scene Villains

    It's been a right old love in since Psycho kissed THE badge at Ted's testimonial. However, some of your lot were noted hiding behind their wives in a boozer in Ilson prior to one of Roberts doos at one of the get togethers (apparently).....
  10. Oldies Nighter Dj Poll

    Chris Dalton. Was THE Cleethorpes oldies man in the day. No cheap imitations and none of this Wigan bollocks. Get him on, but he needs to dig out Brenda Lee's 'Where's The Melody' first.
  11. Cleethorpes weekender 2 years ago. I'd just got off the plane from Afghanistan - via the USA as we were working with the Yanks. MT home, double decker to Grim Town, drinks in Clee all afternoon, pissed as a tramp, but still high as ever, and couldn't stop dan...
  12. Don't know Chalky, but he definitely put some in Soul Packs - our youth picked one in a pack off Rob way back. We also picked one up off Manny in a Soul Pack back end of the 70s/early 80s also. So that doesn't probably answer your question who initially dug t...
  13. Cleethorpes Winter Gardens (which in its day, was as good as any AN imo), closely followed by Notts Palais. Went to a few JazzFunk all-dayers in the Kent/Essex area but Purley was pretty massive - must have got 3-4000 in - but could never get my head ar...
  14. Have fun. A barely missed a Wilton for the first 8 years - now I can't seem to get to a nighter at all I was planning to go tonight, but a few misguided politicians with a view to creating a new Suez have ensured I'll spend most of the w/end in the Lond...

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