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  1. NickCull

  2. Commands

    Hello, Found this through google.
  3. Josie Record Label

    There is a partial listing her although it does not include the number your after http://globaldogproductions.com/
  4. Sorry To Ask

    here's an Oscar Brown jnr mp3 if you still need one
  5. Label Scans

    This is a good scans site http://www.labelscans.anorakrecords.de/
  6. Hank Hodge Soundfile Wanted

    Hello, I have it on a cassette of "All singin all dancing..." when Ginger Taylor guested. The sound quality isnt too bad but I think its faded out early. Your welcome to a copy of that if you like. Nick
  7. The Top 3 Northern Sounds In The Uk Are

    Apologies in advance if this does'nt work but it should be a Thornton Sisters sound file. Not to sure what I'm doing!
  8. Really Great Forgotten Oldie

    I've got a tape from Dave Withers with this on. Also has C.O.D's , Combinations, Executive Four all the big sounds of the time. Probably about '81/2 I reckon.
  9. New Goldmine Cds

    I dont see the "grey area" here. It's wrong, it's theft. Sure it happen's, but that does'ent make it right.
  10. Jo Jo Petite

    Yeah, almost identical. Richie Adams shares a similar melody as well.
  11. Best Double Sider

    Clydie King "Missing my baby"/ "My love grows deeper" and Frank Beverly "Because of my heart" / "Wanted" would be up there for me.
  12. Jo Jo Petite

    There is another version of "Crazy" by Tommy Marks on Zel which also shares that track.